Multitouch and Windows Phone 7 Series

Now that Windows Phone users will have to get used to having capacitive touchscreens (see what we just did there?), let's take a look at exactly what's supported, including multitouch. We'll start with the most basic gesture -- the tap. A single touch on the screen. Or, as Microsoft describes it in the Windows Phone Design and UI Interaction Guide, "Finger down on a single point within a bundled area and back up within a short period of time."

That whet your appetite? Of course it did. Join us after the break for more.

Double tap

Two quick taps within a bounded area.


Finger down followed by finger move in a single or multiple directions. Pan ends on finger up or when another gesture starts.


Finger down followed by a quick finger move in a single direction and finger up. Flick can also follow a Pan gesture.

Pinch and Stretch

Two fingers down followed by moving the finger closer/further apart from each other.

Touch and hold

Finger down on a single point within a bounded area for a defined period of time.

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