Holiday movies and music we're into this week

It's the most wonderful time ... of ... the .... year (to curl up with a good movie, show, listen or read)! At least we think so. Whether it's a tried-and-true holiday favorite, or something shiny and new, we love holiday movies and tunes. And we rounded up everything Team Windows Central is digging right now.

If you're not really a holiday kind of person (humbug), that's cool. We've got piles of regular ol' media recommendations from weeks past at the link below.

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Bad Moms Christmas

Recommended by Al Sacco, managing editor

There's something about Christmas movies that makes is OK for the movie to suck. It's odd, but some of my favorite Christmas films are just plain ol' bad flicks. I wouldn't say Bad Moms Christmas is a favorite of mine. But it is bad. And it's also light, funny and rather enjoyable.Even if you haven't seen the first movie, aptly named just Bad Moms, you'll still enjoy this holiday tale of stressed out, overburdened young mothers who get unexpected visits from their own quirky moms. Then hilarity ensues. The movie is packed with raunchy, lowbrow humor, and its cast is largely made up of folks you'll recognize from other popular modern movies. It's a Wonderful Life this is not. But is it worth a watch and it's more fun than just watch the same classic Christmas movies over again.

Jingle all the Way

Recommended by Richard Devine, reviews editor

Christmas these days is all about my kids, and my eldest is something of a superhero nut (weren't we all?) Jingle all the Way is a pretty terrible film if you look at it critically, but then, it's a movie about Christmas time so it totally gets away with it. It combines the holiday time with a superhero, and for us, it's an absolute family favorite at this time of year. Oh, and Arnie punches a reindeer.

The Shining

Recommended by Jez Corden, gaming editor

What's more Christmas-y than a wintry hotel getaway with your loved ones?The Shining has often been accused of being a horror movie, but such assertions are silly. Okay, it kind of sort of is a horror movie, but it has snow in it, ok?The Shining is a must-see Jack Nicholson movie set in an isolated hotel in the mountains. Attempting to make some extra cash taking care of the hotel during the closed winter season, the isolation begins taking its toll on the family in different ways... But it has snow, so, it's Christmassy. K? k.

A Christmas Story

Recommended by Cale Hunt, staff writer

A Christmas Story is usually aired on just about every cable network leading up to the big day, but if you've cut cable this year, you might want to pick it up on your own.This legendary movie came out in the '80s and pretends it takes place in the '40s, but no matter what time period it's set or watched in, the message remains the same. The Red Ryder BB gun, the lewd lamp, the lost lug nuts, and the tongue stuck to the frozen pole never get old.

Home Alone

Recommended by Rich Edmonds, Staff reviewer

What happens if you happen to be a wealth family living in a rather nice neighbourhood with the plan to go away with the family for Christmas, but you somehow leave your son at home? It shouldn't be an issue, especially if you have neighbours who are there throughout the holiday season, but in Home Alone Kevin is met by two con men who plan to rob the family home.It's one of the best Christmas movies available, not only rocking the holiday season feeling, but also packed full of comedy as Kevin lays traps that the two con men, Marv and Harry walk into throughout the movie.


Christmas Songs — Bad Religion

Recommended by Al Sacco, managing editor

I love me some '90s punk music. Bad Religion is one of my favorite bands from that decade, so a couple of years ago when I saw they'd released a Christmas album, I was all over it. It's an odd collection of unique takes on all the classics, including 'White Christmas' and 'Little Drummer Boy.' And it breathes some new life in what may feel like stale songs at this point.It's not for everybody but if you like Bad Religion, or just punk music, and you're looking to get into the holiday spirit without having to delve into the same-old, same-old takes on holiday classics, this album is for you. Bring it to you next holiday party and crank the volume way up. I dare you. And I promise you'll get some amusing reactions if you do.

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