My super mega lazy Xbox Game Streaming / Project XCloud set-up is amazing

Project XCloud
Project XCloud (Image credit: Windows Central)

Project XCloud brings Xbox video game streaming to mobile devices, PCs, and tablets, with a broader rollout planned for the first half of 2020. As of right now, it's available as part of a limited preview, that you can sign up for right here. We're among the initial wave of testers, which has given me some ideas on how to enhance my laziness gaming experience through various accessories and bits of gear. Here's my current Project XCloud setup, as someone who uses it primarily to play at home on a secondary device when the TV is in use.

Top recommendations for maximum chilling

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

The reasons I chose the Samsung Galaxy Tab A over other similar tablets are numerous. The Amazon Fire HD is significantly cheaper, but I found the general experience to be incredibly sub-par. The OS on the Fire HD is sluggish, plastered with ads that are difficult to manage and control, and getting apps onto it requires additional hoops, given that Google Play isn't supported natively. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8-inch model isn't crazy expensive. Still, for the additional investment, you get far better screen brightness and viewing angles, a speedier OS, and full Google Play integration out of the box. It's also just sleeker, with the better build quality and more useful features. Until Xbox Game Streaming comes to the iPad, this is probably the best value-for-money big-screen option for Project XCloud.

The Lamicall Tablet Mount is also an ideal option for angling your phone, Nintendo Switch, or tablet in any position, hands-free. Whether you're using it on a sofa, in bed, or even from a kitchen worktop, you can clamp this "gooseneck" mount onto any 3-inch surface and get your game on.

Finally, I have to recommend the Razer Junglecat for achieving true zen gaming. The Junglecat controllers are relatively small since they're designed to be mounted on the phone. Still, the ability to split each joystick across your hands makes it easier to lie down in various positions. Yes, we're pushing for maximum laziness here.

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