MS confirms details about Tango

Today in Hong Kong Microsoft held a MSDN seminar called "The Next Generation of Development," during which they revealed some details about the WP7 update called Tango.  It turns out that Tango will not be a major update, but rather a minor update to Mango focused on developing countries like China and India.  It will bring improved Bing services to countries previously neglected, and as previously speculated, will serve as the OS version for lower price point devices made by Nokia, ZTE and others.

Though Tango turns out not to be exactly the next evolution of Windows Phone that we thought it would be, it was confirmed that Apollo will in fact be the next major update to the OS, which will be WP8.  If Tango is only a minor update, then what is build 8200 with its new "content search" feature?  If it is Tango, will we see it outside of emerging markets, like North America and Europe?

Source: We Love Windows Phone .HK (Thanks for the tip!)

Seth Brodeur
  • hhmmm..i wonder if theyll be able to put WP8 on current-gen hardware?
  • Depends what features are in it, might miss out with current hardware.
  • Only time will tell, but MS would be smart to do so, still I expect some features might work only with the newer hardware, like anything needing a front facing camera for example.Or everything could run but maybe not as smooth as it does now if they decide to bump the min hardware requirements up with WP8, which I somehow expect they very well could do.
  • I assume they will be able to but not all the features so like 60-80% of it ala iphone 3g to 3gs or iphone 3gs to 4 most features but not all.
  • I'm thinking it'll be like that. The first generation iPod/iPhone was supported up until iOS 3.1.3, so if MS were serious about "preventing fragmentation," I think they'll support old hardware for at least 2 full OS version updates.
  • So this is like a 7.5.1 then. Wonder if there's anything else before WP8 besides Tango.