MyTube Beta grabs auto-play for playlists, UI tweaks and more

A fresh update is rolling out to popular third-party YouTube app MyTube Beta for Windows 10 PC and Mobile. Included in the latest version are a variety of tweaks ranging from auto-play for playlists to UI tweaks, including an updated search bar. Of course, there's there usual smattering of bug fixes to look forward to as well.

myTube release notes

Here's the skinny on what's new in MyTube version

  • Added playlist auto-play
  • Added the "subscribed to" page
  • Adjusted margins
  • Updated search bar design
  • Search bar now remains open on search page
  • Fixed a bug where loading multiple videos from the same channel would cause that channel's profile image to become blank
  • Fixed some playback issues
  • Reliability improvements for myTube-to-myTube casting

If MyTube Beta is your YouTube app of choice, that's not a bad list of changes. If you want to check out everything that's new, you can grab the latest version of the MyTube app at the Windows Store now.

Download MyTube Beta from the Windows Store

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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