MyBookie getting updated...adding Office Pools

MyBookie, the fantasy betting app for your Windows Phone, is getting updated. The update will offer Facebook expansion by adding Office Pools into the mix.

Office Pools are designed to add a competitive spirit to the game allowing you to bet against your Facebook friends as well as betting against the house. The update will allow you to join existing Office Pools or design your own.

For those not familiar with MyBookie, it's a fantasy sports betting game that has you betting virtual currency against real-world sporting events. The game pulls in real-time betting lines for events and covers NFL, NCAA Football, NBA, NCAA Basketball, MLB and NHL games.

The update is expected to be available on Super Bowl Sunday through your Marketplace updating system. You can catch the full press release after the break and you can find MyBookie here (opens Zune) as well as MyBookie Lite (the free version) here at the Marketplace.

Coming Super Bowl Sunday…

MyBookie takes virtual Sports Betting to the next level with Office Pools!

Always striving to keep MyBookie fun and exciting, the developers at Psydian Interactive Ltd listen closely to user feedback. With the announcement of MyBookie’s “Office Pools”, users can now wager directly against friends in this fan demanded FaceBook expansion.

Office Pools have been designed to maximize the competitive spirit that makes MyBookie so engaging. It’s no longer enough to take MyBookie’s money; players now have the ability to take their friend’s cash as well.

Find the Office Pool that is right for you. Join existing pools or design your own, invite those so-called Facebook friends of yours. You decide how the game is played!

About MyBookie:

A strategy game based on fantasy sports betting, MyBookie represented a true milestone for Microsoft’s new mobile operating system as it was the first application to launch simultaneously on both Facebook and the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. Set in a gamescape fueled by virtual currency, MyBookie combines real-time Vegas lines with live sporting events encouraging players to build their fortune using strategy and personal ingenuity. Advanced players have the ability to cash in “Reputation Chips” call in “Bonus” and “Insurance Favors” to play smart and stay ahead in this incredibly addictive, high-stakes game. Learn more by visiting:

MyBookie Mobile Features include:

•League support includes: NFL, NCAA Football, NBA, NCAA Basketball, MLB, and NHL

•Daily/Weekly event schedules: Place your virtual wager days in advance

•Live game scores and information including current Vegas odds

•Multiple betting scenarios including: Game Spread, Moneyline, Over/Under, and Parlays

•Users earn “Reputation Chips” for in-game cash, or to call in unique “Favors” from MyBookie

•Parlay up to four events across multiple sports to increase win payout

•Wager history and analysis across multiple sports for an entire year

•Daily and consecutive login bonuses

•Facebook leaderboard integration and rewards

•iPhone and Android versions currently in development

With March Madness right around the corner, don’t miss out! Get MyBookie Today!

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