myTube updated with offline playlist support, redesigned thumbnails and more

We might not get an official YouTube app anytime soon that isn’t more than a web player, but we’ve got some solid third-party alternatives. The two that contend for a spot on your Start screen are myTube and Metrotube. It’s hard to pick one as a clear winner since they approach YouTube on Windows Phone slightly different and therefore both rock. Let’s check what’s new in the latest myTube update in the meantime.

The last big update for myTube came in mid-August. The update brought the ability automatically play YouTube playlists, which is super handy if you want to listen to a bunch of music mixes that come together in a playlist. It also added the ability for languages to get pushed to users without the app needing an update. Here’s what’s new in the latest myTube update:

  • Redesigned thumbnails
  • Region support
  • Offline playlist support
  • Playlist creation, editing and sorting
  • Pin playlists to start screen
  • Option to remove the app title from the live tile
  • Option to pin a static tile
  • Better translation support
  • General bug fixes

That’s a nice changelog for an update, but we’ll focus on the two biggest changes to the app.

The offline playlist support works a little different than you might expect. Here’s what happens: myTube pulls in playlists based off your YouTube account, from there it will create an offline playlist based on any videos you’ve downloaded in the app that exist in your other playlists.

The next big change is the redesigned thumbnails. The developer, Christopher Blackman, redesigned thumbnails based off of your feedback and criticism. The text on thumbnails (videos, playlists, and categories) is now a lot smaller, with larger margins, and slight rearrangements of info. There are other subtle design changes throughout the app in places like page titles. If you aren’t a fan of the redesign, you can always go to the “classic” theme in the settings of myTube.

The last big myTube update improved translation dramatically. Users in the beta for myTube can help translate the app into their local language. Everything in the app should be translated now assuming a beta tester has worked on their language. Right now the app is fully translated in English, German, traditional Chinese, Russian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Croatian, French, Hebrew, Spanish, Czech, Dutch, and Finnish. These languages only exist in myTube because of beta testers, kudos to everyone who helped bring this app into their local language. Don’t see your language? Join the beta for myTube in the settings for the app in the Store and help translate it.

What’s next for myTube and Christopher? There’s going to be a myTube app for Windows 8 coming in mid-November. That will result in a slight redesign for myTube on Windows Phone as he creates a unified design across both Windows Phone and Windows 8. Want to join the beta for Windows 8? You’ll want to talk to Christopher about that.

In the meantime, grab myTube for Windows Phone 8. It’s free, but with very reasonable viewing limits. To remove those limits the app is just $0.99. Grab it in the Windows Phone Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app.

QR: myTube

  • Sweet! I prefer MetroTube because I bought it way back in the day, but its nice to see WP apps getting better and better. Hopefully Google starts supporting the platform once it achieves higher marketshare...
  • Google can go and penetrate themselves.
  • +1020
  • +1520
  • +1320
  • No, it has to be above 1520, as I said 1520. You should've done +2520. :)
  • +920
  • I chuckled in my head after reading this.
  • +3310. No, seriously 920
  • +.... 920
  • 100% LOL
  • Batman!
  • Fox News!
  • Lens Flare
  • Mytube blows Metrotube away.
  • No.
  • Metrotube is better.
  • Metrotube is a year out of date.
  • I thought so too until I found out myTube continues playing audio while multitasking. Metrotube can't do that.
  • That's metrotube's advantage. Not being able to play audio while multitasking is a big deal.
  • That's the dumbest thing I've read. I use YouTube for music and being able to keep the music going as an option while I browse the web is important to me. And how is this an advantage to metrotube when you can disable this feature in mytube? Choice gives mytube the advantage ;)
  • +620 x 620
  • I prefer Metrotube too, it's in my opinion more intuitive.
  • Comments are not for opinions here so stop it. Now.
  • I just purchased this app to continue my support to Windows Phone developers and this is without having checked out the app yet. Well I have just been checking it out for the past few minutes and WOW this app is the best YOUTUBE experience on Windows Phone 8. I'm upset that I didn't download and support this app sooner.
  • RIGHT?!?! I bought this app way back when and I am so proud of the developer, this app how evolved from a unique YouTube app, to one of the best across any platform. YouTube itself can't lift a candle to this guy.
  • I have bought both MetroTube and MyTube and while both are great, I like MyTube better. Great job developers, Google can go scroogle themselves!
  • Definitely worth it. I don't mind metrotube but myTube is better in my opinion. I had problems with metrotube on w8. Kept crashing after watching a few videos. No problems with myTube on WP.
  • I really dig this app. I'll contact Christopher about doing beta on w8.
  • MyTube on Windows 8/RT would be amazing!
  • +2520
  • Unfortunately there is already a really bad mytube app on w8 made by somebody else. Dunno how that will work out.
  • Uninstalled the "official" Youtube app. Now I just use MyTube.
  • Me too, but Metrotube.
  • Too bad neither of them (MyTube or MetroTube) supports official videoclips (anything from Vevo).I agree there is a beautiful Vevo app, but sometimes I find myself on Metrotube and I search fast for a video of a song I hear and suddenly I'm reminded that Google is screwing me again.
    Anyway, nice apps those two.
  • Official video support should be returning to myTube soon. Google changed their algorithms today, and once the information about their changes is out then the videos should start back working.
  • Hi. I tried to join beta two times but nothing ever happened ... I am willing to translate into Slovak
  • Hey Miko, I'll try to add everyone to the beta tonight. Sorry about the delay. Thanks in advance for the translation :)
  • Mytube works with vevo videos.
  • Nope, it doesn't work.I just tried it right now.
  • Ah that means stupid google changed the API again.
  • Also a MetroTube guy here. But I will buy MyTube as soon as I can. Not to replace my MetroTube though..
  • Do any of these clients have voice support? I like to listen to youtube reviews while driving and it'd be nice to voice search for content.
  • Voice as in playing audio without playing the video?
  • Search, like Bing Search.
  • Nobody uses Bing
  • A pox upon both of you. I'm asking for voice search within a YouTube app holy shit it's not a hard question. I mentioned Bing as an example since it has voice search. I will now receive further confusing posts because God hates me.
  • Ignore Mike, he just likes trolling everyone and rarely saying anything that's even remotely useful, though the occasional comment may make you laugh. I'm sure he knew what you meant. In regards to your question, not as far as I'm aware, and I personally don't see the point of it either.
  • Speak for yourself...... Bing is excellent.
  • Leave the fanboism on the side and decied again, Bing "still" sucks.
  • And google sucks to me..... Was either one of our comments necessary???
  • Not really necessary if you aren't a fan of discussions
  • I hate new thumbnail design. Texts are Too small for me. And I even got a great eye sights.
  • Hi Lumia 8x, you can go back to the old style if you enable the "classic design" option in the settings ;)
  • Only a great eye sights? What about the other a eye sight?
  • Then they should go back to classic design I guess ha.
  • Talking of youtube, check out the this promo for Carrie. Theres a woman with what looks to be a 1020 at 1:42 but it looks like the camera hump is a blue color. what do you think?
  • As a SuperTube user I really like this app. I downloaded a couple of videos and was trying to play them thru my car's (GM) Bluetooth and I couldn't get it to work. Is there a fix coming for this or am I doing something wrong?
  • Like this much better than metrotube, really smooth and fast. Nice one, dev.
  • MyTube is the love.
  • Can I have both installed: Metrotube and myTube, at least momentarily? I already have Metrotube but I don't wanna uninstall it before confirming myTube is better. Catch my drift?
  • Ya I got you, and I'm almost certain you can have both. But, a question from me is,"If you have both installed and open a video from the WPCentral app and it asks to use browser or YouTube app...and u have both, how would that work?".
  • I have both installed. If you choose to open a video in the wpcentral app and choose to use the youtube app it will give you a choice of which one to use.
  • Was just about to say the same thing lol.
  • Yeah? What took you so long?
  • But myTube isn't available for WP7x devices, right? Metrotube is is for me then, but I *might* check out myTube later this year.
  • myTube is amazing in so many ways. Because of that audio feature, I don't need to pay for ANY music service. When I have the entire server of YouTube as my music library for free, there's nothing I feel I can't do.
  • To each his own, i stream via Nokia music and buy the song or album if i like it. if nobody bought their fav artists music they are in essence making them redundant. Given the state of economy right now the smaller artists, indies will really be feeling it.
  • Best YouTube app in my opinion
  • To be honest I removed MetroTube because it filled my phone storage
  • Also, MyTube is not just best WP8 YouTube client. It's better than clients on iOS!
  • no one can beat MyTube
    love it to the bone :)
  • I must say it feels much faster than previous versions. I have both MetroTube and myTube, and I prefer myTube (and I was a convinced MetroTube user but LazyWorms are lazy, no updates in the past months).
  • Does either of them have the ability to connect to my TV or Playstation and control the videos shown in the TV?
    The microsoft app used to be able to do that.
  • Why don't have YouTube hd being reviewed most freaken underated YouTube app on windows phone ugh come on WPcentral.....