Skype Windows Phone

Skype for Windows Phone is a constant work in progress, and it looks like Microsoft is serious about making sure it’s up to task. So it’s great to see version (up from the previous about a month ago) get published to the Windows Phone Store within the last hour (indeed, it’s so new we’re having trouble downloading it).

Those looking for some major new features though will be disappointed as this looks to be a patch for the previous version, fixing up some little errors and performance issues. Indeed, the changelog just states “General fixes and stability improvements”, which while not much still makes the app much more pleasant to use.

From a few reviews, it looks like in certain circumstances the previous version was freezing up on people or having a difficult time resuming from the background. We’re hoping that issue (and any others you have experienced) has been fixed with 2.5.

Update: Skype has published a full changelog of v2.5:

The good news is in theory, if this version is stable the Skype team will continue to add new features and design changes for the next update.

You can download version here in the Store. Windows Phone 8 only, 512MB devices OK. (Note, this update is super fresh, so if you have trouble updating, just try again in a few hours).

Thanks, afgzee, for the tip!

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