myTube updated to open YouTube videos directly from the browser and more

You can’t go wrong with myTube when it comes to picking out a stellar YouTube app for Windows Phone. The app is powered by Christopher Blackman, a lone star developer who’s wrapping up school at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. He spends his free time working on myTube for Windows Phone when he’s not busy wrapping up school. Let’s check out the latest update to one of our favorite apps.

The last big update for myTube came out in early October. It was notable for packing a handful of new features like redesigned thumbnails, offline playlist support, and much more. It was a nice update for the app. Today we’re looking at version in the Store. Here’s what’s new:

  • Open videos in myTube from the browser
  • Search for playlists supported
  • Delete playlists
  • Search suggestions appear as you type
  • Option to remember your position in “watch later” videos so they resume where you left off when you return to them


Handful of cool features exist in this latest update for myTube. The ability to open videos from the browser into myTube is by far one of the cooler features. It works similar to what 6tag does with Instagram links in the browser.

Want to set up myTube to open YouTube links from the browser? Head to this page in your browser in IE on Windows Phone and follow the directions listed there. You’re just going to save the page to your favorites and replace the “web address” with the code you find on that page.

The ability to search for playlists is one of the most requested features from myTube users. Find your favorite playlists after updating to the latest version of myTube. It’s another stellar update and keeps making myTube the strongest YouTube app on Windows Phone.

Have a Nokia Lumia 1520 and want 1080p support from myTube for your beautiful display? It might not be coming anytime soon. Christopher started working trying to get 1080p support into the app for devices like the Lumia 1520. Unfortunately, YouTube stopped serving their regular 1080p streams some time ago. They now serve 1080p as two different streams. One stream is for video, while the other stream is for the audio. Windows Phone has no native way to bring the two streams together into one, so myTube (or any other YouTube apps) won’t be supported 1080p videos from YouTube anytime soon. This is also a limitation in WinRT, so don’t expect 1080p support in the Windows 8 version of myTube.

Speaking of Windows 8… Christopher is hard at work on the Windows 8 version. He had hoped to have a beta out by now, but met some setbacks with the UI framework. He’s working on making his own Panorama that works more like Windows Phone, but some technical barriers in Windows 8 are making him need to build his own tech to get it to work. The UI itself is about 50% done and he’ll update us (and you) on details on a beta/general availability of myTube for Windows 8.

In the meantime, you should definitely update or download myTube for Windows Phone. The update is slowly rolling out into the Store, so check back if you don’t see it right away. The app goes for $0.99, but there is a free trial to check it out. The trial only limits you to watching 1 hour of video in a 3 hour period, then you’ll you need to chill for ten minutes until you can continue. Or just do the smart thing and spend a buck on an awesome app. Grab it in the Windows Phone Store

QR: myTube

  • Wow. Good features (open videos from browser, search results as you type).  
  • Not showing update option
  • It will take sometime to reach everyone. Check after some time.
  • Why meeee
  • Wait, how do you get instagram links to open in 6tag?
  • +920 for that!
  • Look for Rudy Huyns Blog. There is a tutorial.
  • This app is great, one of my favorites thanks to Mango! Don't see what's the big deal to opening to browser, can someone explain this to me?
  • Hi there, not opening to the browser, but opening from the browser. If someone send you a link, you can press a button in the browser and open the video in the app ;)
  • You are awesome. I haven't looked at MyTube for nearly a year. Installed it again today and the app just blew me away. Bought it 5mins later.   EDIT: it now shows me as the latest update altough I have installed. Damn WP store :/
  • How do u do that? a.k.a which button?
  • YES!! I've been waiting for a good Youtube app on my Surface. Hyper is meh. Lo and behold, my favorite WP8 YouTube app is making its way there! Definitely made my day.
  • Prime tube is awesome on both WP and W8.
  • I use MetroTube on my Surface, but will switch to MyTube in a heartbeat when released.
  • Sweet!!!
  • Another stellar app for just WP and soon W8 :D, bought both mytube and metrotube (although free) to support these ace devs!.
  • Switched from metrotube to mytube, as this guy actually updates the app. Loving it so far! :D
  • Love this app, so well done. All this worry over an official is pointless with this. Looking forward to a w8 version!
  • Excellent!
  • Can't wait to see the Windows 8 version. Pivots are faster and easier to navigate than Windows 8's panorama with both KB+M and touch (it also looks nicer).
  • I have been using metrotube and I will be giving this app a try to see if it is as good or better
  • I thought metrotube would always be my go to YouTube app but, this app keeps me going back it over and over again. I didn't think it would possible.
  • I switched a while back. Used to love metrotube but it sorta fell behind once this app was released imo.
  • Went ahead and bought. Nice app, glad I did.
  • Can't see update option
  • Hi there, check back later. It appears that the Store is taking a while to update for everyone ;)
  • Are you the dev??
  • Yep I'm the developer ;)
  • Can't see the update yet ..
  • Give it a bit, the update was certified close to about 12 hours ago, but the Store seems to be having some very concerning delays. If the update isn't ready in a few hours I'll be contacting support about it.
  • Still nothing.
  • I'll try to find out what's wrong
  • I've always liked MyTube for my windows phone. F+++ Metrotube that app is slow and does not resume when the app is put in the background. I LOVE MYTUBE IT IS MY YOUTUBE.
  • I also switched from Metrotube to MyTube because MyTube plays audio in the background during multitasking! This app is amazing and provides a better YouTube experience that my daughter's official YouTube app on Android. Well done!
  • Now that is awesome good job man.
  • This app is making me forget about metrotube. I didn't think it would be possible.
  • Beautiful app. May very well replace my metro tube app
  • Great app but I have noticed that when a new update is coming thru to the store yet not yet published (New Zealand here) the app fails to start when accessed on the phone. Has the developer built a kill-switch after a certain time-out in the app that it disables itself after a set time unless it is updated??? Strange behaviour indeed!!
  • I have my tube installed but I have using vimeo alot lately on my Lumia 1520.
  • Awesome app, but will this be able to run in the background?
  • Yes, it's able to play in the background.
  • Big Thanx to Christopher Blackman!
  • +920
  • Still didn't get the update
    But open videos from browser is really!wow
  • Loved the new feature! A very big deal for me, at least...
  • Has anyone heard anything new about the official YT app from MS & Goog?
  • Yeah its been suspiciously quiet lately, id love to know the latest details
  • I got a network update today
  • That was my idea (opening from browser)
  • Its beautiful. I still haven't got the update though. Just bought it. Great work ryken.
  • Nice app, wonder if there's a better name....NooTube(new)?
  • Still no update in India
  • I think vimeo gives 1080p videos on Lumia 1520
  • Woah this app is very very nice - MS should make this the default player in wp8 O_O Great job
  • Note: I could only get the open in myTube from IE to work if the YouTube page is the desktop version (so IE needs to be set to desktop mode). Works great though!
  • has any site compared MetroTube and mytube side by side ? Merotube used to be number one and still works great but i would love to see if myTube is that much featue better before buying ANOTHER youtbue app...