MrMobile's Surface Duo review is here to answer all your questions

Surface Duo 2020
Surface Duo 2020 (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • MrMobile has a fresh review of the Surface Duo.
  • He spent two weeks with the device to test it in the real world.
  • The Surface Duo is available today, starting at $1,400.

Microsoft's Surface Duo is available today, and the tidal wave of reviews is here. In addition to reading our review of the Surface Duo, you should also make sure to watch MrMobile's video review.

MrMobile has spent weeks with the Surface Duo, seeing what it's like in the real world. He goes through the hardware, software, and overall experience of the device.

If you follow MrMobile at all, you know he loves folding technology and trying out new ways to get things done on the go. The Surface Duo falls into both of those categories, but you'll have to watch his full review to see if that makes it worth grabbing.

After you check out MrMobile's review make sure to check out the best Surface Duo cases. MrMobile is a sucker for holster cases and anything that makes him feel like he's in Star Trek, so you can take a guess at which one we'd recommend for him.

Microsoft Surface Duo


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  • Can't fault the review - fair and on-par for what I'm seeing elsewhere. Hoping it's better than the 950XL lol I had that phone - and wished I'd stuck with the 1020...
  • Very thorough and fair review....He points out to the nitty greedy stuff that, as a device owner, can frustrate you the most...!
  • I don’t care about the review itself, but I do appreciate the disclosures at the end of the video. All real journalist should be doing this, even for tech.
  • It's a great review. One thing is that MrMobile spends a lot of time on those bugs - which deserve a lot of attention. The bugs look absolutely horrible. This is terrible, because why the hell send something this buggy to market? But it's also good because these are things that can be fixed, and we already know that Android works fine so the requisite fixes won't be too hard. Still, MS really failed on the software front. The product's release could have waited.
  • Especially when they had over 9 months to fix the bugs. It's not like this was announced and release weeks later.
  • Just watched review by iJustine and it was by far the most positive review.
    All other reviews felt like visiting a graveyard in the midst of a night. Sorry Dan..
  • My review is fantastic, honest, and full of detail. No apologies needed 😁
  • Dan: your review was very good and your calm voice, hence your neutrality, help it significantly...!