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Multi-XAP installer brings mass installation to WP7 [Homebrew]

Probably in the near future, Windows Phone 7 ROM developers (yes, there will be some) will be needing a method by which to mass install their homebrew apps back on to a newly flashed device--or even those of us who do a hard reset.

Mengow over at XDA has solved one little problem by making a mass-XAP installer, allowing you to just drag-n-drop your collection of apps. The app is simple enough and seem to work quite well so far, making mass installation that much easier. Up till now, we had to install an app one by one by one with lots of double clicks in between, now the process is more streamlined, making this a welcomed addition to the homebrew community.

Source: XDA; via: Aliwaqas (Thanks, Ali)

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  • I guess that can come in handy, but I only install 5-6 homebrew apps, so it's not that necessary for me.My question is, where did he get some of those .xaps? Several of those are NOT homebrew apps. I wonder if they are just fake files to make a graphical example, since there aren't enough homebrew apps to fill the list.
  • @KennyB1234, just to sort things out those files are real, they ain't fake files, even if u have the files u still need to unlock your phone to install most of them. They are real, have been waiting for something like that for so long, FINALLY its here :)