One of the best YouTube apps on Windows Phone, myTube, gets updated, adds auto-play for playlists and more

While Microsoft and Google fight it out over an official YouTube app on Windows Phone we’ll keep enjoying myTube and Metrotube. When you ask someone in the community which YouTube app they like the best you’ll constantly see Metrotube and myTube vying for the top spot.

Which is the best? That’s hard to say since they both set the bar and it ultimately comes down to your own personal preferences. However, the latest update for myTube continues to tip the scale in its favor. Let’s check it out.

Head to the Windows Phone Store and you’ll see myTube sitting at 1.3. The latest update does a number of small things that add up to create a nice update. The most important will be the fixes around the API change Google made last Thursday. Those changes by Google resulted in one video working after launching the app, but subsequent videos not loading properly. Here’s what’s new in version 1.3 of myTube:

  • Fixed issue where only the first loaded video worked
  • Added auto-play support for playlists
  • Non-English language support
  • Bug fixes

Users will be happy that the app is now working after Google did some changes behind the scenes. You might have noticed only one video being able to play, but then others wouldn’t. It would work again if you closed the app and launched again. What did Google do? They blocked requests that didn’t have a user-agent string. The developer behind myTube, Christopher, set a user-agent string to myTube when the app starts. However, Windows Phone clears it after a request is made, which is why the app only played the first video. That issue has been resolved.

Auto-play for playlist

The one feature a lot of you are looking forward to is probably the ability for playlists to auto-play for both video and audio. Remember how the last update for myTube added the ability to play just the audio of YouTube video even if you left the app? That was awesome in and of itself, but this new addition makes myTube somewhat of a good source to play music. Fire up playlist with some good tunes and myTube will only play the audio from that playlists as you navigate around Windows Phone. Pretty dang awesome.

Language support

Another cool feature is the “cloud” based language support. What Christopher did was open source the language translation of myTube to beta users and it works a bit like Wikipedia. Within the beta version of the app you can directly translate myTube into your language. The changes you make will then be pushed to other users in the same language you use. Pretty awesome and a great way to ensure that myTube works well in whatever language you speak. That updated translation fix is then pushed to other users of myTube, which means you can then have an improved translation of myTube without an update needed to be pushed through the Windows Phone Store.

Italian, Spanish, German and Dutch languages have already been mostly translated and people should already be seeing support in this update.  Don’t see your language? Join the myTube beta to help out and do your part. How do you join? Navigate to the about page in the myTube app and you’ll see instructions on how to join.

Right now myTube is available for Windows Phone 8 devices. It goes for $0.99, but does have a fully functional trial. The trial will limit you to one hour of video in a three hour period. Very lenient, but you really should buy the app because it rocks.

Grab it in the Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app. 

QR: myTube

Sam Sabri
  • I don't think metrotube is even close to as good.
  • Why is that?
    EDIT (In response to the comment below): Thanks nickolitis because of your comment I am trying it out and I really enjoy mytube, the play audio only is killer and may be the selling point to me personally, as well as the great use of live tiles. great app, you may have me converted to myTube from Metrotube!
  • Why is that? Well its quite simple, myTube has a very cool user interface that lets you navigate the app while watching a video. Furthermore, you can have it play only the audio to a video, so if you love music content on YouTube you can listen to the video and still use your phone. My biggest plus though is developer let me in his beta for the app and I get to preview all these great things that he adds (all the time I might add. He updates often.) I also generally find his utilization of the modern (metro) interface to be more attractive.
    Edit: I forgot to mention that myTube is the only wp8 app that supports comment chains so you can see the original comment that someone replied to by clicking a button.
  • How did you get in his beta? As someone who uses MyTube daily, I would love to see all the new features in the beta.
  • You request it from the app. Have a look in the menus.
  • Yea the fact they said "One of the best" made me chuckle :P obviously MyTube is THE BEST YouTube app and I have no complaints about it unlike MetroTube which needs to sort the coding out and add the features MyTube has.
  • I love using metrotube and my phone becomes hot like a hot rock. I love that feature... mytube needs to add that ;)
  • Lmao
  • it already has that feature, at least for me :)
    and I agree there's no other like MyTube
  • Not for me. 8X :)
  • Metrotube is free.
  • I wasn't impressed with either mytube or metrotube (even though I regrettably bought it). Both have their unique features, but both also have their drawbacks.
  • Thanks for the completely uninformative post!
  • My apologies I thought this was a community where we could voice our opinions. Won't happen again.
  • Oh did you want me to go on a rant bashing both apps for the crap that they are?
  • What kind of drawbacks do MyTube have? I cannot find ANY reason to use Metrotube over MyTube
  • I don't like either, some of the things I don't like about mytube... I don't like how it looks & operates, doesn't play certain content (like vevo vids) and it missing features like sending the vid to your TV.
  • I just can't stand the mytube UI, I feel its cluttered and its just horribly unappealing, to me. I do hope that the features it offers makes metrotube step up its game though.
  • I so agree with you. I don't like the "in your face" interface of mytube. The big text and the large video tiles are very awkward. I like the metrotube look and wish it add the features mytube has.
  • The UI for all of the Youtube apps feels cluttered to me, with the exception of the Microsoft one.  I think the MS one has the cleanest interface, but of course myTube and MetroTube offer some appealing features the MS one doesn't have. I bought MetroTube months ago, but I used the good MS one until the recent issues. I've been trying out myTube recently after seeing it recommended on here and while I agree its UI needs work, I do think the app is better than the others. I will probably end up buying myTube, but I do hope its author will clean up the UI in future updates.
  • Mytube wasn't working to well today..i guess goggle is trying to mess it up too
  • Suck it Google!
  • What exactly is it that you are suggesting Google suck❔
  • Lol
  • my tube
  • gross! lol :D
  • Lol.. It took me a minute but now I get it..
  • "you'll Italian,German," etc.?
  • Lol. Wow. Talk about a stutter. Fixing. Thanks.
  • I had suggested the autoplay feature. You're welcome :)
  • I dont want to crush your dreams, but many users including myself did too :P
  • Dream crushed
  • And the email from Christopher two weeks ago telling me it was in beta... i felt special :P
  • Congrats! Here, take this cookie
  • Hahahaha same here bro
  • Oww yeah, thanks for the update, love it
  • Nice
  • Still my favorite YouTube app.
    Still not being ablle to play the playlist. Any specific instructions? I went to my playlists and now see the skip buttons but cant see a play all.
  • I'm pretty sure its an automatic play all. So if you start a playlist wait for your first video to end and it should play the next one.
  • i really wish this Play All  feature is present in the 'Music+Videos' coz i watch plenty of music videos offline and had to manually click each individual videos.... why is this restriction a question always lingering these days
  • Tried it. Doesn't quite seem to be working for me. The ideal solution would be what MS did with the last version of the youtube app. A play all button and ability to navigate other videos on the side of the main video (not sure how to explain this better).
  • I thought MetroTube did this already? Or you mean auto-play even when the screen is turned off? (coz MetroTube can't do that yet)
  • Works with Windows Phone 8 only lol.... Nothing beats MetroTube. Still the best Youtube app ever works on Windows Phone 7.x
  • No. Just no.
  • A WP7 version is on the way ;)
  • Hope so!!!
  • My personal thanks and respect sent, #One (Start Trek pun intended) :)
  • I made my own YouTube app, its exactly like Microsoft's version before last (nothing more than a browser link).
    I downloaded "my tile", made a tile from a YouTube logo in bing'd and linked it to there site.
    I'm sticking with that until an "official" source comes along.
  • Fabulous. I also made my own YouTube app by pinning to my start menu.
  • I did the same at first, but I needed that logo instead of a jumbled web page screenshot.
  • You could've just download the old YouTube app from Microsoft, unless you wanted a custom logo for the app.
  • Is that still in the store?
  • YouTube
  • Banana
  • Insightful...
  • I'm a super hero.
  • With super punctuation marks.
  • Semi-colon Man!
  • Question mark
  • I can only assume that those who find Metrotube better haven't used myTube...
  • Paying a buck when I have a well enough alternative? No thanks.
    Can say I am a fan of all the wasted space with needlessly large tiles on mytube. Only being able to see three videos at a time instead of five is a asinine. I will admit that the UI while playing video is pretty nice on mytube though.
  • You can only see 3 videos? What?
  • 1 buck - an ice cream or an umatched YouTube app on any platform?! That's a no-brainer to me...
  • I don't know if this is a bug but when you hit "next" on a video in your playlist, it goes to the next song but the comments / info is still the first song you played and not the next one.  *Update: Been using a while. The app still constantly crashes on random occasions. (ie: Tapping on category, subscriptions in settings, etc). 
  • Hey uopjo6, I've already submitted an update to fix the crashing. Should be out really soon :)
  • Ah great I was starting to think it was my problem because it was really random. Thanks for the prompt reply def the best tube app out there.
  • Yea, noticed that it wasn't working lately. Metrotube and mytube are much better then any official.
  • I agree much better than Metro tube
  • I like mytube more. Metrotube gives me a lot of errors when trying to play a video
  • Maybe off topic abit....but just in,  google revamped their app on android.....web os style, could this have played a part in the lastest mess between the 2 
  • Not unless they made it HTML5.
  • myTube is a beast of an does background audio w/YouTube apps! My God that is awesome...
  • Metrotube needs to step up its game
  • Cool app but I have problems watching certain videos (eg ) any idea why is it so?
  • Just a question, MetroTube doesn't seem to be able to play 'official' music videos, and someone mentioned Vevo blocked the app. Can myTube play those videos? If yes, I'm switching...
  • No, it used to but YouTube broke it
  • No, neither metrotube nor mytube seem able to play Vevo videos. The Vevo app works though ;)
  • My WPCentral app doesn't show any videos anymore. Both options are blocked. Sometimes even the Browser option takes me to the MS YouTube app. Please make it possible to open video links also with MetroTube etc.
  • MyTube has definitely taken over as my fave YouTube app
  • Good news, this the best youtube app i have tried!
  • Metrotube wouldn't show all my subscriptions yesterday. Could it be googles fault?
  • A little off topic, but does anyone know what kind of case that is in the picture of this article?
  • Does any of these apps (mytube or Metrotube) allow you to connect and play YouTube via smart tv, while controlling it from the app, like the official app once used to.
  • I really, really like the UI of Mytube, it is great.
    But it is unable to open any music from official music channels. Is this meant to be? A bug? Because it is quite annoying...
    I really would like to use this app all the time, but if I can't play music with it, it becomes kinda useless...
  • Hi!
    The myTube App always crashs when I start a saved video as a video, send the app in the background to navigate through the system and press the "Back" button from WP to come back to the app.
    Then the App surprisingly always crashes!
    It would be also awesome if we could play the saved videos in a playlist in the background and go throught the songs via the OS audio controls :)
  • Hey Ozan,
    The crashing is due to a bug that happaned to slip through when I submitted the update on Thursday night. Sorry! I've already submitted an update to fix it though, it should be out really soon :)
  • Hey Ryken,
    Thanks for your quick response :) I look forward to download the update of your app as soon as possible.
    One question still left: Do you think you will develop a feature to play downloaded videos in a playlist (which is created by the user), where when a video ends, the next video in the playlist will start automatically? This would be very useful by listening to music videos from youtube, which were downloaded before to the phone itself.
  • Het Ozan, sorry for the late reply. Having offline playlists is possible. Think I'll add that ;)
  • MyTube can't play video from VEVO/VEVO video?
  • It's not playing any video from VEVO channels from Artists and same is happening with MetroTube , i sent an email error to the support
  • A best YouTube app I seen it
  • Not sure if I like MetroTube or MyTube more... they're both Amazing with a capital A.
  • i fell in love with this.  i was one of the beta testers for wp 7.8  its just more fast and intuitive than metrotube.  only thing missing is cache'ing videos which metrotube has. 
  • One thing I must say.  This is the app I have on my homescreen.  Metrotube is not.  I just enjoy the extra features and the interface over Metro. 
  • WP7 version???...the Google authentication problem on IE9 has been fixed now