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Microsoft updates YouTube app for Windows Phone, apparently surrenders to Google as web player returns

A few months ago, Microsoft and Google had a brouhaha over YouTube and Windows Phone. Microsoft appeared to play by Google’s rules in making an app for their customers, but Google said it wasn’t good enough. Despite the differences, Microsoft famously released the app anyway to see what would happen. As it turns out, Google was none too happy and remotely killed the app through its access key.

Fast forward to today, October 7th and the app has finally been updated to version 3.2. Unfortunately, the app has reverted back to its old web-player days, meaning if you click a YouTube link in email, MMS messages, etc. it will open YouTube in the browser. In fact, tapping the installed YouTube icon on your phone will simply redirect you to for that not so premier experience.

No more downloads, no more account management (without logging in), no notifications—just the barebones experience.

Google locked out Windows Phone users

From the looks of it, any discussions between Microsoft and Google may have broken down. As a result, we’re getting the most generic YouTube experience you can imagine on a mobile platform: a web player. If Microsoft is working on an official app, it may have to be in that HTML5 form that Google so desperately wants for Windows Phone (but not for iOS or Android). If that is going to happen, it could take months before we see it land on the Store, if at all.

For now, Windows Phone users are urged to use some of the excellent third-party options like MetroTube, myTube or PrimeTube to get a premium YouTube experience.

Head here to the Windows Phone store to get YouTube version 3.2, though we honestly don’t recommend it.

Thanks, Kevin B., for the tip

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • I still have that one update notification. Guess it's time to move on
  • Hehe I kept mine for a long time but bahhh gave in a while ago now.
  • Come on! Lets give 1 fu*king star for that sh*t. A link to youtube on browser? You have to be kidding me!
  • That doesn't solve the problem. This isn't Microsoft's fault, its Google's for being a pain in the ass. All 1-Starring does is make it so when Microsoft does update the app again, making it a "premium experience" once more, it has awful ratings and hinders people with less decent app shopping skills to avoid the app. If anything, write to Google or delete your YouTube account if you want to do something drastic that could actually have an effect.
  • Wouldn't had mattered anyways since Google broke the link to it. I tried the same as well. Never worked.
  • Is it all that bad to watch the video in the web browser?  Doesn't bother me that there isn't a special app for it.  I don't spend much time on youtube, though.
  • There's more principles than just watching in the browser. Its a blatant disregard to MS because Larry Page has a hate for them.
  • Time scrubbing in the browser blows. Oh well, I have moved on to metrotube. Google can suck it.
  • Is that a subway station where metrosexuals hang out
  • The web player is OK, the main problem is that it doesn't let or read comments or anything else while watching a video.
    myTube is excellent though, and MetroTube is good too. But it stings not to have an official app.
  • I find no issues with the web experience and it's the same for FB when People hub cannot meet my needs.
  • I hope MS puts a stop to this after google has got it working smoothly. Like they did to the YouTube app :)
  • They won't Microsoft has no balls they should do it
  • MS has been rolling for everyone lately. MetroAg, Sky, Google....... Disgusting that one of the most powerful tech companies is giving up the world like this.
  • How can a google product work smoothly( I mean litrealy), dont be sarcastic :)
  • MS should screw Google and not allow Chrome to work on Win 8. Hell with Google. The previous pulled Youtube app was awesome, yet that gets scrapped for THIS weak web crap?!?!?
    MS, grow some balls and fight back.
  • Problem with that: Everyone in the world loves Google, while Microsoft is typically seen as evil. If Microsoft tries to pull that card, the media and everyone in the world will be up in flames about how anticompetitive Microsoft is, and order a mass exodus from their products and services. I know it's not right nor fair, but that's how things would end up. Just like how everyone had a cow when it was announced Windows RT browsers would all have to be based on the Internet Explorer engine. Windows RT is to Windows as iOS is to Mac OS X, yet does anyone flip when Apple requires all iOS browsers to run on Safari's engine? Nope, not at all.
  • Umm I hate google with a passion. More than my dislike for apple nowadays. So I guess not everyone in the world.
  • I agree with, the problem is, the vast majority don't. He media would absolutely slaughter and crucify Microsoft, and they would lose any hopes they had regaining market dominance. Hell, after the Microsoft vs. Google that would result, Microsoft would be lucky to avoid bankruptcy. So while I think Google is truly evil in their business practices, far more venomous than Apple ever has been, we kinda have to take it unless we want our favored company to die.
  • nope  just this very small insignificant crowd. this feels great to watch Microsoft struggle for a while. they've done so much harm to other businesses, especially open source.
  • Exaaaaaactly!
  • MS's youtube app would download videos.  This is against the youtube bylaws,,,  Imagine Google releasing an app that allows people to download netflix or hulu videos on an xbox.... The same would apply.
  • They removed that feature long ago and they added adverts which were the two things Google complained about. Then they complained it wasn't the right adverts. Google are just evil and out to kill MS.
    and Microsoft isn't evil?! do any of you Microsoft fan boys read up on Microsoft's history? Microsoft screwed a certain company to get to where they are today. they didn't stop there either. this is karma
  • Microsoft did some shady sh*t backaways, but they have had their a$$ kicked by various government bodies, paid massive fines and cleaned up their act. The MS of 2013 bears no resemblance to the one from the 90s and early 2000s and I like them as a company these days, whereas I never really cared for them, just used their software out of necessity in the past. I see things that Microsoft were fined for monopolistic practices back in the day and feel a lot of the things that Google do now are far worse, unjust and what's worse hurt us as a customers far more.
  • With bill gates as chairman and ballmer running the show now, how does it not look like it did all those years ago? Its not just that, but what they just did to nokia as well. That crap was clearly a setup. Also, it was quiet obvious that they told lies that Google prevented the company from making android handsets because nokia really was going to make the android phones but they were obviously stopped by microsoft. You can check out that whole Newkia thing. Then there is also the price that they ask for with their software. Im not even going to look at what they charge for new installs of their operating systems. lets look look at the once bundled office suite. Why the heck do they need that much for something so detrimental? It is something that most think they cannot do without. It even costs the same amount as some laptops. My mother went to college in the 80s and was made familiar with lotus through IBM. She decided to go back to college in 2005 i think and was forced to buy Microsoft office. That crap set her back $250. I think thats what pushed her to dislike microsoft, lol. I also don't want them to be back on top because when they get there they tend to become very lax, and start trying when it has become too late. This is what happened with vista and windows mobile. People either did not upgrade to vista or felt they had to downgrade, and this was on a massive scale. Remember, I'm only doing recent stuff. This lax attitude also put a lot of their oem partners at risk. Motorola was one of their victims of this behavior. Motorola even decided to never make another windows mobile phone again even at the expense of having to pay out to microsoft. They must have felt strongly about it to do that. Then there was HTC. They really tried hard. Remember touch flo 3d? People used to say that htc was just putting makeup on a pig. This behavior as you know can be observed even more recently as well. Nokia also was complaining that microsoft wasn't working fast enough as well. One other thing that I hate about Microsoft is that they never usually listened to their customers until they are in a tight spot. See, they are listening to you guys now arent they? They never used to. I remeber them not ever listening to user input and just pushing forward anyway. What i like about google is that they listen to their user base. They also continue to innovate even though they are on top. They also try to push their users forward as well. Microsoft saw that apple's ios was closed but successful. So what does microsoft do? Dump the more capable windows mobile in favor of the closed windows phone 7. Windows mobile needed fixing but windows phone 7 was not the answer. At least windows mobile felt like the powerful windows desktop os which even had file system support. I dont know how you guys find microsoft to be less evil than Google, i dont even know how you guys have come to like them but i think they deserve this and even more. All this hate over a youtube app. Think about what instagram and others do to third parties. If Google was truly evil, why do you guys still have metroTUBE and others?
  • Except that would be totally idiotic
  • Chrome is malware anyway I try to keep it off my network, but users keep installing it somehow even though they're on limited accounts I guess I am going to have to look into a group policy or something. Windows defender should just start killing it in updates.
  • Yeah i find that too and its extremely annoying. Also the pc's I've repaired that are plagued with viruses have chrome running with as their default browser. One wonders how they could have gotten in even with fully updated av running... But to be honest the average user is lazy (that's the biggest problem also some even disable their av and firewall to install programs! Lol...) they click anything that pops up, always accept without checking and click next to finish when installing programs. Which is why most end up with half a dozen tool bars and spyware on their system.
  • +1 then they say their computer got virus and slowed down. I need to fix for friends and family.
  • Some antivirus programs are pretty horrible... mcafee? At work I just went and bought a NAS to backup our computers due to our antivirus program. If I get a virus... Just restore from a previous day. Easier than calling IT and quicker.
  • Chrome default its installation in a user's home folder, which they have access to by nature, so limited accounts doesn't stop that.
  • Active Directory and App Locker will solve that.
  • Lol I have chrome but I have Norton so it kinda balances out.
    google just added a whole lot of crap though...ugh don't tell me Norton runs slow bec my computer can easily take it and I only like defender Win 8
  • Norton is slow anyway. Don't use it. At least if gaming on that system.
  • I use it for everything but my M14 x takes it like its running a word document.( Norton), uses very little resources to run, and I can still play crisis 2 on High or Bioshock on high. Norton hasn't gotten in the way yet :D
    (I also use my laptop for excel, not just for gaming :p )
  • Chrome installs by user instead of system-wide.
  • I have a chrome a long time ago, then I saw in the task manager, there are 9 processes of google chrome. So probably it takes a big amount of RAM and my PC slows down everytime I open that. When I use IE, it doesn't slows my PC down (but it slows down a bit when I use the Win8 version, not the desktop one).
  • Agree
  • Well - while moving away from gmail - why not from youtube as well? get over to vimeo already
  • Vimeo will not have the social quality as YouTube. To simply move doesn't matter if none of the video you want to watch are on in.
  • How many social places do people need?  I rarely use YouTube... and when I do... it's for the video, not the stupid comments people post on there. I'd say for Microsoft to build/buy their own... but yeah, people won't use it as much as YouTube.  I'm just glad Microsoft bought Skype before Google did.
  • BingBox:)
  • That's one bad autocorrect away from bangbus.
  • I think they should build there own - if for nothing else but a place to upload video to link and share elsewhere. That's all I do anyway. I'm not into the 'Youtube community'. I just upload vids and link to them on FB or other sites. Its just a video dump for me. MS could easily build that and it wouldnt matter how many people use it.
    I guess I could use Skydrive, but I dont want to eat up my space and embedded sharing is not so easy.
  • Youtube has "social quality"? Have you read any of the comments there? That place is a shit hole.
  • Microsoft should consider buying Vimeo so they can sink some money into it and help make it a suitable YouTube competitor
  • I prefer having Vimeo the way it is now, high quality.
  • I'm fucking agree with this man! God bless you!!
  • Youtube and Vimeo are quite different 
  • true.. one is for high quality videos and the other one is youtube :) 
  • Haha, awesome coment!
  • Whenever Vimeo has the few channels I follow on YouTube I'll switch immediately.
  • Yeah, pretty much.  YouTube is pretty much the one thing Google owns that you just can't find anywhere else.
  • Well if we already haven't heard it yet, maybe its time for wpc to review best third party YouTube apps. I have tried a few and enjoy my tube best for clean and simple interface, that's it. I also own a Gmail account and am not blinded by the WP bCrap, others expound!
  • I use YouTube HD and metrotube only. Very similar but YouTube HD seems more up to date meaning view counts are more accurate were as metrotubes aren't. At least from my end.
  • When Vimeo has the content I use YouTube for, I will gladly check it out
  • I would love to move away from YouTube but unless everyone else does, I won't be able to watch anything. It's not as simple as moving to Bing. I can use Bing because it is not as dependent on a vast social network.
  • Yeah, since Google getting sucks, I use vimeo over youtube! I think MS should buy Vimeo then make it free without limitation upload (no premium users) just like youtube did.
  • Remove the Skype from the androids!..
  • I agree
  • +1
  • Uh Microsoft just released Wordament with achievements today.
  • Try 3 days ago!
  • Agreed, but MS would lose money.. Better to block all google made apps :)
  • You mean all those one apps?
  • There are legitimate alternatives to Skype, but not so much for YouTube.  If the content that you want is on YouTube, then that is where you need to go to see it. 
  • +1020
  • Indeed see how they like it
  • Good One... I agree
  • scroogle google
  • Wow, what a bunch of jerks google can be. Metrotube is good for me bit would expect a first party app for something as big as YouTube (sigh)
  • Yup... This whole debackle has made me loose a ton of respect for Google.
    They have acted very immaturely and deceptively.  After all that they say: "Gee, that's a really nice YouTube app you go there... even nicer then ours.  Well we can't have that so ... um... You need to toss all that glorious code and rewrite it in HTML5"
    What?  They lead Microsoft around by the nose just to cut it off?  Totally dispicable.
  • you should boycott youtube and other google services then
  • Some of us have, i disabled my gmail and youtube account. The main problem with youtube is the content. For example Nokia, wpdaily, wmpoweruser should start a vimeo channel or something then people will eventually follow suit. Youtube didn't grow big over night, it will take time.
  • Screw you google!!! More descriptive F$*$ u!
  • It's too bad.  Google has lost most of my business thus far because of this, but Youtube is hard to replace.  I really hope that Microsoft and Google can make peace soon so that users can choose whatever platform appeals to them while still having access to great services.
  • Yup, I'm out. Bye Windows Phone. 
  • Your dropping WP because of YouTube....#overreaction.......
  • I'm dropping because of lack of support. I mean cmon man, YOUTUBE?!?! Something as basic as YOUTUBE!!!!! Not even that is supported on this phone. I feel like I'm using a North Korean version of Andriod. Everything is stripped and only 3rd party apps are available.  I must say, the hardware is superb. Wireless charging is great, camera is uber clear the OS itself is smooth. But I cant use any of that since no apps are available to take advantage of a stable OS. I feel like its potential gone to waste and there is no light at the end of this tunnel. Windows Phone is not a new OS, microsoft has been in the mobile business far too long to not care about its users.
  • why not simply using the web browser for you tube. works great on windows phone - but well.. go troll some other place
  • +920      :'(
  • Google = Parasite
    Stick with MyTube and/or MetroTube for now.
  • Same mytube is awesome
  • why are you sticking with a parasite???
  • Or metrotube, or any of the great or even better youtube apps available in the store...
  • How again is this Microsofts fault??
  • Do you not know of MetroTube? because seriously its light years better than the offical app on any other platform.
  • My reaction is quite the opposite. I will never go back to Android now, not a chance, not after the way Google behaves. They don't respect me as a customer, because if they did, they would not put me in the middle of their fucking platform war. If it wasn't for Youtube, my Google account would have been deleted by now. Since they pulled me in to this little game of theirs, and I need my account for Youtube, I'm blocking all their ads.
    By switching to Android when they behave like this, you are being manipulated to do exactly what they want you to do. That's not me, I turn around and walk away.
  • Good man in sticking to my guns google can suck it i like the wp8 way more androids a mess of an os
  • Use metrotube...
  • Go Gogole...
  • Even though it might seem crazy, most of the average consumer won't buy a windows phone just for this reason, there hardly is any official backing of apps. No instagram, no youtube, no vine, no google, etc.
  • 6TAG is a lot better than the instagram app on the iPhone or Android OS...Love being able to switch between different accounts easlily without having to sign out and back in.
  • Even more childish than Google
  • You sound like a iOS users. Don't see how a well established company is childish. If anything, not fighting for what you're users want and bending over to the competition is childish. 
  • Ok.
  • well - i dont want it. go buy android and leave us alone - thanks
  • Who said I wanted an Andriod?
  • well making fun of ios user and ditching WP will not give you a great choice of systems that support youtube natively. but well.. tell us- what system do you have in mind 
  • All of them except Windows Phone. Btw, whats up with this generation and relating people's personality with the device they choose? Maybe I'm too old for this consumerism non sense.
  • We wish you the best of luck with iOS 7 and all "its" problems. Enjoy.
  • Thank you!
  • ???
  • Bending to the competition?  MS went around Google to give us a great app and Google cried and whined then pulled the access token that let's the app work so it's Google who is to blame here.  MS is trying to get a premium YT experience on WP, but Google only throws technicalities there way because they don't want WP to grow or succeed.  MS even made the app themselves and it was better than the native one from Google on Android for the most part.
  • LOL! MS went around Google? That's error number 1. MS is a well established company and theyre still gambling with their users? And you're ok with that?
  • I don't know what that means. You do realize that it is Google who is doing this, right?
  • It said so even in the article I think...
  • Really? You think Microsoft wasn't fighting for their users when they built an entire market-leading YouTube experience on Windows Phone once it was obvious that Google never would? You think that Google blocking Microsoft is instead Microsoft bending over to the competition? Get real.
  • Microsoft was gambling with their users. Plain and simple. iOS doesnt have a problem with Google and they go at it in court all the time over patents. Hell, iOS even pulled their official version of youtube and they still came back with a fantastic stand alone version. Why cant MS do the same?
  • Apple did nothing, Google is forced to bring an iOS app as they have a large market share.  Google feels like they can keep MS down since they don't have that large market share on WP yet.  What don't you understand here?
  • Google feels like they can keep MS down since they don't have that large market share on WP yet.  You contradict yourself with that. It's not Google's fault MS has a small market share. 
  • They did...and Google blocked it...not sure what's ur not understanding. And again...there are 3rd party apps that work wonders. Sounds like ur bitching just to bitch.
  • Oh NO,NO,NO,NO.. The "official " app on IOS is TERRIBLE. Trust me I have it on my iPod 5. WP YT payer is much better, and rarely freezes, but my iPod's one freezes on my enterprise level WiFi. Please experiment before you make any drastic decisions. Apple was not meant to play YT, I've had several older ipods also plus seen terrible performance on 2seperate ipads that my family has.
  • Cya
  • Later, man.
  • we will miss you :{
  • Wow... You're dumb, its called metotube... No ads
  • metrotube?! LOL 3rd party app? It like telling me Hyundai is a Mercedes.
  • I think you are crazy. If Google makes the app or anybody else, you watch the same videos.
  • There's more to youtube than just "watching".
  • please tell me what there is more to youtube than just watching videos and commenting? and metrotube has no ads as well :P
  • There is???
  • Ouch! lol
  • Am I really the only one who prefers to use 3rd party apps? If there is an alternative and its just as good or better I'm all in. Support new developers! comparing an app to a car, that's logical...
  • You did read the article that there is 1st party YouTube app, right?  If you're so into 1st party apps then use it but don't blame WP for it being lousy.  Google is the one playing like a spoiled brat.  You keep complaining about you don't like 3rd party apps but give no explanation why.  If the app gets you what you want and does what it's supposed to do, why do you care who or where it comes from.  I use MetroTube and SuperTube.  As for your car comparison, if both cars get you to where you want to go, who cares if it's a Mercedes or a Hyundai, not me.  
  • MetroTube is actually really good.  Have you tried it?
  • Yup, I cant keep it from crashing everytime I search a video. I'm already on my 5th Lumia and I still get the same results. 
  • wasn't sure but you increasingly, with every new post, sound more and more like a troll...
  • You're right, he is a troll LOL
  • +1
  • Ok, you can take as you want. I speak truth, my Lumia 920 suffered the battery drain, camera lens dust and flash disabling. But no one wants to hear that. I'm just a troll.
  • That sucks, you 920 just got delt a bad hand.i have battery drain a bit, but no other problems
  • Nah, highercal is just a frustrated user. A true troll wouldn't answer you intelligently and without name calling. They're entitled to their honest opinion. Just because you don't agree does not mean they're a troll.
  • Thanks for understanding. I really appreciate it. I came from the Andriod community and trust me, WP trolls are no where near that level. 
  • Really??? I've never had Metrotube give me any issues...except when Google changes their code and doesn't tell 3rd party programs about it. Down for a few hours is all.
  • If you are on your 5th Lumia, you're either very hard to please or you're an idiot.
  • Or my phone's were shipped broken. Don't assume thing, unless you're an idiot.
  • I would think that most people would give up on a phone after the third bad one. I know I would. Seems like a waste of time and effort after that. But hey, thats just me.
  • Or their Lumias get dust in the FFC, or they brick, or a kid drops it in the toilet. You can't make assumptions as to why someone is on their 5th.
  • Five times? Really?
  • That sure is pure bad luck, but yeah I would really start to question where your phones are coming from Hypercal or the delivery company. Looks like you are either being fobbed off with recycled devices or the delivery company cant give two hoots about your package.
  • Dude, I'm thinking you shud just go back to a feature phone. The basic concepts of these devices and the competitive market they flourish in are obviously going right over your head. And to put ur nose up at 3rd party apps is ignorant and silly. There are 3rd party apps that blow official apps out of the water for YouTube and other services. Even if u have to pay a buck to get no ads, if it helps the dev to support the app, its worth it. These guys work hard to give us what we want, and to disrespect them is offensive.
  • "I'm already on my 5th Lumia and I still get the same results."
    We all know that's a lie.
  • i really find this comment hard to beleive, I have had many lumias from low end to my current 925 and never ever had one single issue with at least 7 different models. Also i have never had any 3rd party youtube app crash on me, not ever. and really what is wrong with 3rd party apps???? most of the time they give a far superior experience than an official app.
  • Have u tried myTube? There's zero crashing for me and its REALLY cool. Not to mention the developer is a friendly, badass dude.
  • I'm still at my first Lumia (620) for 8 months, and it still runs fine, even only to search videos. What else happens to the phone is the app's faulty development, not the phone itself.
  • Mytube is excellent too.
  • Agreed! I have it on my phone, and I had few problems with it. One problem in particular was the odd time in the past where it stated that it closed unexpectedly or something along those lines despite the fact that I didn't ever see the app unexpectedly shut down. Just  some odd stuff, but besides that I think it's awesome!
  • Who cares your out? I am using MetroTube. Don't need Microsoft Version anyway.
  • You tell me. You commented on my post. I thought you werent suppose to care.
  • Hey buddy, how about not ignoring all the fantastic 3rd party (not a dirty word I hope) youtube apps to enjoy such as metrotube, mytube, primetube, youtube plus etc. C'mon, you mean to tell me that isn't enough and all of them crash. B**** please.
  • This is what WP user consist of? Am I allowed to update my phone, master? (That's basically how I feel about Amber btw.)
  • Good lord I had immensely overestimated the size of your brain in my last comment.
    That's ok please leave this community, it will be better off without your 'input'
  • I get your frustration. That said, I personally prefer Metrotube to official app on iOS. I'm sticking with WP for Nokia hardware and less resource intensive, more stable OS (i.e. better battery performance for a non-phablet); but I can't entirely blame you.
  • @Shimoner01, OMG! Thank you for your understanding. I agree, hardware wise, this phone is friggin great, but all this potential is going to waste since no dev wants to support it. I've been patiently waiting for at least SOME support and there hasn't been any. I got screwed over with the Lumia 900 but I gave them another chance. It seems that the 920 is going the same route. I still don't have the Amber update :( I just wish more devs cared about this since it's such a great OS with great potential.
  • Ah, I think the lack for updates is caused by the carriers themselves; so if you pick the contract-free phone, you can get maybe the latest update today.
    And, yes, I admit that many devs are underestimating WP, as I felt about the lack of big apps like Path, for example. But I'd prefer to stick to WP, rather than Android (which is laggy and power consumptive), and iOS (too pricey, though it's a great phone).
    Again, it's all back to our own opinion, including you, the phone user.
  • I think this is google negelcting their customers. Not microsoft. On apple and android, google codes excellent apps. For windows phone, Microsoft has to do it. Why is that? Also, why does microsoft have to code their app in HTML 5? None of the other apps on other platforms are in HTML 5. Furthermore, it has been pretty clear that google is not only not willing to make an app for windows phone, they actaully don't want it to have one. No matter what microsoft does, they cannot release a YouTube app for windows phone unless google lets them. And it's been pretty obvious that google does not want the platform to have a first-rate youtube experience.
  • Yup its blatantly obvious that ms patenting the ui was a pretty sharp move. Given how everything is going flat. If you look at google's prospective all their oems are getting hammered with license fees. The only major trump card they have is youtube, but unfortunately for us this card wont turn to ash any time soon. If only Samsung released tizen, that sure will stir up things for google that's for sure.
  • He's not out. People always say they out and posting in the next thread.
  • I get that we all like WP, but these are some pretty fanboyish reactions. Who cares if someone is fed up with WP, no need to get do defensive.
  • I'm far from a Fanboy. I do hate people who whine they are leaving and still end up staying and continuing.  I mean to say that MS didn't try to get FB on and absurd.  They even went as far to say F* Google and release the rich app anyways.  They even went as far to to open complaints about Google unfair practices.  But to sit here and whine like this is MS fault is flat out stupid.  MS has tried hard and ended up having to go back to their HTML 5 like they had a choice.  What else was they suppose to do? Keep a broken app up that never will work?  I mean if your out because you hate MS WP or just tired of it, that's one thing.  But to whine becaues of an open app that MS has no control of is yes childish. To each their own. 
  • I am out F-WP! (see you next article)
  • Haha. I can always count on you for a good laugh
  • Goodbye
  • So... You headed to IOS, android, or some other OS?
  • I'm not sure yet. I came from Andriod and that was a huge mess. Currently, I'm leaning more towards iOS but this recent update has me worried about secruity. Idk, I'll have sometime to think. Atm, I'm switching back to my old iPhone.
  • But remember, if you want Office capabilites with IOS, you'll have to buy a 3rd party app for Office (so sad for IOS) unless you get Office 365 (official).
  • Money isn't really much of a problem. Support is. I have to buy Office for my home PC anyways. 
  • Oh I'm sorry.  You're right.  You really do need an iPhone if money isn't really much of a problem.  The iSheep are waiting for you.
  • I dont understand how you relate money to iPhone? Shoot, I'd rather buy a 1020 but it'll put me in the same exact place as this 920. Idk about you but to me, iPhones are cheap (start at 649.99 of contract). Andriod are expensive and so are high end Nokias (aka 1020 which cost around $700+ off contract).  Btw, what's an iSheep? 
  • An apple fanatic being led around by apple (the shepherd?) to the best of my knowledge.
  • Try Mytube. Simply the best!
  • So you have to have an "official" app ... Mytube works fine for me. If you leave and go to Android then the evil empire wins ... and I do mean evil!
  • Haha, this is hilarious, way to get tons of replies in wpcentral forum. I feel its good to switch OS from time to time, keeps it interesting for the user and keeps the competition going, no need to be loyal.....
  • LOL! I really did not expect this much from WP users. I'm honestly surprised about it.
  • Does it need to be "official"? We have metrotube for YouTube and 6tag for Instagram. Heck, they are even better than the official apps!
  • This is exactly what google wants.
  • Care to ellaborate further?
  • By preventing the release of an official and rich app, google makes users like yourself to start clamouring for that experience. So much so that you will switch to Android as opposed to IOS. But they can't negate IOS because of the market share and all that sweet delicious data. Market share doesn't grow without users. That's what hombree meant. Pretty much everyone that can stand back and see the picture knows this fact.
  • bye
  • He is jst trying to be neglectant... No matter how mch u convince he has setup his mind... What if microsoft stops making apps for android and ios.... They will be screwed... And if doesnt allows google apps to work on wp8.... Metrotube is fantastic nd a complete replacement for the youtube app... Its nt microsoft its google who doesnt care abt users.... And also doesnt care abt their security... Get ur facts straight man... Currently wp8 is more secure than ios and android
  • Guess he works at google...
  • Cud be the case :D
  • Bye.Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya
  • Metro tube
  • I use MetroTube and MyTube. F#ck Google. Even if they finally come out with an official YouTube app I will refuse to use it.
  • however you still use youtube services....seems like they are still Fing you....
  • Yeah fuck google dude, Let's keep on using Youtube cause it isn't "too google".
  • Mytube!
  • Hearing b*sh!t like this makes me want to delete my entire Google account. Anyone know of another family/friend HD video sharing??
  • I live overseas from the family and use the share function of skydrive for the photos and videos of my little one. Grandma, Great Grandma, and Great Aunts love it. And there's always Vimeo if you want something a little more public.
  • So, delete. What are You waiting for?
  • Vimeo
  • I'm honestly not sure why so many people are recommending vimeo over dailymotion, sure it has some great content but as a YouTube competitor, dailymotion is far ahead In terms of the sheer amount of content.
  • Deleted
  • If Microsoft and Apple teams up, as if Microsoft just did it alone, they wouldn't do well, and makes a similar service like YouTube, maybe it would do well. Currently, vimeo us 2nd place and YouTube is first, and YouTube is FAR better.
  • I have since reverted to Metro Tube. Stupid ass bickering. Shit I wouldn't allow Google Ad mob to be allowed. But this is all around a failure for the user end
  • So is MetroTube programmed in HTML5 or is Google just giving Microsoft a hard time?
  • Giving MS a hard time. They could go after third parties though if they wanted too as well.
  • Let's just pray they don't lol
  • In all honesty if they did, ms will have them by the jugular.
  • Probably a dumb question, but when announcing Windows 8, Microsoft made a point about being able to code apps for the WinRT API in HTML5+javascript.  Does that mean that it would be fairly easy for Microsoft to make a full-featured compliant app for Windows 8/RT?
  • Maybe all that scroogled crap wasn't such a good idea after all. Microsoft really needs to get their act together, quickly. They are not in a position to dictate terms anymore...
  • Please, if MS wanted to play hardball they could bring google to their knees. They are just toying with google to see how they will respond
  • I am really annoyed with Google about this just like everybody else and all, but let's not get carried away. Microsoft isn't just "toying" with Google. Google is a pretty big company too in case you missed something - they're worth more than Microsoft (about 10 billion more atm), and they happen to run the world's most popular mobile OS.
    Whether or not you think that's a good thing, there's no reason to act like google is some fake leader that Microsoft can just get rid of whenever they want... they face real challenges towards gaining mobile market share. It's getting better, but that doesn't make it the best.
    Also, not having 1st party app support is a legitimate complaint. I personally find it a bit weird in this case, as I love Metrotube and I've never had issues with it on my 8X (also: downloading movies and stuff), but it would be nice in some cases to have officially supported apps. For the most part they've arrived (Facebook, Instagram kind of?) but I imagine there are some things missing somewhere that somebody wants to complain about.
  • They could break Google's legs if they somehow (legally) withdrew all of the patents MS and NOK have.
  • yup pretty much this is the groundwork for a huge lawsuit that will be coming if google keep acting like asses.
  • I hope so. Microsoft should take a stand against Google.
  • lol you are so when will MS stick up for WP users?
  • Dailymotion and Vimeo have great WP clients. Just saying. ;)
  • I literally hate Google.
  • So do I... With a passion. Truth is, they've earned my hatred.
  • Same... And its kind of weird because I have never really detested any company before.  I used to use Google products and slowly moved away due to having Windows Phone hoping for all the Google apps someday.  Google has earned my hatrest as well. 
  • Well, I for one don't hate Google. I simply don't use Google. Don't need It for anything.
  • I use Google. Just saying.
  • This youtube app. sucks just redirects you to the browser but isn't Microsoft fault f*** google.
  • YouTube uninstall done and sticking with Vevo and MetroTube!
  • Guck Foogle
    Glad we still have Metrotube, Youtube HD etc
  • Lol i also was going to say Guck Foogle, stupid company, they were nothing without Microsoft and look at them now, bastards...
  • Bugger, someones registered that domain.  And there I was going to do something funny with it.
  • Saw an article yesterday saying that Google is making a Windows 8 App for Chrome that will actually be a version of Chrome OS (as an app).  Google is a parasite company in many ways.
  • I looked at Google the other day and wondered to myself, "What year is this anyway?".
  • Damn. That's so much more creative than what I said.
  • MetroTube is an excellent experience on both WP and Windows 8. I never really left it for the official app, not even when the official app worked. As for the entire Google V. Microsoft...I would take Microsoft's side until September 3rd. Now, I don't care how much of an arsehole Google is with them.
  • Why September 3rd?
  • I'm sure you'll discover why if you Google it ;) (or Bing it, whatever your search engine of choice is)
  • Please just tell us, I cant find out
  • Fine. September 3rd is the day when Microsoft declared what some like to call "preventive war" on Nokia.
    All you needed to do was write "Microsoft September 3rd" on Google you know? =P
    (Yet if you did that search on Bing, nothing will show up in the first page pointing to "curious"...)
  • This is why I just use MacTubes. No ads, no buffering, no comments. Just the stuff I want, with the ability to download it to my hard drive, stick it on my Windows Phone, iPad, and Evernote (only the educational ref stuff). Not good for publishers, but I support artists by actually BUYING their music and not streaming it, and people uploading videos that aren't theirs to begin with shouldn't even be profiting from it anyway.
  • It was a very good app in that short time when the mighty google allowed it. Too bad that it had to play by google's rules and users as usual got caught in the middle of the war. At least there are some 3rd party alternatives that for now don't bother google so much. I honestly think that Microsoft should have put up a fight, it has it's own apps on android market as a bargaining chip, but that's it. We move on.
  • You make a very good point there.
  • Its all sucked in built fb chat not working for another gr8 news of youtube...ahh..really feed up...i am screwed up on taking windows phone and windows screwed up by google...this maybe over reaction to some...but i said what i felt...
  • Fb chat fine here
  • You said what you felt in perfect English.
  • F**k google
  • Those of us who refuse to sign up for a Google account are not affected by the following:   * No more downloads * No more account management (without logging in) * No notifications—just the barebones experience   I know, a lot of people want all that, and I am glad there are options for them. But personally, the price of admission outweighs the value of what you get beyond   (Edit: WPC's WYSIWYG editor is broken. You do not get what you see, namely bullets and single-blank-liine paragraph breaks. Manually bulleted, gave up on the paragraph breaks.)
  • I still have the update notification, my badge reminding me of google's shame.
  • google has no shame !
  • Seriously, google can suck my googles
  • Block all google desktop apps especially upcoming chrome browser for windows 8 rt.
  • Reading this on chrome, I'm such a baddie.
  • That would be a good idea! If Microsoft actually blocks their apps, Google will take the fall!
  • I can't believe it... I really want to quit everything that relates to Google, but there are no really alternatives to G+ and YouTube. It's so annoying, it's good, that there are other YouTube Apps, but this one from Microsoft was so good, I loved it... God damn it, I hate this company...
  • There are no alternatives to G+? Hahahahaha
  • Well, I don't consider Facebook as an alternative. I don't want to hurt people, but on Facebook you can find way more trolls than on G+ , the discussion niveau is way higher on G+, and that's the reason why FB is no alternative. ^^
  • Yeah but that's like saying "you can find way more viruses on Windows than on OSX" lol well of course because of its market span. The only reason Google+ is as refreshing is because its not yet reached the population of Facebook get me? Google+ looked cool but the only reason I didn't give in a year ago was because none of my friends were gonna use it -_- I can see how that is a welcoming thing for professional users though, which i'll assume is your case.
  • Well, that's true. But if you mention friends. Google plus is unlike Facebook not about friends. The focus on G+ is your interests. On G+ you're following interessting people, or sites which talking 'bout stuff you like for example a site that talks about tools, or news pages, tv shows, science whatever. On Facebook you can do the same but the focus is on friends and the likes, and that makes a hugh difference. And that's another, which I think is the most important reason why there's no alternative. (btw, dunno if people outside of Germany know that but I hate this "no alternative" 'cause our chancellor said this too often to political stuff..., but nevermind that. ^^)
  • Yup i like Google+ more than fb,don't why but i just like the white background and the feeling of modernness across all Google services.I would switch to MS but all their services are shit outside US.In my country Google provides a much better experience across their services than Ms :(
  • It looks like Metrotube get their share of the disagreement between Google and MS. Neither on my phone or on my laptop is the Metrotube app able to show my subscriptions. I have to go to the YouTube website to see them.
  • I see subs on MetroTube just fine. Maybe you need to log out and back in, or uninstall/reinstall the app. I've never had a problem with it.
  • There has been a bug with the YouTube API recently where it will randomly decide not to work for (usually) short periods of time. That might be what's going on.
  • Fuck you Google.
  • I wonder how legal this is......what if MS broke Google's programs on the and anything else that runs through windows. I think they should try it and see, what's the worst that could happen?
  • Google defines the terms and conditions of their service so it's legal. Only response is to get users to move. But what's amazing is there is no real alternative other than Vimeo. Likely given all the copyright negotiations Google has had over the years no one else wants the hassle!
  • I think that if MS did that DOJ would be all over them. I sure would like to see it though. Maybe for a week or so. Kill everything on Windows, block Skype, Office, everything on Android. I know it would just cause negative reaction to MS but would still love to see it happen.
    I recommend this YouTube app:
  • Aha yet another terrible website wrapper.
    Thank you spammer, no free advertising for you.
  • I prefer Metrotube anyway. It's a really great app when I really have to use a youtube app on my phone.
  • Version 3.2 of a icon that is just a link to the website? Oke so everything is possible in this world
  • None of my third party YouTube apps are working right now anyways. I can't play or download anything in either SuperTube or MetroTube.
  • My Metro Tube works fine. I'm watching videos right now.
  • Really makes me hate Google, but at least the web browser works. I can't believe Microsoft left the broken app available for download in the store for around two months. Hardly gives a good impression if you get a new WP and the YouTube app doesn't work at all. That's worse than an ugly but functioning web wrapper.
  • Who cares when we have MetroTube
  • Pretty much. I was a little upset, and then I forgot that I had a perfectly viable alternative in Metrotube.
  • Who needs that crap anyway when we have such great options elsewhere in the Marketplace? We good.
  • How do you like your yellow 920?
  • I absolutely love it. People ask me all the time if its the "one from the commercial" referring to the 1020. I have all the space for everything I need and the camera is awesome. I love being part of the Lumia family. How's that 925? Still envy the design.
  • Me too love being part of the Lumia family. My 925 is great and I love it also, but I have the wireless cover on all the time to avoid the len's getting scratch and it's a good protector since I dropped it multitple times.
  • F**k Google. Pass it on . . .
  • You all got Scroogled! MetroTube ftw!
  • Metrotube is good enough!! So what if official Youtube app is not available for WP8? As long as I am able to access Youtube with a good working app all that matters. Just like instagram. We got 6tag and others which do the job just fine!!..BTW, if I could get rid of all my google services I would...
  • What we need is an open video platform that has no app, just an api. Let the community write the apps. A level playing field for all...
  • Great idea!
  • HM..must be only my phone have the problem with fb chat...disgusting...
  • lets block chrome out of windows.
  • Google are the ones being childish. Microsoft has done all they can. Personally, I don't use YouTube so I don't care, but what is wrong with using MetroTube instead? Windows Phone has way more benefits than shortcomings. Way better than iOS or Android
  • Do no evil...
  • I seriously can't remember when was the last time I watched something on YouTube. I know a lot of people told me they still do. But I just don't find it interesting anymore.
    Google is a leech. It is all about squeeze the money.
  • Metrotube is so awesome this news doesn't bother me at all. I too never switched to the official app even when it had all the features. Metrotube rocks!
  • Another reason I hate google...i dont even like it when my kids use their services...
  • HAHAHA make them go to bed early if you see them on google, lol.
  • Haha, grounded for using google services... That sure would make the news somewhere -).
  • Google still sux major ballz.
  • Again, the consumer always suffers for all the political jibber-jabber that goes on "upstairs"
  • I've just asked about that for you Daniel Rubino yesterday on twitter! Did you saw that?
  • Screw Google! Nice be nice to think you rule the web...
  • I deleted my Google accounts months ago.  They need to stop acting like spoiled brats.
  • I deleted all my google accounts 5 minutes ago ... I have this strange sense of fulfillment !
  • It doesn't make them the best but MS has those little things called Windows on how many machines not to mention active sync
  • Metro tube is very good. But one of the best things about windows phone to me is simply pin the real thing to start screen. Its the best. . Apps are are silly little things
  • Sorry but c'mon already. How does apple have a solid YouTube app and windowsphone doesn't.
  • Just uninstalled it yesterday lol MetroTube all day!
  • Google has gotten arrogant, hope Microsoft and Nokia keep adding features and steal Android customers. We obviously know who has more pull, sadly enough. Microsoft is the underdog and got put in its place. Hope everyone here bans chrome and chromebooks as well.
  • I would, but ever since I downloaded 8.1 Preview my IE wasn't nearly as good. While I was downloading chrome as an alternative, I cried.
  • Man, use opera Firefox anything other than Chrome. Chrome is the software that caused my Mac to go belly up, only software ever to have that honor. I won't install that trash on my windows or mac computers. Has to be another way.
  • Once those bug fixes come in the official release of 8.1, I'm gonna uninstall chrome and celebrate with some KFC.
  • Same here. I need reason to switch from Chrome to IE. If IE is better, I will switch immediately with no doubt.
  • Chrome is the fastest browser on Windows 8 at least for me.Opera is now using Chrome engine and they don't even have the option to set the homepage to what I like so its just like a crippled version of,chrome.firefox takes too long to start.Hell I can start 2 instances of chrome by the time Firefox launches
  • Um there are other apps. Plenty of support for these others except for the one MS built. This has nothing to do with Microsoft and mote to do with Google. They are the giant corporate behemoth they didn't want to become. Surprise, this is what happens. Look at Apple.
  • YouTube is the worst website ever. I know it's popular among others, but I can't find it useful. I don't care about other people's cats, babies and "funny" videos. Our current society sucks, so it will never die, sadly... They deserve Google.
  • Everything is cyclical, even what is popular. Agree as a society we deserve Google.
  • I find most of society (or at least the portion I interact with) to be rather pleasing. A bit silly to judge folks just because they want to watch silly cay videos.
  • You are lucky, seriously. No, Google is symptomatic of larger issues, me me me versus cooperation. Wall Street, our politicians, our leaders all have that attitude, the rest of us suffer. I am not impressed with Google. Google knows windows phone can be a competitive threat in the future to their Android juggernaut.
  • Where can we petition or complain to Google about themselves
  • Twitter usually gets their attention.
  • What a $ hit show this is.
  • Watching this spat blow by as I use MyTube. The way Google has behaved, the official Youtube app deserves to be a crappy experience.
  • Except the official app was by Microsoft, not Google, if you want to Scroogle Google then don't use any of their services even though third parties!!
  • I know MS made the app...that's why it's crap. They said if Google aren't going to play neither are we. Never said I wanted to Scroogle Google.....I just don't agree with how they're behaving here.
  • google has no regard to end users.
  • MS should make Chrome OS apps that make people use, Skype and Bing.
  • Lol no one uses Chrome Os.Google has become so desperate bout it that in the latest developer build of chrome they have reconstructed chrome os in metro version of chrome on windows LOL
  • Both of them can go and shove it. I'm sticking with MetroTube.
  • I hate Google!!! Suckers!!;
  • IM sticking to mytube then if there gonna be utter dick heads about it damn fucktards :/
  • Don't forget that MS would do EXACTLY the same as Google given the opportunity.   History has a tendency to repeat itself, MS are no angels either ;)
    I suggest either pony up for an Android phone, get over the notion that they're some how worse than MS or just be content with the unnofficial, yet high quality, Google apps made by devs for WP.  
  • Really? Then why isn't Microsoft crippling Chrome's usefulness?
  • Just bought Google stock after hearing this news.
  • Traitor. You, are a traitor to your name.
  • Its why I use windows phone because Im not not bothered about the apps!!! Metro tube is great and even the web browser. Look bottom line is Microsoft wanted the apps just will cost more ££££ to developet it. Google or course will make em jump through hoops. Also official app needs to support ads really don't want em but pays for the service isn't it
  • Can Microsoft remove Google search from all Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8? If so, that'll have Google looking at things differently.
  • I'm not going through the "1" update shenanigans again.. Uninstalling the app, crash and burn, Google.
  • @microsoft, I am not happy with how @google is acting regarding their @Youtube app on #windowsphone. Stand up for yourself! Google is evil...sent out on twitter
  • Web browser works fine for me, in fact, I use the feature that plays a video to your smart tv/xbox - that's only on the web.
  • And people wonder why I still use AOL as my email, google is very childish and I don't trust them at all. If the videos I liked were on vimeo, I would've ditched it a long time ago
  • I use metrotube. It's a very well built app, although google still try's to screw with them too.
  • Lets twitt #FuckGoogle
  • MS is winning this hands down. And Google is shooting itself in the foot. I'm withdrawing from Google services and got most of my family to use Bing and other MS services. But the best was when I got a friend to dump his Galaxy Note 3 and wait for the forthcoming Lumia 1520.
  • My mommy told me that the people at Google are bad people.
  • Listen to your mother.
  • LOL
  • I would gladly switch to vimeo but it's work blocked :(
  • I like metrotube but I like watching a lot of Korean pop videos and I noticed that the same videos that are from Korean channels will not play for same reason Case in point the music video growl by exo will not play from the smtown channel thru metrotube. Making it kind of annoying.
  • HA! Screw Google! I downloaded the MS YouTube app just cuz! I don't use it for anything but being able to view videos which I rarely do and I don't care to use anything Google, so screw them and their tube!
  • Sad, ridiculous, brainless, Google, Inc.
  • I just wish any other video sites were as content packed as YouTube... I'd stop using the wretched thing in a heartbeat. Vimeo, for instance seems much better a lot more pleasing to the eyes...
  • If google doesn't care how its products are presented in public, google really has no class.
  • Read all the comments from the beginning. . There will come a day when fans like us will be laughing on android and maybe google ! #Fuckgoogle it is . . Chrome uninstalled. . I have already taken a headstart !
  • Make sure you got all of chrome. They have a hidden folder they continue to access your web activity if you don't uninstall that too
  • No interest. Deleted my Google account and not going back.
  • I can't remember the last time I opened it. Years ago I think. It has the worst interface and ugly as heck! I'm not sure why or how people can like it.
  • google will miss your data....sike
  • Ugh I can't even reach YouTube on the regular IE browser on my God I hate google.
  • Lolzzz!!!
  • It's funny how Google is making same mistakes as MS (and others) made in the past.
  • Oh noes... My heart cries in pain... oh wait.  It doesn't.  Thank you myTube and MetroTube for offering awesome alternatives.  You guys will get my money in the future. 
  • And they'll be blocked by Google in the future as well!!
  • The problem is Microsoft have been late to the smartphone sector. WP8 is a great product but Microsoft need to get the big boys like instagram, sky tv on board, even if it means taking a hit short term to make profit long term. I know good 3rd party apps exist for instagram but its the official one we need as it would send out a statement.
  • I guess the increase in wp marketshare in itself is a statement. . !
  • Fuxk you google
  • Yay! Now we get such an amazing UI. Thanks Google! :D
  • Yay! Now we get such an amazing UI. Thanks Google! :D
  • What are we gonna do!!!!
  • And one more reason I HATE Google! It is so unfair that MS has to build an HTML5 version while their own OS and iOS don't.
  • Google does not have a public API for youtube.  Their only public API is an HTML5 one which you can then embed a viewer directly into an application.  So you can still build a quality app out of it but the viewer itself is a HTML5 viewer itself. Google used private APIs to create the official app for Android and iOS.  What Microsoft did was playing with fire and trying to tap into the private APIs as well to create their own youtube app.  The problem of course is that if Google allowed them to do this, they will never be allowed to change their own private APIs.  They have control updating the iOS and Android youtube apps, but not the Windows Phone one.
    So how is this all of Google's fault?  Can Google try to use private APIs of Skype if Microsoft didn't release an official app on Android and then cry when it is blocked?  Can Google release an official a Bing app on Android using private APIs once again and then cry when it is blocked? Microsoft knew it was playing with fire.  They wanted to bluff Google and lost badly.
    There's a big difference in support public APIs or private APIs.  Google clearly does not think that Windows Phone has enough market share for them to support yet.  Let's see Microsoft try to create an Instagram app using private APIs and then crying when the instagram app doesn't work anymore..
  • It is Google's fault...for intentionally ignoring some tens of millions of WP users and the interests of its shareholders for the sake of its personal pissing war with Microsoft. It doesn't take much (for GOOG) to build decent YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Drive, etc. apps for WP. And it isn't as if WP is a barren market, there are tens of millions of users, poised to grow in the future...I'm sure out of 20-30mn GOOG can profit off them.
  • "Not enough marketshare"?? Then who cried like a baby and complained how Youtube app on WP removing the ads effects their income :3
  • **** you Google
  • Continuing to find ways to cut Google from my day-to-day. Down to just signing in to google groups.
  • I've moved on from Youtube for a long time now. I usually just search for music videos anyways. I just do that on the VEVO! app.
    Either way, there's lots of options on the marketplace for those that want the whole youtube experience. The only problem is that most of them are Paid :(
  • Bye bye google. I hate you more and more...
  • Screw goggle
  • Google = Nazis
  • Literally Hitler 
  • I just uninstalled that crap and replaced it with Vimeo. I know there are good third party apps out there, but they'll eventually break. So why should I continue supporting Google?
  • This will learn microsoft for thos 'Scroodled' ads. And honestly, with the way Microsoft has treated their own customers this hardly looks like a mean move.
  • How is it the fault of Microsoft when the blocking of the WP YouTube app is at Google's end. How about this slogan for your precious Google, "Be Evil"!!!
  • Microsoft should just buy metro tube....shhhhh don't tell anyone
  • +1
  • Google has lost all my respect over the past year. If your product is good, you don't need to jeopardize others to boost sales or stop competition. Good thing WP has amazing 3rd party apps for Youtube that are even better than Google's own youtube app on Android
  • One day.. One day.. Someone will bring google down. For good.
  • I'm really waiting for that! Back in the days I used to love google for their creative ideas but now I really think google is nothing but an evil organisation!
  • The best thing about Windows Phone to me is that it's faster than lagdroid made by Google. I'm happy with Lumia920. Just need a bit more features to compete with them.
  • "Don't be evil."  Ha!  
    They never meant it.  They should have said "Be as evil as we want to be."
  • Hey Larry! Don't be evil!
  • I wonder where the supposed "interoperability between organisations" is in this!!
  • Yet again? Love it...thank you Google. For nothing :). Metrotube, thank you for being my YouTube app of choice on WP8
  • Lets start a campaign against Google! I already did on twitter:
  • Microsoft did it to themselves they have no one to blame they missed the boat on so much tablets mobile devices heck look at WP7 it came out and got bashed for not having c&p really how dumb. Updates are slow being in last place should make them move fast right? Nope not happening how are notifications working for us.
  • WTF, how is a lack of a youtube app anything to do with updates to Windows Phone!!
  • Will an actual application comes out from doing this???
  • Scroogled...
  • I'll keep it on my start screen just to access my account in desktop mode. That's it. Which works really well!
  • Google is a dickhead.
  • MS should put the smackdown on Google. MS should patch Windows 7 and 8 to not allow installation of Chrome. Too bad it will never happen, but one can dream.
  • Switched from iPhone to WP8 and at first I was pleases with the experience. However, I'm growing more and more regretful by the day. My live tiles stopped updated about two months ago and I receive no push notifications. If I do, they're sometimes days late. Don't blast me too bad though, I at least gave WP8 a solid chance. Live tiles are a good idea in theory, but unless Microsoft gets real and accepts the flaws of this OS, I don't see myself coming back to WP...
  • You know, I have a similar problem, I applaud you for trying new things and being open minded. I find certain apps the live tile works correctly such as the native calendar, photo apps, wpcentral, my stock portfolio. Certain categories I have no luck, such as weather, third party calendars, Bing apps. My notifications from Godville always come through. So I think some it is implementation by devs, other problems are indeed the structuring of the OS. All phones and technology exist to make our lives easier or better, and if they don't chuck it and move on. Good luck! One of the reasons I will stay is HD Photo Viewer, I take screenshots of my goals and have the app cycle through. Brilliant! I am not aware of anything in iOS that allows me to do the same. Maybe Android does, but that one feature is something I can never live without.
  • Thanks for the positive response. I even went as far as making a dev account and publishing an app. I'm locked into a contract with my carrier, but I did manage to keep my iPhone. I'm not huge on Apple and have always been a big supporter of Windows PCs, laptops, and tablets. Sometimes though I get a little sick to my stomach seeing so much Microsoft fanboy bias - especially on this site. I own an XBOX and a PS3 and prefer my PS3. Its a solid and reliable console. I still own and regularly use my 2006 launch 60gig model. In the time since, I've been through more than three XBOX 360s. They may offer a better online experience, but I've given up the will to replace my last one... One thing I'll miss about Windows Phone is the quality of my photos and the ability to auto upload them to my SkyDrive. I'll also miss the ability to freely move media and photos between my PC and phone. Can't stand iTunes!
  • Of course, politeness, generosity and civility are some of the cornerstones of civilization. :) I can be accused of being a MS fanboy sometimes, I want a strong third player to keep Android And Apple in check. Don't have an Xbox or PS3, do want an Xbox but Sony makes good products. Each phone platform has their pluses and minuses, and pet peeves. You have to decide which platform suits your needs best. And I hate iTunes as well! At least you got the OTA update for 7.0.
  • It's a shame.
  • I have updated it but now going to uninstall. Hate this attitude of google.
  • So Google just lost me as a customer.  How is that good for them?  These guys show over and over and over again they have no idea how to run a business (e.g. Motorola = $12.5 billion).  Management?  They couldn't manage a fart at a Boston baked bean eating contest.
    Good riddance to them.
  • much for the "Don't be evil " moto.
  • The web is a lot better than the app.. Just use METRO TUBE
  • I cant any video when in cellular. When clicked play, it shows loading bar (dots walking) about 2 sec and returned to main page. When connect with wifi i can play.... Halp me.
  • Scrgoogled! Google sucks!
  • Honestly, shame google.
  • Looks like Google thinks apps for Windows platform is not necessary lol
  • MetroTube, YouTube HD, Vimeo, and VEVO ftw
  • who cares. why would anyone care at this point? mytube and metrotube are better. even if a proper and official youtube app came out at this point I wouldn't use it lol.
  • Well, bye, YouTube, hello, Metrotube! I prefer Metrotube anyway - plus Vimeo for quality videos. And now that bing finally came out of beta in my country, I might finally be able to say goodbye to Google search. The last thing that keeps me going back to it is filtering my search results by age - is there any way of doing this on Bing somehow? Maybe with a parameter?
  • Again, block Google on the the entire Windows platform (for maybe just 24 hours or so) and watch them suffer :D They need us Windows people to survive. Don't bite the hand that feeds you, Google...
  • I agree! Do it!!! Do it!!! Do it!!! Do it!!! Do it!!! Do it!!! Do it!!!
  • I don't give a crap a googles shitty app, I have metroTube and that's all I need.
  • 1. The youtube app isn't Google's, it's Microsoft's. 2. Metrotube connects to the same service and will be blocked eventually!!
  • Why are you trolling??
    What's ur problem?
  • So me not liking an app is trolling. You're stupid as shit.
  • @neo158; Hopefully not. I really like metrotube. I highly doubt they're going to mess with 3rd party developers, otherwise they would had done the same to them already.
  • "don't be evil" (quote)
  • I uninstalled Youtube a while ago, I always had a feeling the one update icon was not worth the wait. Using You tube HD and its great although I miss the Gallery integration that the original you tube app had.
  • Burn in hell Scroogle!
  • There are hardly any apps on WP8 like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Flipboard, etc and many other games that are paid here are free on Android & iOS. A stupid OS WP8 that a giant like MICROSOFT hell bent to get attention of Instagram & YouTube and all they get is shame in return Loser giant MICROSOFT have to cry/beg for app makers to make an official app for them.. HAHAAAA
  • I think you need to go back to Android Central, let the door hit you on the way out!!
  • 1. You're no one to tell me to leave Mr/Mrs Neo158.
    2. I'm already having an Android phone Sony Xperia Z1 + Apple iPad Mini + Nokia Lumia 820. I can really see how miserable WP8's condition is as an OS & their poor users. :P
  • Dude WTF are you talking about!
  • WTF I'm talking about..?? 
    If you didnt understand it then you're a technically challenged person or more of a person having English as their 2nd language(If so try reading again :) )
  • Who cares, I don't watch youtube on phone. And if I have to, I have MetroTube
  • That's alright, I don't use YouTube anymore anyway!!
  • Just all google's selfishness and scare from windows phone budding out!! To be d next future F**k off google just f**k off!!
  • I've just uninstalled YT.  I won't miss it and this changes nothing since Metrotube does a great job for me.  It's one thing for Google not to want to support the platform - that's their choice but it's quite another to set such arbitrary conditions that aren't stipulated on the other platforms including their own.  I wish Microsoft hadn't created their own app in the first place, the resources need to be focused on the core OS and bridging the feature parity gap.
  • I agree
  • Someone needs to make a decent YouTube alternative and FFS Microsoft add search by date in Bing...
  • Fuxk you Google!
  • If Microsoft ever did something like this to Google, those little panty waists at Google would send their anti-trust lawyers running to the EU.  Google is evil, and I avoid their products like the plague.
  • People can't just blame Google for this. It's Microsoft's fault too. You don't see google running, "switch from windows phone" ads. Microsoft is acting like a freakin politician (attempting to smear the competition instead of talking about your product)
  • <p>I think if google and microsoft work for windows phone app it will bigger success than Android phones.</p>
  • really fuck off google..
  • There's no doubt Google nailed search before Microsoft had any idea of its importance, and Bing has been too little too late ever since. But other than that, I find Google, and its founders, just too sickly to take. Google - Search = 0. On the other hand, Microsoft - Bing = Microsoft.
  • What a shame for Google. Cant anyone create a petition for this ?
    @WPCentral / Daniel Rubino: isnt it possible for you to write (maybe together with other Windows Phone Communities) a email about this to Google ? I dont really think it will change anything, but at least its worth a try ?
  • Let's sue Google for its unfair competition. SCROOGLED campaign, chapter 2, who's in?
  • I lost my respect for Google the second I switched from Android and got a good look at just how obnoxious they really are. They are competely synonymous with Big Brother at this point, their platform is bloated and buggy, and their smug attitude is enough to make me never switch back. Should I ever jump from the WP8 ship, I'll probably go iPhone at this point. Because at the end of the day, Google isn't screwing over Microsoft. They're screwing over their own users. Everybody uses YouTube. Not just Google brownnosers.
  • Google can go suck my boaby.
    I've started using Bing on principle.  Will it make a difference? no, but its good for the soul.
    Remember, everytime you use google a puppy dies!
  • Google at their most evil. If they weren't supposed to be evil and be open, then what is this? Didn't Google reliaze that this action can get them sued? Yeah, Google can tell the judge that Microsoft is still the most evil company in the PC industry but that was long ago and they stopped that already while Google thinks they can act like they're the king in the mobile phone industry.
    Google should know that without HTC and Samsung promoting Android, Android would be dead with Motorola being the only brand using that OS instead of being known worldwide. They should also know that if Microsoft blocked the first version of Chrome on Windows instead of allowing its release, they would be bankrupt as a ad and search company instead of being one of the richest companies on the planet.
    And if this turns into a court case that ends in Microsoft's favor, I better hope Larry Page gets ready to kiss Steve Ballmer's backside in front of the Windows Phone Team, apologize to Joe Belfiore for attempting to ruin his greatest creation and think of a way to revise YouTube's Terms of Service.
  • Honestly I guess I don't know what I'm missing. I always use the mobile site. What are you people doing in these other apps that you can't do on the mobile site?
  • I said it before, METRO TUBE!!!
  • Ey Daniel rubino you should move the commenting part to DISQUS!!
  • I just ditched Chrome and GMail. This move just pushes me further away from the Android ecosystem. Now more than ever before.
  • This is just a disappointment from the likes of Google. It also makes me happy that I personally don't use the Microsoft-made YouTube app anymore. Then again, as someone who's used their products (YouTube, Chrome browser, Android tablet, etc) I have been constantly getting disappointed with what the company's been bringing to the table. Overall, I think after my knackered Thrive tablet is rendered inoperative (it still works, albeit with a cracked screen) I think I'm going to sell it for whatever it can fetch and ultimately replace it with a Windows tablet, among with a series of moves to further move away from them; especially YouTube for I don't really approve of how they've been working on the site (focus on big-name, but low-quality YT users; allegeations of diluting the "community" aspect; removal of video responses, etc). 
  • It is no point to continue to circumvent the Scroogle restriction where they can change the protocol on a whim, and bringing down other third party apps as well. Microsoft cleverly put up a good show and now the blame is on Scroogle.
    We now at a point with 3rd party apps with features way pass the official one. Other platform users are drooling with 6tag and the awesome developer is not stoping!!
    I would love to see how long can Scroogle hold on to their dirty tricks, cutting off a revenue streams of their Youtube content developers by pushing us into a 3rd party apps that have no ads and can download contents.
  • Recently Google took away youtube account access from Sony blu ray player and some samsung tv. I think Google wants people to use chromecast for Youtube. They want to grab big share of the TV advertisment money by pushing people into chromecast and a Youtube which they control completelly. Big shift from Open Internet.
  • How does Google allow MetroTube and other apps to work, yet the one Microsoft makes they block and make inoperable?
  • Simple. Google believes 3rd party YouTube mobile app developers are small-timers and in a sense not totally bound to the developer's section of YouTube's Terms of Service and they can do whatever they want so long the YouTube app they created is not indentical to the actual mobile app for Android and iOS.
    But in Google's eyes Microsoft, a big corporation must make a YouTube app that does not violate YouTube's developer ToS and since Google don't support Windows Phone but only desktop Windows for YouTube so Microsoft's forced to make a HTML5-based app for the YouTube service or it'll be blocked if it's natively-coded.
  • I find it amusing how many people are abusing Google (and I agree completely) yet they turn around and use a third party solution. If you really want to abuse Google, stop using the third party software as well. Just don't access Youtube from anything, anywhere.
  • "Don't be evil" they said...
  • this explains two things.  First this is why the youtube app was giving me vague "something strange happened but we don't know what" error messages.  And why the youtube "update" turned a nice dedicated app into a weak hyperlink to  you tube.  This is so lame.  figure it out guys!!
  • Remember when google use to say "Don`t be evil"??? Those days are long gone! Nowadays google is acting like a bully, way worst than apple. I gave up gmail, currently using the new outlook and my youtube account is next. I don`t need it to watch videos anyway. SOD OFF, GOOGLE!! Also, my android/samsung is going into the trash drawer very very soon and im picking up the Lumia 925 from Vodafone in Portugal (509 euros, 32 GB, no contract), in less than a month. Suck on that google!!
  • Seriously, this is Google's fault for killing the fresh YouTube app that Microsoft made for Windows Phone users. Microsoft just wanted to make a fresh YouTube app for Windows Phone users to enjoy. I liked the fresh YouTube app Microsoft made, but Google had to kill it and Microsoft HAD to play ball with Google and changing it back to web form. I will not stand for this. Microsoft makes good apps. When the new YouTube app was released, it was really good. Then Google has to interfere with it and kill it altogether. Then Microsoft got hate from some people saying that its their fault. Don't blame Microsoft! Its Google that you should blame! Someday, this squabble with Google should end with Google surrendering and Microsoft keeps the fresh YouTube app.
  • What is the time for see the next update
  • Easy fix - release the source code... then everyone can create their own version of the youtube app. Can't really block that nor hold MS to it that way.
    In the end, users get the app they want...
  • Easy fix - release the source code... then everyone can create their own version of the youtube app. Can't really block that nor hold MS to it.
    In the end, users get the app they want...
  • Goodness...
  • Then. Microsoft should make it again as an app or Google should take over it and make it as their app for WP and then they should avoid to add their or other features that makes Google blocked it because of their terms and service!!!! IF THEIR IS A VIOLATION #GOOGLE, GIVE THEM A CHANCE BUT WITH YOUR CONSENT!!!!! FOR NOT DOING THAT VIOLATION AGAIN!!! IF YOUR AFRAID #GOOGLE ON LOSING YOUR MARKET SHARE, LIMITIZED MAKING AN APPS FOR WINDOWS PHONE!!!! huwag nyo na isama yung meron kaung apps na meron din sila!!!!