Mussoumano Game, an exhausting endless runner game for Windows 10 and Windows Phone

Mussoumano Game is an enjoyable endless runner game that is available from both the Windows Phone and Windows 10 Stores. The official gaming title is Mussoumano Saving Latifas, but for whatever reason it was condensed to Mussoumano Game.

While the name is lengthy, game play is simple. You play the role of Mussoumano, who must contend with an endless obstacle course to save his fans who have been kidnapped. Along the way, you can collect coins that can be used for upgrades, power-up items and catch a ride on an assortment of transports such as an armored camel, UFO and a hover board.

Animations and graphics are solid and game play will require your undivided attention. We took the Windows Phone version of Mussoumano Game out for a spin and found it to be a solid time waster of a Windows Phone game.

Mussoumano Game

The main menu for Mussoumano Game will display your gold and emerald counts, an option to rate the game and an option to remove the ad support ($3.99 IAP). You also have a hidden menu that pulls up options to:

  • View the About Screen
  • View your gaming stats
  • Customize your visuals (Mussoumano hats, shirts, etc.)
  • Customize your gaming ride (Camel, Magic Carpet, UFO, etc.)
  • View your gaming achievements
  • Access the game's settings

Please note that while a few of the customizations are available right out the gate, most will require you to spend the gold you earn during game play to unlock.

Mussoumano Game

Settings for Mussoumano Game covers turning on or off the game's audio, vibration, tips and economic mode. I'm not exactly sure what the economic mode does, with no obvious change in game appearance noted when played from the Lumia 950. My guess is that it dials down the graphic quality to make it friendlier towards low-memory Windows Phones.

Mussoumano Game

The gaming screen for Mussoumano Game has your gold and emerald counts in the upper left screen and then number of fans you rescue and your distance. Mussoumano will begin running across the screen from left to right and you make him jump by tapping the screen. Tap the screen and he jumps a short height, tap and hold the screen he jumps a lot higher.

Mussoumano's fans are caged and to set them free, Mussoumano simply runs into the cage. Otherwise, Mussoumano needs to jump over walls, crates and other obstacles in his way. Gold and emeralds are scattered about to collect, as are a few bonus items (e.g. magnets to collect more gold).

Mussoumano Game

You also have a crate that can be collected that unlocks Mussoumano's ride. When you unleash the ride, a tutorial window will pop-up to detail how to control each ride. For example, his magic cloud will ride high on the screen and when you tap and hold the screen, it will dive towards the ground. This is important in avoiding any signs that may get in the cloud's way.

Mussoumano Game

The goal is to rescue as many fans, run as far as possible and collect as much gold as you can. Again, the gold can be used to buy new rides and customize Mussoumano's appearance. The emeralds can be used to revive Mussoumano and continue the game should he run into an object, ending the game. Mussoumano can jump and land on the crates but if he runs smack into them, the game is over. The only exception is if Mussoumano hits something while on his ride. Here you will lose the ride but Mussoumano will continue on foot.

Overall Impression

Mussoumano Game is a simple, challenging, nice looking, fun game. The pace is quick enough that if you look away from the game for a split second, you will find Mussoumano running into a wall. I also would not be too greedy and try to get all the gold coins or your timing may be off just enough that you miss that next jump.

I liked the game's simple controls that makes it well suited for one-handed play. I did find that tapping the screen behind Mussoumano worked best. Tapping in front of him often blocked upcoming obstacles.

All in all, Mussoumano Game is a fantastic gaming title to have tucked away in your Windows Phone gaming library. I do think the game plays out better from the smaller screen of a Windows Phone, but that shouldn't mean the Windows 10 version is terrible. I just think it's a game better suited for the mobility our Windows Phone offers.

Mussoumano Game is a free, ad-supported gaming title available from both the Windows Phone and Windows 10 Stores. You can opt out of the ad-support with a $3.99 in-app purchase. If you've tried Mussoumano Game, let us know what you think of things in the comments below.

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