Satya Nadella promotes dual use during Microsoft WPC 2014 speech

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made his pitch today that the company will offer the best products and services for dual use in the business and personal technology world. Nadella made those remarks during his speech as part of the second keynote event at the company's 2014 Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington DC.

Nadella stated that the notion of buying a device for personal use and then trading in that product for one that's used for business won't work anymore. He added, "Simply saying BYOD is not enough. We have to harmonize this dual usage." He mentioned products and services such as Skype and Lync for messaging, OneDrive and OneDrive for Business for cloud storage, and Outlook and Exchange for email as examples of that kind of dual use commitment. He said, "Microsoft will harmonize dual usage to drive productivity in all walks of an individual's life."

Nadella went over a lot of the topics he wrote about last week in his over 3,000 word email to employees during his speech, where he talked about Microsoft's new "mobile first, cloud first" mission. However, today's second keynote at WPC offered little in the way of new information about the company's future plans. Indeed, Microsoft displayed the same "future Windows" demo of the Start menu and Modern apps running on desktop today that it showed off during BUILD 2014 in April.

There were also a few live demos during Nadella's portion of the keynote. One of them was the Skype Translator app that is planned for a beta release for Windows 8.1 later this year. The live demo had a couple of hiccups, but it was mostly successful in translating voice messages from English to German and vice-versa.

What do you think of Microsoft's efforts to promote dual use devices and services in the workplace and in personal live?

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham