Check This Out: Museums of The World - explore the world from your couch

Museums can offer up the history of the world underneath a simple glass showcase, but the issue arises when we remind ourselves that museums are fixed structures in the real world (you know, that thing outside your house). Luckily thanks to the internet and an application by Samantika LLC., you can know explore objects and collections from around the world from your favorite soft and fluffy couch with a Windows 8 PC.

Before opening the application itself, the “Museums of the World” live tile gives you a rolling look at various museum sites around the world to explore. Once you have gotten bored of the live tile and want to dig into the real content, you can click in and get started.

Upon opening the application, the main functions will be presented including: Museums, Map, Favorites, and Collections. You can use the Map functionality to check out local museums in your area or you can go global by selecting the broader “Museum” button. If you don’t care about the buildings that house the art, you can simply click into the “Collections” menu and browse the latest.

While the application does not require membership, signing up for free through Facebook will allow you to save your favorite content for later viewing along with the ability to interact and comment within the community. Think that Picasso is “oh so overrated”? Leave a comment and tell the world.

Overall, the application works nicely and allows you to browse content from many large and small museums on planet Earth, but the catalogue collection of viewable items is still growing. You will find most museums will simply have open times, directions, and a map listed – but, no online art.

That being said, there is so much content from around the globe to explore that you probably won’t care. This is a museum app, so you are probably either going to be delighted to dig your nose into something new or you will simply yawn and wait for the next game related feature we post. Either way – you can check it out and download it from the Windows Store by clicking here.

Are you a fan of museums or do they simply bore you?

Michael Archambault