The Microsoft Lumia 650 and Mozo Light Wood back cover are just perfect together

If you have not read our Lumia 650 review this week, then you should take a look. Besides our full review last week we showed you the Black Wood Mozo cover for the Lumia 650.

Today, we're taking a look at the white Lumia 650 with the Light Wood Mozo cover. Needless to say, it's a match made in heaven for the surprisingly well-done Lumia 650.

What you need to know

The Mozo Light Wood cover runs for €24.90 (about $27 USD) and is imitation wood with the following features:

  • Replaces the original back cover of your Microsoft Lumia 650.
  • NFC components integrated (no Qi)
  • Super thin Wood like textured design
  • Premium look and feel
  • Protects against scratches

We ordered ours a few weeks ago, and it just arrived today.

How is it?

It should also be noted that the Light Wood cover is significantly thicker than the default back cover for the Lumia 650. In fact, it's easily twice as thick. Considering how thin and flimsy the default back cover is (you can bend at ease), this is not a big deal. The Mozo is much more rigid, and that is a good thing as the Lumia 650 is already crazy think and light.

Although this is not "real" wood, it certainly feels like it! You would be hard pressed to tell that it is likely some polycarbonate with a wood grain added to it. Concerning quality, this cover gets an A+. Due to the thickness, there is no more bend when you push in the center of the back cover unlike the default one, which clearly has some space between it and the battery.

Mozo Light Wood back cover for the Lumia 650

The Light Wood Mozo cover adds some weight too, but it just makes the Lumia 650 feel more robust when compared to the default cover.

Combined with the laser cut metal edge and the Lumia 650 is now punching higher than its class for a low-range Windows Phone. If you thought the Lumia 650 felt premium before this Light Wood cover takes it up a notch.

For $27 USD the Mozo Light Wood cover is not super cheap, but it is well worth the money if you want to spruce up your Lumia 650.

Highly recommended.

See the Light Wood Lumia 650 cover at Mozo

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