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Music streaming service Jukebox updates app with major design refresh

Jukebox ( is an app and service that enables consumers to upload and stream music across multiple devices and platforms. The app for Windows Phone has been bumped to version 0.6 and while there aren't a huge number of features included, the app has been built from the ground up and sports a brand new interface.

Think of the service as iTunes Match. We last looked at Jukebox late last year when the service launched, so be sure to check out our more in-depth look at what Juke box is all about. But which platforms are covered? Windows, Windows Phone, iOS and Android. Should you happen to own multiple devices, Jukebox might well be the perfect solution.

Style Jukebox

If you're looking for a way to store and stream your music library using the cloud, Jukebox is well worth checking out. It's a service suited for those who have tracks stored locally, and with this latest update it looks better than ever on Windows Phone.

You can download Jukebox for free from the Windows Phone Store (both Windows Phone 7 and 8).

QR: Jukebox

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  • Looks like something that could be useful for non-"roped in" people who aren't attached to any one ecosystem. I have a windows 8 laptop, Lumia 920, Samsung galaxy tab 2 w CM10, and an iPod touch. Been looking for a service that lets me get music on all those devices.
  • I have about 70 GB of music, stored locally on my laptop and synced to my SkyDrive and my file server at home.
    Since SkyDrive doesn't yet have a built in music player, Jukebox looks like the perfect solution, so thanks much for the heads up.
  • How much storage space do you get with this?
  • Everyone can upload up 1000 songs for free, so it means around ~ 5 GB depending on the format.
  • 0.6???
  • Haha
  • I can upload FLAC, not sure if i can listen on wp, will see till upload finished. Desktop app is nice and clean, it auto pause if i play a movie and resume after finish, neat. Edit: nope, can't play flac on wp, good thing i don't uninstall flac player.
  • You can upload and stream FLAC files using Style Jukebox for Windows. Currently, on mobile devices FLAC files can be played only if the device is compatible. 
  • Hmm, now playing album art double wide live tile maybe? And i can say goodbye to default music player. Just a suggestion..
  • Working on it :)