Popular YouTube app myTube gets awesome update for Windows Phone 8

While Microsoft and Google hash out the details on the official app YouTube app for Windows Phone we’ll keep enjoying the solid third-party alternatives in the Windows Phone Store. Metrotube and myTube top the list of our favorite YouTube apps on Windows Phone. Relative newcomer myTube just picked up a big update that adds some killer features. YouTube videos playing their audio in the background anyone?

If you head to the Store and update to version of myTube you’ll be greeted with some really awesome tricks. The biggest new feature is the ability to play the audios from videos in the background. So if there’s a crazy cool electronic dance music mix that clocks in at 45 minutes or a lecture you’re studying you can totally listen to it while doing other things on your phone. The audio plays using the background audio agent in Windows Phone so you’ll be able to use other apps while listening to the audio. It’ll show up in the music controls when you press the volume buttons so you can pause and play from there. Just tap the music icon next to the play button on the video detail page to get it up and running.

This little audio trick really shines when using the app as you would YouTube on your PC or tablet. If you’re using myTube to watch a video and exit for a second to do something else the audio keeps playing in the background. Jump back into myTube and the video will pick up in sync with the audio. This may take a second or two depending on your network connection (the faster the better – that’s not what she said). However, if this is something you’re not a fan of you can disable it in the settings.

Other features in the new myTube include:

  • Ability to pin users (uploads or favorites) to the Start screen
  • Pin your favorites history and recommended videos
  • Share videos from Mehdoh
  • Follow comment threads
  • Reply directly to comments
  • Background video downloads
  • Options to share by message and email
  • Search for users and search filtering options
  • Pin videos to the Start screen

Quite the update for myTube don’t you think? By far the coolest feature is the ability to have the audio continue in the background. Something I’ll most definitely be doing.

You can grab myTube for Windows Phone 8. The app is only $0.99, but does include a free trial that limits you to 1 hour of video within a three hour period. But honestly, it’s a kickass app from one student developer that is worth your dollar. Get it in the Store, by QR code below, or swiping to the right in our app. 

QR: myTube

Sam Sabri