Multitouch and Windows Phone 7 Series

Now that Windows Phone users will have to get used to having capacitive touchscreens (see what we just did there?), let's take a look at exactly what's supported, including multitouch. We'll start with the most basic gesture -- the tap. A single touch on the screen. Or, as Microsoft describes it in the Windows Phone Design and UI Interaction Guide, "Finger down on a single point within a bundled area and back up within a short period of time."

That whet your appetite? Of course it did. Join us after the break for more.

Double tap

Two quick taps within a bounded area.


Finger down followed by finger move in a single or multiple directions. Pan ends on finger up or when another gesture starts.


Finger down followed by a quick finger move in a single direction and finger up. Flick can also follow a Pan gesture.

Pinch and Stretch

Two fingers down followed by moving the finger closer/further apart from each other.

Touch and hold

Finger down on a single point within a bounded area for a defined period of time.

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  • i already do all these gestures at night when everyone is asleep. too little, too late miscrosoft...
  • Cannot tell if you're talking about masturbating or using the iphone ...? Otherwise if you're trying to imply that its to late start using these gestures in what aspect as they've been around for literally a decade on surface ...
  • maybe it's late to start build cars with round wheels
  • They took a page from Apple and actually one-uped them in certain respects. Impressive. Silverlight as the platform is actually a bonus since the platform is so easy to get into and MS has great tools for developers. Apple needs to step up their game hard now to keep developers on the platform. I'm not going to trade inmy 3GS for one but I'm impressed nonetheless.