Multitouch seen on the HTC Leo

Well will ya look at that. While the phone itself remains in the shadows, what you're looking at obviously is the pinch-and-zoom we're used to from multitouch capacitive-screened phones -- and here it is on the HTC Leo.

Things are moving a little fast so it's tough to tell exactly what's running. To my weary eyes it looks like the photo viewer within TouchFLO 3D. That right to you guys?

Either way, take that, you nattering nabobs of negativism. Multitouch on Windows Mobile. Ka-chow!

PocketPT via wmpoweruser

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  • Well that was better than watching porn! Please for the love of Christ, HTC, send this phone to the USA! Not buying the TP2 in hope for this coming soon to Sprint.
  • Awsome! I have two questions: How "soon" is this going to be released? Which American carriers will be selling this phone?
  • a gsm version to ATT please!!!!!!!!!!
  • Considering recent articles, I'd put WMExperts in the "nattering nabobs of negativism" camp. What's interesting and will more as we move towards the beginning of the new year, HTC has now so effectively hidden WM in the latest versions of TouchFlo, do we really care what OS the Leo is running? Could HTC slip us a doughnut and would we notice or really care?
  • Um yes. I don't know anyone who uses WM because they really love it's interface.
  • I used TF3D for a while but switched to PointUI. They do a decent job at covering up WM but there is still limitations. Multi-touch capacitive on it would definitely be a plus. Something like Sense would also be nice. More customizability and integration!