Post to all your social networks with MultiShare and UniShare, both with recent updates

Windows Phone 8.1 removed the ability to post status updates to multiple networks through the Me hub. Two apps have emerged, Multishare and UniShare, to address the missing functionality. Today we’re checking out the two recent updates to these Windows Phone 8.1 apps who are duking it in the social sharing war. Do let us know which of the two you’re using to post updates with.


Head into the Windows Phone Store and you’ll find MultiShare at version 1.5. This is a pretty big update that brings the following:

  • Now with image upload!
  • Now available also in Czech, Finnish, German, Indonesian, Portuguese, Portuguese (BR), Russian
  • Support for LinkedIn (In this release we don't support image upload yet)
  • Links are displayed better on Facebook
  • Fixed a critical bug on Lumia 1520 (potentially also on other devices)
  • The message "Too long for Twitter" won't be displayed if you are not connected to Twitter
  • You don't have to choose Facebook Privacy settings each time
  • Moved the "attach an image" button to the app bar (much cool, such amazing, wow!)
  • Privacy policy
  • You can now remove attached images by clicking on the preview
  • You'll now get a confirmation message
  • The app bar is finally localized
  • You can share your position (Twitter only for now)
  • Now you can scroll in the post page
  • CloudSix support
  • If you are a developer, now you can share a status via a uri scheme. Contact me for details
  • Now you can write your status with your voice
  • Improved startup speed
  • Now tweet counter show 117 left characters when sharing a photo
  • Fixed a bug when disconnected from Twitter
  • Fixed a bug when not completing Facebook login
  • Improved app icon
  • Now the app import text when sharing a link

Pretty huge update for fans of MultiShare on Windows Phone.

Download MultiShare for Windows Phone (Free)

QR: MultiShare


There have been a few updates since we last covered UniShare. The app is now at version in the Windows Phone Store. Here’s what’s new in this latest update and the previous update:

  • Integrated UserVoice for Feedback, Support and FAQ
  • Integrated about page
  • Fixed error when website description gets added to the update text instead of title
  • Images can be shared from the photo hub, no matter if .png (like Screenshots) or .jpg (like camera roll)
  • Tweet-Counter now shows correct value of 110 left characters when sharing a photo
  • Shared links is importing the additional text like title that is sent out from the sharing app (was missing until now, we heard you!)
  • Keyboard is closing now when hitting the send button
  • Some interface tweaks
  • Minor bug fixes and UI tweaks

UniShare is another excellent app for quickly sharing updates to multiple networks. Take it for a spin and let us know what you think.

Download UniShare for Windows Phone (Free)

QR: UniShare

Sam Sabri