MS buys; helps people find Skype sexiness

Microsoft just scooped up the domain name when it recently expired.  While it is likely just a defensive move to prevent others from registering the name, what is fascinating is they are using it.  In the past, such domain names simply pointed to Bing's homepage.  However, in this case, SkypeSexFinder actually takes you to a Bing search for the words.

If you look past the initial results, which are now posts about this story, what you find are some websites that actually facilitate having sexy encounters via Skype and other services.  Chances are that this is a simple oversight on Microsoft's part, and we're thinking they will change it as word gets out.

We chose to leave out the the results page as it originally appeared, but you can see Fusible's snapshot here.

Source: Fusible; Via: WinRumors

Seth Brodeur