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Reach for some more lasers – Digitally Imported client Beem updated to version 1.7

I scream, you scream, we all scream for… Digitally Imported. Lame humor aside, if you like electronic music you probably have Beem on your Windows Phone. Today it’s been upped to version 1.7. What do you get with that? Quite a bit, let’s dive in.

Beem Plus is by far the best (and only) Digitally Imported app available in the Windows Phone Store. At first glance you would think a version 1.7 would be bug fixes, but that’s not the case here. There are a handful of new tweaks and additions in this version. Drop the list:

  • If you stop a recording, you now have the option to manually change the name if you don't want to overwrite the existing file.
  • Ability to copy track to clipboard.
  • Faster recording storage experience.
  • Can navigate through stations from the native OS media controls.
  • Recording prompt notifying that the application should be in the foreground can be disabled if necessary.
  • Display track name and artist in the OS media controls.
  • UI tweaks.

In the past, you had to either overwrite or lose the existing recording if it had the same name. Now you can manually change the name to avoid overwriting. The “copy to clipboard” option allows you to share tracks in places like text messages or emails. That was a user requested feature, which means this is a developer that actively listens and incorporates feedback from everyone. The other notable changes include faster storage recording and some UI/user experience tweaks.

Quick edit: Forgot to add - Just uninstall and reinstall if you're having trouble after updating the app. The reason is that the update might break the previous settings cache for some users. The uninstall/reinstall trick is mentioned by Den himself and has worked for you guys down below in the comments. 

Den Delimarsky has been busy improving Beem. The latest update is a testament to how awesome this app is becoming for users, it currently sits with a 4.5 rating in the Store. Give him a Twitter-five if you like Beem!

The app costs $0.99 without a trial, but it's totally worth it if you're a heavy Di Radio user. There is a free, ad-supported version coming to the Store later this month, which we'll keep you posted on. You can download Beem Plus for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8 right here in the Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app. (Note: you may need to uninstall and reinstall the app to upgrade)

Source: Den by Default

QR: Beem Plus

  • +810
  • -686?
  • Such a great app...I really dig the improvements/redesign
  • yep. and i find it amazing the dev keeps finding things to improve. I've been lovin' this for a while
  • Second best app next to WP app!!
  • Looking forward to a WP8 optimized version.
  • Beem dev here. Appreciate the feedback, go ahead and list your specific suggestion here - that way I can easily track what's in demand by the users.
  • I would like for it not to automatically resume playing every time I connect/disconnect Bluetooth. If I have it playing and stop it then get out of my car it resumes playback a short time later. I stop it again. Get back into my car, same thing, starts playing. The only way to stop it is to play some other media. It's not just Beem though. Almost every music app does this. The native player doesn't, Nokia Music doesn't and I THINK Tune In doesn't.
  • Thats exactly what I was looking for in thsi article. You are right on the money stating that every other music app besides MSFT and Nokia's turns itself back on.
  • Forget what i said - Try to add the menue on playing to the bottom with the "..." menue to raise the bar and show what its actually used for with text :)
  • Great app! Stopped working after the update so I uninstalled it and then tried to go to the store and download it again. I got the app when it was free but now it asks me to pay for it. Is there any workaround for this so people who got it for free can still get it for free after uninstalling?
  • Press Buy and it'll ask you if you want to install it again for free since you already "purchased" it before.
  • This looks so cool. Thx for all the work!
  • Nice. I hope the navigation thru Bluetooth works now. I pair to my car and use my car controls to skip stations.
  • Let me know whether it works or not. If something goes wrong, feel free to report it here.
  • Viber disappeared from Nokia Collections...U can still search fir it. The app developer is listed as viber and not Nokia. Can anyone check if its available on all wp7.x devices and not just Nokia?? .
  • sweet I am a big fan of this app. its beautiful with  great sound
  • +10000000
  • Im having trouble with this app now! Beem+ refuses to start properyl, it crashes every single time (never did before the update). However the free Beem still works fine...
  • Same here :'(, Lumia 920
  • Same here on 920. I get the splash screen then... Poof! Gone.
  • As mentioned in this article - there is a breaking change. If you have problems with the app, uninstall and re-install it and it will work as it should.
  • I use it daily, one of my favorite apps.
  • Not working after update. Keeps on crashing after splash screen...
  • Uninstall and reinstall. I'll add that to the post once I'm home in a few mins.
  • Mate I had the same issue. An uninstall and reinstall fixed it!
  • Great job from the developer, can't wait to see what else he brings in future updates. !!Loving this app!!
  • AudioCloud ghot a decent update too! Love that app!
  • Keeps crashing after this update. Tried to uninstall and install again, but now i says i have to purchase it.. Took this app when it was free for a certain time. What to do?
  • Got it fixed! Just "clicked" on purchase and then it noticed that i've bought it before. Great app btw! =)
  • Many stations are missing in the new version. Known issue?
  • Had to uninstall and reinstall to get the app working again.  Why does MS allow this sort of thing to pass certification?  It seems easily testable and reflects poorly on the whole platform when apps do this.  And this is hardly the first app I've seen do this...
    A "breaking change" should not mean that the app crashes on startup.  That should never EVER happen.
  • The settings cache caused it to crash.
  • What kind of pathetic excuse is that?
  • Are you a developer? Is this something you know for sure is avoidable? If you aren't, then don't go bashing a hobby app from an someone with a busy schedule. If you are a developer, do something positive and offer him some help on improving future versions. 
  • I am a developer, but the jury is still out for me on whether this particular platform is worth spending my free time on.  So I give the developer of Beem and others like him credit for making the effort.  But really, if this sort of problem is unavoidable, don't you think that would indicate a very serious problem with the platform?  It's bad enough that this sort of thing gets through app certification, which was the main thing I found disturbing.  What is the point of app certification if it can't even catch the app crashing on startup for every single user who had it installed before?
  • I originally got this app for free but since the new version has a problem I've had to uninstall it. Now when I go back to the store to reinstall it, it wants me to pay? What's up with that? I guess I can complain too much it's 99 cents. Sorry in advanced if I've missed anything.
  • Due to horrendous design on the part of the WP Marketplace, you actually have to take a leap of faith and click purchase before it tells you "oh hey, just kidding, you already own it so we aren't going to charge you again - do you really want to download it though?"
  • Thanks mate, worked a treat.. learnt something today. Silly design on MS part though! Cheers
  • i just purchased this app "beem plus" and tried to play music, it shows as if its playing but there is no sound.. wtf? i tried with my earbuds.. no sound.. i turn on with full volume.. didnt work.. uninstall and re-installed.. still not working.. though it havent crashed..