Refresh your Windows 10 wallpaper with today's AdDuplex HERO App, My Daily Wallpaper

If you are growing tired of seeing the same old Windows 10 wallpaper day after day, My Daily Wallpaper offers the ability to automatically update your wallpapers every day with a fresh new image. Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, My Daily Wallpaper taps into several online image sources and can automatically refresh your Start and Lockscreen wallpapers daily. The free app is also today's AdDuplex HERO App.

Being a HERO App, My Daily Wallpaper becomes a part of a promotional campaign for Windows 10 developers on the AdDuplex Network. The campaign partners AdDuplex with AppDeals, TechRewards{.nofollow} and Windows Central to deliver a host of benefits to the top apps and games each month. Our role in the HERO App campaign is to offer a little exposure to these titles by sharing them with you, our readers.

My Daily Wallpaper

The design of My Daily Wallpaper takes a minimalist approach that offers two options: "Surprise Me" has the app randomly set up the wallpaper rotation, or you can opt to manually order your wallpaper sequence/

My Daily Wallpaper taps into Bing's Image of the Day, Astronomy Picture of the Day and XKCD for wallpaper images. You can alternate the image source day-to-day with the option to choose between Start and Lockscreen wallpapers (or both) to refresh daily, along with the option to update only over Wi-Fi. Once you set everything up, all that is left is to sit back and let My Daily Wallpaper do its thing.

My Daily Wallpaper

Additionally, My Daily Wallpaper has the option to review previous wallpapers used. This review allows you to share or save the individual images locally. Some of the images — especially from Bing and Astronomy Picture of the Day can be really quite striking and worthy of saving.

My Daily Wallpaper is a free Windows 10 title that is available for both PC and Mobile. The simple design makes the app user-friendly and an easy way to avoid having your wallpapers growing stale.

Download My Daily Wallpaper for Windows 10 PC and Mobile

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AdDuplex HERO Promotion

AdDuplex is a fantastic resource for the cross-promotion of Windows 10 Mobile and PC apps. AdDuplex's HERO Apps program is designed to help developers promote their apps even further with free access to various tools and resources from AdDuplex.

The HERO Apps promotion partners AdDuplex with Windows Central, AppDeals and Microsoft TechRewards{.nofollow} to provide additional benefits to the top apps every month. These benefits are spread across four packages and include:

  • 100% exchange ratio on AdDuplex for 1 month
  • $50-500 credits to run ad campaigns on AdDuplex
  • @AdDuplex tweet about your app]
  • Professional ad design (banner and/or interstitial)
  • TechReward Points
  • App quality review by the Windows Store
  • Free feature campaign on AppDeals
  • Review of your app on Windows Central

The rules to join the HERO Apps program remain the same. Every app that you start to cross-promote on the AdDuplex network will be able to apply for the program and receive one of the four benefit packages. You can find all the fine print and sign up for the HERO Apps program here at AdDuplex's website.

Windows Central is proud to be partnering with AdDuplex with the HERO Apps program. As with our existing partnership with myAppFree Deals, this is yet another excellent opportunity to promote the Windows 10 platform.

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.