MS launches Windows Phone feedback page

Microsoft has launched a website where Windows Phone users can express their thoughts about the mobile OS and offer suggestions on how to improve it.  Once an idea is posted, others can vote on them, presumably to direct Microsoft on what to work on next.  You can filter the list by what's new, hot, accepted, completed and most liked.  Completed suggestions even get responses from Microsoft explaining what actions have been taken.

What's particularly cool about the site's setup is that each member is given 10, and only 10, votes that they can distribute among the suggestions on the site.  You are free to change your votes around by moving them from one idea to the next, and your vote will be returned to you if the idea you vote on gets completed by Microsoft or deleted.

In order to vote, you must either create a login using your email address, or sign in using joined logins, like FaceBook, Gmail, Twitter, etc. (there are a lot of them).  Click on the source link to get started.

Source: Microsoft (Thanks for the tip, ShipWreck!)

  • This is great but it looks like its been open for a lttle while as there are already 32 pages of voting on suggestions. I am casting most of my votes for direct outlook synching as gthis is the main thing I miss from windows mobile.
  • That's a great idea because I have a few suggestions..! Off topic maybe a reader here knows, is there a change log of what's been changed with official mango on Samsung Focus hardware? Because I have found so far, a few more emotes, in the camera when you take a picture by tapping the screen it focuses where you tap not just centered, and lastly, the frame rate in the video recording when set to 720p has vastly been improved. I had the unofficial mango beta 2, and none of these were present. Any help would be awesome!
  • I noticed since installing the Samsung firmware update that my phone has begun registering false Back button presses again. Seems like a downgrade to me. I'd rather go back to 7712 and the old firmware. It had the same feature set and the firmware didn't seem to have any issues.
  • I voted for Paypal purchasing for Marketplace, and enable all Bing features for countries outside of the US. Especially update Bing Maps!
  • I have a few suggestions I posted:3rd party double wide live tiles: party animated live tiles: mine, but everyone hates capacitive buttons:
  • Grrr, many of the top suggestions are wastes; things that I'm pretty sure MS is already planning/wanting to do. Do people really think MS is planning/wanting to gimp features for international users? Do people think that MS is in love with the turn-by-turn on Bing Maps as it is? UGH!
  • Was trying to sign in with my windows live ID, why does it want access to my contact list..?
  • I know. I tried to sign in with WLID and it wanted to access my contacts to I denied it. I went back and tried to sign in with a Yahoo! ID and it wouldn't do it. That's why I hate those annoying connectors for logging into other websites. I don't want to use Facebook Connect or log in through Twitter where these sites can read my posts, personal information, or contact lists. I'd much rather just sign up with a good-old email address and password.
  • I want to be able to attach a freaking document file to the email. Not have to go to the actual document and attach but from my email click the attach button and be able to attach not just a photo. Sheesshhhh. If we can already do it then let me know. hahaha
  • "Mobile Guru" has completed a lot of the items on there, claiming they're in 7.5, when they're really not. I don't know if that site is going to be of much real use.
  • my surround is getting an error everytime i tried updating the sound enhancer
  • ehmm. this has been open for a while. I voted some of the features listed here when i got my phone sometime early this year and got confirmation after the official mango launch a couple of days ago that the features i voted for have been implemented (tethering, etc.)
  • If you travel and want to use your Windows Phone internationally, please vote for this feature."Enable ADC and MMS configuration within the OS!" still can't believe this issue has not been fully addressed, since it was discussed right after launch.
  • Here’s a great idea, don’t you hate it when you’re in a conversation and someone is trying to give you information you need to jot down and you have nothing to write it on. Sure you can open one note and put the person on speakerphone and type it in, but that takes to long and you can’t do that when you are driving. Wouldn’t it be great if you can just tap a button in the phone app and have the phone record your conversation and have the option to transcribe it? Know that would be very convenient for everyone…… Right! What do you think?
  • I would like the ability to block incoming calls; if the caller is not in my contact list have the call go directly to voice mail.   or better yet, have a database of known solicitors (scam) and have those calls automatically drop