MSN redesign may have hurt Bing traffic

Bing (Image credit: Windows Central)

Recent comScore numbers have indicated that a recent redesign to the MSN landing page may have hurt Microsoft's web traffic, including Bing's. The hit was hard enough that Microsoft asked comScore to include Skype, Outlook, and all of their other web properties in a revised count by comScore.

The problem is that the MSN portal used to point people to articles through Bing search results, and now they link directly to the outside sources, bypassing MSN and Bing altogether. In September, MSN's site saw about 3.79 million visitors, while the revised count for October including Bing and Skype is up to 6.77 million.

Do you guys have MSN set as your home page? How often do you click through on articles there? Is it fair for Microsoft to ask comScore to pad their traffic numbers with other web properties? Should they just shut MSN down and stick with Bing as Explorer's default home page?

Source: BusinessInsider

Simon Sage