Satya Nadella: Bing and Xbox are not for sale

At the Re/code conference in San Francisco, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella assured that the Xbox and Bing business units were not for sale. Rumors from last year indicated that several board members and investors were open to spinning off the entities to other companies.

Nadella said that Bing is "a lot more than," and that there was a lot of potential to integrate the search engine's capabilities in future devices. We are already seeing this to a certain extent with Cortana, Microsoft's intelligent personal assistant that utilises Bing to fetch results.

Earlier last month, Microsoft rolled out a Smart Search update to Windows 8.1, through which you can ask questions like, "how do I download a game?" and get relevant results. Microsoft also added new functionality to last month that allows you to get personalized updates based on your interests. Nadella likened Bing's 30 percent market share to that of the iPhone, a figure which includes market share from both Bing.coma and Yahoo's services.

Along with Bing, Microsoft is also redoubling its efforts on the Xbox One, announcing that a new Kinect-less version is set to debut next month. In addition to new hardware, the Redmond-based organisation is set to make a major push into original programming and is set to launch new TV shows that will be exclusive to the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and other Microsoft devices.

Nadella said that while Microsoft is gravitating to a "mobile and cloud first" strategy, developing new hardware is key to reaching that goal. "It (hardware) is the thing that is really going to power all the experiences on all the devices today and tomorrow. In order to be in the hunt for those experiences, and get it right, you do need to from time to time build devices, so you don't leave anything to chance."

As such, Nadella said that Microsoft is working on building the next big thing. "We have to build something big. If, along the way, we have to buy things, that's fine. But we have to build something big. [If] we build, let's say, three big things — three and a half, if you add Xbox into it – it's time for us to build the next big thing."

What do you think of Nadella's statements? Are you glad that Microsoft is sticking by Xbox and Bing? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Re/code

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

  • MSFT share voting poll may say the same
  • Thank Goodness...I can't imagine Xbox Live without Microsoft Support. Will put an end to most of us gamers.
  • I don't know who makes up these rumors. Bing is exploding in market share and is slated to make MSFT a nice profit by the end of 2014.
  • Exploding? Really? Where did you get those stupid fantasies from? Any link besides obvious http://myass? :)))
  • Ah, I found your so called "exploding", from here: "Bing’s share rose 0.4 to 17.3 percent — and all-time high and the first time Bing’s market share has been above 17 percent" Yeah, "exploding", sure :))) You are so funny I can't even understand are you just generally dumb or playing a clown?
  • Who's this nadella dude?
  • If your serious. He's Microsoft's CEO.
  • Hahahah.... Good one man
  • Founder of nutella.
  • Delicious
  • Satya will salvage and save MSFT from the damage of the Ballmer era. I'm glad he was chosen to be the great successor. He knows the potential that MSFT really has as the big competitor against Google and Apple.
  • I love ❤ you satya
  • Yeah, Ballmer just about ruined Microsoft with all that profitability and stuff.
  • Hahahaha...It's funny because Microsoft as a business has really went from strength to strength. But they are regarded as so 'uncool' and Google and Apple are treated like some kind of amazingly cool niche products.
  • I don't see Ballmer as the bad guy. He basically contructed all what Satya is using for the "new" strategy. The difference is that Satya is a new guy that is bringing a "new" Microsoft... well, that's what people think and what they think is their reality. 
  • "well, that's what people think and what they think is their reality. " Pretty much nailed it. Ballmer really wasn't the bad guy at all, He and Gates KNEW that for Microsoft to 'shake off' this image they had to bring in a new face to the company, one the shareholders liked and one that carries charisma for the eyes of the consumers. Everything Satya will do this year and has done, are plans and views Ballmer and Gates shared. Satya is the new guy, the breath of fresh air and just what people need to think and hopefully start to believe it is their reality that Microsoft is now modern and no longer slow and old.
  • Yessss, Great Satya. Microsoft buys, does not sell (companies/technology)
  • Hello?? U know when bbm will be released on Windows phone?
  • No :( ... But I know for sure that Movie Maker was updated today LOL
  • If this were reddit, I'd upvote you and possibly give you gold if I had the money! Lol
  • June I think
  • It's coming soon, obviously.
  • +bing
  • Indeed MSFT tend to grow money until a product work. Besides when Xbox is the only console profitable at the moment ( Nintendo and Sony heavy loses ) why sell and google it engaged in a Apple-NSA conflict when Bing far superior.
  • While I am aware Sony is struggling in general, I could have sworn it was recently reported that the PS4 was already profitable
  • They (Sony) release information that they are losing like 200 per unit and it is expected to continue until next year. It was out in their quartly report.
  • 200 Per Unit seems way, way high (loss). You can build something with identical hardware for like... <$300 probably. The GPU is worth about $100-150, the CPU is probably no more than $50, the RAM could be around $100. There's a hard drive, power supply, and chassis to consider, but these are all commercial prices and not bulk. Sure they lose money, but you wouldn't need $600 to build the PS4 computer version. I'm not against being wrong, but I'd love to see your source; that just seems really high.
  • You should be able to pull up there annual report via search engine. Your numbers look inflated for HW. You need to include a ton of other items in the manufacturing of a product. First is packaging, labor, % the contract manufacturing gets per unit, replacement % (small amount added per unit for defected unit replacement), transportation etc..... Funny, but I use to work for Sony as an industrialization engineer. Normally cost for a product is larger in the begin with the expectation that % of units sold in the future will increase. Goal is never start with a lost, but not unheard of.
  • Loosing 200 per unit is pretty much standard in the console industry. It's not high. You are also severely underestimating component costs, which must include not just manufacturing, but R&D, OS development, even distribution. It adds up.
  • Marketing costs also have to be factored in along with what others have mentioned.   Also, Sony doesn't sell the PS4 for $399.  Retailers sell it for that price.  Sony might be selling it to the retailers for $300 which, based on a $200 loss per unit would mean their unit cost is closer to $500.
  • So is Sony lying then? Or am I reading this incorrectly?
  • I didn't read the article, however both can be true. A significant chunk of game sales go to Sony. If enough people bought enough games, Sony can make a profit even if they loose a lot of money on unit sales. The console industry has always worked that way.
  • The article says "per unit basis". So it sounds like hardware.
  • Yes. Tangible lost associated to core component. Largest effect to platform until more common core usage occurs.
  • Reading the article they count the purchase of PSplus as part of the unit, which seems like a very interesting piece of accounting. But it does seem like they've reduced their loss versus the PS3 for example, and they must be way better than Nintendo. Official controllers and the PS eye probably contribute too.
  • Yea, even though he says "per unit basis" I do think that he is not just talking about the hardware when he says,  "From a profitability perspective, PS4 is also already contributing profit on a hardware unit basis, establishing a very different business framework from that of previous platform businesses." 
  • implying microsoft did not support the NSA data gathering and implying the xbox would sell well and not produce any loss for microsoft. got you must be hell of a fanboy :)
  • agreed
  • Well you guys are clearly not following any news, are you
  • I'm sorry but everyone who says this just makes me angry... The NSA is pressuring everyone for this shit. It is a branch of government. And the news that I have been reading states Microsoft is pushing back against it.
  • I don't know what news you have been reading, but what I have read (quite a bit) shows that MS was not providing backdoors or similar to the NSA.  I think you are confusing targetted court ordered information requests with NSA backdoors.  They are not the same thing.  There was an article recently about how Microsoft had even fought quite a few of those court ordered information requests in court and won.
  • You are dead wrong. The PS is already profitable and Bing outside the US sucks so hard it crated a vacuum on my laptop.
  • Wii U should no longer be dragging Nintendo down either:
  • I love how you guys say "Bing sucks" outside the US simply b/c you don't have Bing Rewards. Guess what? You don't get rewards points from Google either, no one has.
  • +720
  • Actually Bing sucking outside of the US has more to do with the results not being on par with Google. I still occasionally have to use Google for local stuff, and I live in Canada. I only do it if I can't find what I'm looking for with Bing first.
  • Speak for yourself, I'm across the pond and have been using Bing as default for 5yrs now and I never 'fall back' to Google, never.   That, more than anything, qualifies as adequate to me.!
  • BIng doesn't suck in South Africa, but we would appreciate some more features
  • When bbm ?
  • Is this what bbm means 'Big black momma'? If so I suggest you visit pornhub :)
  • +820 haha..nic one
  • They have declared that it wont be released
  • Selling Bing & Xbox would have been a huge mistake.
  • Bbm?
  • So you can talk to your blackberry buddies... Whoopee, I would prefer MS fix Skype. And they are tons of other far better solutions that already work across all four platforms.
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  • Why would you ban my account? do I not spam enough useless information in the comments section for you? There was not a single discussion going on except of rizqanafifi asking under every post about that bloody BBM
  • Even if the guy is annoying people with his persistent question about BBM, that's still no reason to tell him to kill himself. You should apologize.
  • LoL u guys
  • Don't let Daniel hear you say that.
  • The best CEO in the world!
  • After Bill, I suppose :)
  • Calling him that now is like Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize, way too early to make that call. Lets see again next year this time and reevaluate.
  • Completely concur. While I have liked the decisions made by Nadella thus far, it is too early to tell how he will be in the long run. I am encouraged, though.
  • Comparing Satya to Obama is a huge slap to the face. At least he's pulled an almost $6 billion profit for MSFT already and actually has Bing exploding in growth.
  • I love how people so conveniently forget that most of the problems the US is facing are due to Bush bankrupting the country with his war for oil...
  • is that why Obama gets in other countries business like Russia? Ukraine? and Crimea problem and all the Pro-russians? oh rightttt.
    accept it, Obama is no better than Bush, he could have stopped units to go to Irak and other countries and he didn't do anything about it either.
    it seems you forget Obama has even been re-elected by people, so that means he has been in the president seat for a long time, or what? is the presient seat too big for him?
    but hey, let's ignore how Obama said he would practically go in a war against Russia and send units to Ukraine! it wasn't his business, still he was nosey and then ignoring it's not his money the one spent in those expensive "magical missions" like if he was kind of savior or something.
    But lets blame bush about it too!
  • Great
  • +930
  • I am so exciting am I am pretty sure they will.
  • Music to my ears.
  • The Xbox brand keeps Microsoft in people's living rooms (and Man Caves) and Windows keeps Microsoft everywhere else...Bing has a lot of potential to integrate into "The internet of things" which makes it valuable...The brand recognition is there for both so expansion of the brands would make sense....Great move by Nadella.
  • Awesome CEO, making all the right moves. When he made Phil Spencer head of Xbox I knew he had a great understanding of how to steer MSFT in the right direction. Big things coming from Microsoft. My guess is that the next big thing coming from them will be a streaming box, since this is where the entertainment industry seems to be headed. I imagine the next mobile phone they release is going to be quite special too.
  • Don't expect phones studded with gems or stones..Or gold layered as the 5S..
  • Agreed!
  • I didn't understand the last statement.... xbox will be part of the next big thing? or is just a "test" for that thing?
  • Good move.. I think the sale of Xbox would be the final straw with alot of us.
  • There's still many blockbuster Xbox exclusives that haven't come out yet... Wait for Halo 5 before you cast judgments on the Xbox One's sales figures.
  • Bing.coma lol was that intentional lol
  • I was wondering the same... Perhaps he used word flow to type the article!
  • Anyone who thought Xbox and Bing were for sale, is an idiot.
  • I'm an idiot.
  • Like our new CEO more and more. Glad I voted for him. ;)
  • Bing.coma .. Rightly said hahaha
  • Microsoft has to have sucess in Bing to have a threat to google's cash cow. Otherwise google will eat away every bit of Microsoft business backed by google search (cash).
  • Xbox is practically the only brand MS has and office.
    Today, Windows is suffering from the past and is known as a business like item. And the younger generation sees that and moves away from it and Windows Phone.
    When the rebranding was taking place, they should of rebranded the entire name of Windows.
  • I have to disagree with you on that because a business doesn't need to rebrand the kit and caboodle.
  • Agreed.
  • In fact it's the younger generation that is more open minded. Generation X is the one that's already stuck on Google and Apple and hates Microsoft for no reason.
  • That is so true. Why do you think i became a msft fanboy, because they are the underdog, there is no fun in jumping on bandwagon. And nadella is so right. The software is the most important. Not the os nor the device and msft is the most famous and profitable software company. Get the software mindshare and the money frim bing, surface, xbox is just having the cake and eating it. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • correct. Millenials see MSFT as the xbox, halo, surface, and soon phone company. Gen X sees MSFT as windows 3.1, DOS, Bill gates in front of congress, and Steve Jobs phone for old people. I don't even bother with Gen Xs, they are slowly fading into irrelevance. millenials don't really have a bias against MSFT drilled into their skulls. To them, using FB, twitter, xbox, instagram and a bunch of services, some of which are MSFT, doesn't offend them. That silly sense of loyalty Gen X's have towards a company and the massive power apple bloggers and press used to wield has faded greatly. If you need futher proof look at android. Oh how the apple press hated it yet its raise was inevitable. IF MSFT had made WP free and been earlier, it would have likewise been successful.
  • Hey,  I am Gen-X'er.  No over here. Come on pay attention to me.  What is this InstantGramm and Twizzler you speak of?   Being irrelevant I am have become so confused by all this new technology. What is FB?   I disagree millenials are the most ardent fanboys.  They have no filters and feel entitled to everything without providing anything.  They walk lock in step with what is popular more then anybody.  Don't get me started about them.  I have a small development firm and the last few years we have interviewed this new generation.  Generally speaking it is all about what we can do for them, rather then what they can do for us.  I have heard horror stories from others that have hired or conducted  interviews with this new batch.  All have had similar experiences. Not that there are not diamonds in the rough but, as whole they have been taught that they are all special (a gold star on every report, bad or good and everyone gets a trophy). So pinning all these future plans on a group like this and thinking that they are golden savior of anything would doom you to failure.  Hey can yo take me one of them "selfies" for me. :) Maybe we should just skip the Millenials and hope the next generation is better. Most Gen-Xers from experience have no real bias as a group.  Now the fanboys that may be true but as whole group they are not what you speak of.  By they irrelevance only happens when you don't control everything. Gen-X is the new group with the disposable income.
  • Gen X-er here as well, and I agree with everything you said about the millennials. Entitlement coming out their assholes...
  • there is absolutely a lot of fanboys in all groups. I'm refering to the fact that millenials in general do not equate MSFT = evil corporation we must punish even if the exact same product from google or apple would cause us to orgasm. This is reflected because millenials had choices. too many choices and MSFT was one of them among many, unlike for Gen-X which basically had to live with the MSFT of old. I interview a lot of millenials and work with a few gen-x's and although this is not scientific what I see is millenials open to a really diverse ecosystem, including MSFT stuff. The gen-x, carry around an iphone, cringe at the thought of having to open a file on one drive I share with them, and generally dismiss anything having to do with MSFT even though they sit back at their desk in front of a windows PC all day....
  • Yep, this is exactly what I was referring to.
  • Hmmm...maybe to Tiles.... Mac
  • Microsoft has a great future ;)
  • Looks like Microsoft soft has the right person in charge. First!
  • Thank god. :)
  • Yes. Very glad!
  • Is Smart Search meant to be in place now as is not working on any of our 8.1 Update 1 systems in UK?
  • MS urgent needs to release an Update to Office 365 and 2013 allowing to disable Upload Center for those who need it, to make Onedrive from Windows 8.1 to work properly with office files. The two apps does not talk ok and occurs a big mess just with office files. It is totally impossible to disable Upload Center without lose some Office resources. This is so absurd. Old Skydrive for Desktop, and still older Live Mesh worked well, as Office 2010, when we had the option to not use Upload Center. Now, instead to become better, we are in a worst cenário of no solution. Uninstall Office and all office files synces well. Reinstall office, the terrible Upload Center atacks again and make all the mess in sincying office files. Just office files. Satya: You need to concentrate efforts to solve this. It is urgent.
  • Office 365 with Upload Center and One drive all works perfectly for me across multiple devices. (Lumia 925,Surface 2, 4xPC's running Windows 8.1 and 2xPC's running Windows 7. No issues at all.)
  • GOOD! Tks for sharing you experience! I hope some day to get this performance too in my devices.
  • How about you open a support case with Microsoft instead of posting this in a content section of a blog site?
  • I did it. Answers  did not solve the problem. It is not with me.  Friends are having same issue. You want to open a file saved in hardisk (but at Onedrive folder), Office 365 looks for it on line... But the file is saved offline... Some files has more then 50 mega... If the internet is not ok at that moment,  Office does not open offline. After a lot of time, it opens the file but it is mpossible to save after use it. Office forces to save it in a folder out of Onedrive, if I want to save the changes. (when I am offline). This is not ok for me. I want to save it in Onedrive folder, and when come back on line, all changes should be synced quietly and efficiently. Beyond this, if I am online, sometimes it saves it on onedrive and closes the app, but Upload Center shows troubles and issues with the file... a totally mess. Note that it just occurs with Office files. Other kind of files (pdf, pictures, movies, sounds) all synces ok. Look for this issue over the internet. A lot of people are having it. Sorry to bring this here, if you dislike. I need a solution. When Live Mesh and older versions of Office and Skydrive were used, none of these issues happened. We need to have options to fix this kind of files troubles or at least capability to disable  Upload Center (when Office is totally uninstalled, all office files start to sync normal again). Reinstall Office, and the issue returns... I am a huge fan of MS, and in my Windows Phone all works well... but at my Surface... is this mess. Tks.
  • I completely agree with him.  And with Apple telegraphing that they are getting into home automation, Microsoft is very well postured to beat them at that game IF they push Cortana across the entire ecosystem as hard as they can.  Bing is central to that effort, and Xbox One w/Kinect is going to be a key piece of that interface.  All those shortsighted people who insisted that Xbox not come with Kinect will eventually regret it.  So far, my wife and I have been totally jazzed with where this is going.
  • Nadella is right about needing to build hardware. Apple created a stronghold by tethering users too their app store, Google followed suit for Android devices. Without hardware, either OEM or MS, Microsoft is history. Few OEMs are willing to gamble on innovative devices. Microsoft may only have a toehold in the device market, but it's a growing share and having Xbox gives Microsoft a fanbase among millennials. Bing offers an opportunity to keep users out of the google / chrome / Android regime. Rock on, Microsoft!
  • +920
  • This is good news for sure, I just wish I could believe him. Microsoft have done so many 180's recently that I worry they could do a 180 on this. I love Microsoft but if they sell Xbox, they've lost me as a very good customer. I'll switch eco systems completely. I hope they realise what harm selling Xbox would do to their loyal customers and fan base.
  • Listen to nadella speak, he talks about buying and not selling, msft hardly sells, they kill or intergate and then kill. And xbox is more than just games, it is part it home play along with homeos, r8 studios and the lab of things. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • If not selling XBOX equates to MSFT win of loyal customers to you, Then I have a solution for you. Stay with MSFT based on those devices and services you think they should engage in, don't buy XBOX since you don't like them. That is what I did, I bought those MSFT thingys that my household were interested in and not shut off or kill my loyalty to MSFT engaging in those things from MSFT we are not interested in. FYI: my household love XBOX, we have both 360 and XB1 and are still loyal customers. Oh.. My wife is the only one who can not stand Windows phone (She uses iPhone5) but loves everything else MSFT that we have at home, she would not take apple email, icloud or anything else, she use her hotmail account, skydrive, xbox music you name it MSFT on her iPhone, whe has windows 2 in 1 evrything else MSFT. The rest of us; 3 kids, mysef and 2 grandpas WP 8.1 all the way plus other MSFT goodies. We still love my wife inspite of her traitorship (I hope that is a word, it just sounds traitorship) and we do not look down at her (That was a laugh), we actually pray for her to see the light and errors in her ways, the kids and I can not wait for that revival day (Hopefully in my life time) The take away here is that don't buy XBOX and hold on to your MSFT loyalty is you are truly MSFT loyal customer.
  • MSFT does a 180 when they do a wrong decision. This good. Selling bing and xbox wouldn't be a good decision. So they already did the 180 and are heading in the right direction.
  • Ouf... On a eut chaud ;)
  • Praise the Lord!!! Satya you Are a good guy :)
  • This is very reassuring
  • I'm sure XBone buyers were reassured by the statement that there wouldn't be a Kinectless bundle, until one came. I doubt MS is selling XBox anytime soon, but I wouldn't trust any statement made unless it is legally binding, and even then I'd be vary.
  • And so is WhatsApp not for sale. Not even for 1 dolla available.
  • I will give him ten cents for the WP Xbox music app
  • Good! Keep it going Satya.
  • Yuppp
  • Never doubted them, but it's nice to hear them confirm that Bing and Xbox are staying on campus.
  • Xbox - the next half big thing...
  • Thank god.
  • Buy square up and telegram.
  • Nice idea
  • I don't want MS to get out of gaming.  I'd rather not go back to the days of Sony and Nintendo dominating.  I like that there is a US presence.  MS has shown for better or worse that they will innovate in the hardware dept..
  • If I had a dime for every time Nadella says "experiences" I'd be Rocher thank Bill Gates by now...:P
    Anyway, they can keep Bing. I'm not switching from Google anyway but if the US market uses out, by all means keep it. Even if only Americans and a couple of hard-core Microsoft fans use it.
  • And google makes 60% profit from search in US. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Good for them. Difference is, Google's search engine don't privilege the US as Bing does. Actually, when Google makes somethis available, we also get it in Europe. Whilst Bing...well, if you're in Europe you surely are aware of how much Bing sucks.
  • you're not switching from google "yet". they get this. and maybe you won't. The thing about tech: no company stays on top forver and google isn't going to be the thing forever. When this inevitable decline happens (and google has already missed a few trains) you can either be a challenger or not. Plus as he said, bing has roughtly the same marketshare as the iphone, has far more greater share than chrome OS, has much more users than apple tv, google tv, google glass, chrome cast, etc, and nobody sees those as in need of a sale. Why should they sell bing? Diversity is the key to success and google still depends 90% on advertasing meaning FB and twitter have already capped its growth as google missed the social train. MSFT by diversifying survived the windows decline. The same couldn't be said if google's ad revenue declined as much as windows sales have. diversity: key.
  • Sure, in 2050, when Google's search engine is surpassed by Bing, I'll consider it. As for Microsoft diversifying to "survive the windows decline" do realize the vast majority of Microsoft's profits come from Windows and Office, don't you?
  • actually, most of their profits come from office and server and business tools. before the 2013 reporting re-orgs, windows client itself wasn't even second. but actually third. so yes, I do realize this. I know this, and I stand by it: windows client revenue no longer keeps the lights on at MSFT. it hasn't for awhile.
  • Btw, about Sony. It's save to say all the leading hype has got to them. Like the 1 of 2 Titanfall fail. (Sony) "lets add another magical million console sales for PS4, even tho we don't have a game and second son still has to release to counter the Titanfall Xbox One sales, No one will find out. Sony PS4 making profit. Well no way. Not yet.
  • This finally should put an end to the rumours that MS looking to sell / spin off xbox and Bing. I wonder what the next big thing would be - probably home automation with Cortana integration.
  • Thank you Satya Nadella I love Xbox and Bing.
  • The best announcement by this awesome CEO ever. When I heard some folks most of whom are Google and Apple spies talk about selling Bing, I said to myself, if it does happens MSFT is dead as a technology company. Bing is the back bone to library of things and services most folks do on their on their devices everyday and never knew bing was there with them every step of he way. For instance; Most folks did not know that the geat Yahoo search brain is Bing. Siri, YES Apple beloved Siri's backbone is Bing, and of cause Cotana is powered by Bing and the list goes on. If you sell Bing, you have just ruined or limited your company in the new race of internet of things whose future services differentiator could could be voice enabled commands. Homes' based internent of things, Auto based internet of things and the list goes on. In our home we have XB1/w Kinect, our household love using the voice command features, also, and XB1 brings MSFT closer to house automation, media streaming and centralized entertainmnet hub (We use our XB1 to control our TV, AT&T Uverse, DVR, SONY Amplifier 7.1 audio system and we Skype like you will not believe on it with the grand parents using the increadibly unbelievable kinect camera HD field of view). Some might argue, why not license these services from Google?. So google can detertermine your fate and not you yourself? For example: Google deliberately did not make google services available on windows phones, a right that Google has and a right which they executed on. Does MSFT do or have done the same to Google and others? Absolutely YES, So, it is going to be in a company like MSFT best interest to not heavily rely on the competition's services for the backbone or survival of their fate to potential future of technological advancement.   THANK YOU Satya for being the MAN with vision here and in these particular instances.
  • He made some disturbing comments about Windows Phone and Nokia which makes me think his heart may not be fully in the smartphone game. I hope he just allows Elop and Belfiore to have the time and resources to make some really great products and be positioned for the next mobile generation. They really need to find a good marketing person who will stop comparing themselves to the competition constantly and make them act like a market leader in that space instead of a laggard.
  • Well, he was against the Nokia-deal. So you can take some conclusions from there. Also, if you notice, Ballmers emphasis on "Devices & Services" is gone. With Nadella it's "Mobile first, cloud first". And from what he said, it's clear he doesn't intend to turn Microsoft into a full blown OEM. Which means...yes, smartphone making may not be his main concern. Which also explains by Microsoft Mobile is an independent company and not a division of Microsoft.
  • Glad to hear him put this nonsense to rest.
  • I like this guy!
  • GOOD!  Way to stand behind the brands Nadella!
  • Microsoft without XBox and Bing is a company losing faith to them self. So it's a good news what Nadella mentioned... Let MSFT be in the third raise... After Windows and Office ...
  • if there was any doubt this man has vision and he isn't a wallstreet minion appointed to by value act, this should put that thought to an end.  
  • Now he's a great speaker with awesome presence. Clearly the guy's intelligent. But he's been top dawg for a total of four months. Impossible to know how he's going to effect the company. One definite, I see him bringing India into the fold for much more than "product support". Their are some amazing minds in that locale. Indian developers have been doing much subcontracted legwork for both small developers & large firms. Dunno what Wall Street has to do with anything. Balmer was a very commerce-centric thinking CEO. His true fault was that he placed commercialization of a product above the end-user. But he was with MS from the start and had nothing to do with Wall-Street other than being the bearer of Microsoft stock. SatyN (think satin) gives off a totally different vibe which rubs people the right way. But let's hold off on canonizing him just yet. There's plenty of work to do. Should be an interesting year...
  • you don't know what wall street has to do with anything?. check zdnet's MJF all about MSFT column  for all about how wall street, value act and the board of directors operates. Wallstreet has EVERYTHING to do with a major public company like MSFT buddy. It is not too hard to see how investors want to see MSFT sell bing, and xbox, possibly get rid of nokia and even exit the hardware and client pc business completely. In fact when value act bought their shares and demanded a seat or implied litigation to get it, it was basically a reflection of tired wallstreet investors who don't agree with the long term vision and want an IBM like retreat into a cash cow company for the enterprise. off course because shareholders rule the board which elects the CEO, everything is connected to wallstreet. everything. he is there to make money for investors. however, it seems value act didn't get what they hoped: a CEO which would basically retreat to the enterprise safe harbor. And that should be applauded because his job is on the line as is the relevancy of his company. The easy thing would be to return profits by slasing cost centers. The hard thing to do is to justify to your boss (wall street) why bleeding billions is essential to make billions down the road.
  • I'm attemptig to follow your logic regarding Microsfot's profitability. You're saying that a large percentage shareholder (Value Act) wanted a seat on the board. OK? So they have a vote and some sway and say in the process.. Does Value Act or the US financial market for that matter comprise the entirity of the board? While I haven't researched the matter, I would bet the answer is no. But please, allow me to indulge your logic. Wall Street and Value Act run things at Microsoft. Satya Nadella was promoted to CEO. Hooray for Microsoft because Wall Street and Value Act don't run their company. Wall Street runs Microsoft but they don't because Satya Nadella was put in as CEO. But finally, Wall Street run Microsoft. Make sense to you? If you want to put in some positives on SatyN, I'm Vulcan. Negatives on Balmer, I'm Klingon. But please spare me financials cause in the future, money will be a thing of the past. And if you have no idea what I just said, go watch some Star Trek TNG...
  • I'm saying you should read MJ's value act set of articles because clearly you don't understand the MS board one bit. until you do such thing as inform yourself on the role of wallstreet, activist investors and how MSFT had to appease them via a board position, there is no reason to discuss this topic with you any further. start here:
  • OK Mr. Wall Street, While claiming the selfish tendencies of Wall St., it seems you've overlooked all relative points. Your mind is devolved in the financials and interplay between two very large industries whose backroom unfoldings remain largely hidden to me, a human being. Ultimately, I accept that and focus on what I can infer based on life experiences and a healthy accumulation of trivial and procedural knowdledge. But please, since your privvy to omniscience regarding how this Fortune 500 company conducts it's business, I wish you well in future investing pursuits. ; ] Humanity Out.  
  • Dunno what Wall Street has to do with anything.
    I've told you how wall street has a lot to do with board decisions, activist invesment groups, and gave you a pretty good start to educate yourself based on MJF's articles on her site. I don't know what you keep babling about at this point.
  • Looking forward to that next big thing....
  • Boom. Glad that's settled. Tech blogs run rampant with such rumors. Now they can speculate on iPhone specs. :P
  • All e need now is a successor to the L1020 Satya!
  • Here's the edited vesion of the interview... Satya is AWESOME!! Respect the guy.. his enthusiasm for Microsoft is infectious...  
  • If Microsoft sold Bing and Xbox , I would stop using them both and any other Microsoft products or software I own
  • Bing = bingo!
  • Windows + Office + Xbox + Skype + Outlook + Bing + Windows Phone + Surface = Microsoft... I love Them!
  • As a consumer, "I totally agree." As a once-government employee, "Windows has been the same for 15 years. Microsoft needs to release some new stuff." As an IT consultant and administrator, "...on the fence til I know my job is secured from these obtrusive "clouds"." As a grandson who sees how my grandmothers struggle with technology, "When's the Skype phone coming that operates like a standard touch tone phone?" As an inventor, "O, they have the patent for that too." As a fan of what comes next, "Bring it on!"   Love is so complicated. =]
  • If Microsoft sold Bing or Xbox, I would die lol there the only ones who wounds be able to do it right. I'm starting to love the New CEO more and more!
  • I think the next big thing will be surface mini 
  • BIg thiNG = BING?