A National Geographic photographer with a Lumia 930 can shoot better 4K video than you

The recent Denim update for the Nokia Lumia 930 brought a substantial update for the camera — 4K video recording — which National Geographic photographer Stephen Alvarez used to capture the majestic Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Alvarez is no stranger to Windows Phone — just a few months ago he visited the same spot with a Lumia 830 and took some phenomenal video.

If we had to guess, we'd bet that Alvarez had this 4K-capable Lumia 930 with him on that last trip, so not only does he get to go to incredible places and take amazing videos, he gets to do it with the newest gadgets before you do.

Regardless, it's a gorgeous demonstration of the capabilities of the Lumia 930 running the Lumia Denim update. We'll settle for recording every-day life in 4K instead while we save up for a Victoria Falls excursion of our own.

Source: Microsoft{.nofollow}

Derek Kessler

Derek Kessler is Special Projects Manager for Mobile Nations. He's been writing about tech since 2009, has far more phones than is considered humane, still carries a torch for Palm, and got a Tesla because it was the biggest gadget he could find. You can follow him on Twitter at @derekakessler.

  • I wish I had that phone
  • +Me
  • +I have it
  • buy me one
  • +I have it too
  • I have too, in green<3 Love it with denim:d
  • Me too, orange.
  • + I have it too Just wish I had Denim....
  • Do you miss glance?
  • Thats what stopped me to buy L930. Cant compromise with Glance ;)
  • I don't even use it in my 720
  • +1030
  • Yeah man, I'm penniless.
  • Lol my 730 is not even capable of opening that video.. It crashes as soon as I open it xD
  • you can grab unlocked version for $393 USD including shipping at http://www.1shopmobile.com/Nokia-Lumia-930.html
  • Why is that so cheap?
    Does it work in other countries?
    I saw 830 for 265$,is that unlocked? 830 is 450$ unlocked in ms store,can u explain plz
  • phones from 1shopmobile.com are internationally unlocked, the reason why the phone on ms store site is more is cause it supports 4G LTE in usa, this phone supports 4G LTE for all other countries but USA, USA uses different bands for their 4G LTE as compared to world, but you can still get HSPA high speed data with it, i purchased my lumia 1020 from them, selling it and purchasing 930 because of fast lumia camera update
  • Its fake! :)
  • it's not fake, i've purchased lumia 1020, two lumia 625s,one lumia 820, lumia 920,4 lumia 535s and soon to be 930 to replace my 1020.
  • Just remember folks, unlocked phones will NOT work with Softcard (tap-n-pay).  I learned this the hard way with my recent unlocked 830 purchase.
  • A very good tip! Thank you for sharing this info.
  • That is because only in the US you need additional software lol... whereas any where else you just need to have a secure sim.
  • this phone will not give you much (if ANY) LTE coverage in the US, just incase you think of using it there...
  • But now, does it record 4k videos at 30fps with audio??
  • Its 4K@24fps, and yes, it has surround mics.
  • I can buy Lumia 930 if I want , but I want better than the Lumia 930 and better than Lumia 1020.
  • Agreed... We need a 1020 replacement, mine is feeling a little old now, but no direct replacement out there :'(
  • We might not be waiting very long to see an L940, judging by the activity on rumour sites at the end of last year. I'm no expert and I'm not a wizard, but the idea of an L1030 appearing now just feels very unlikely, and I'm not sure it would be a good purchase if one appears. The x30 generation is very good, but it didn't feel like the huge step forward Lumia needed to have power in the market. The L920/1020 maintained their value, and we need a phone of that standard to make me consider changing up.
  • I wish I had the opportunity to use such a phone is such a way!
  • I have it (well, the Icon).... So frustrating that Verizon doesn't support it, and MS can't push firmware through developer preview....... Which without the DP, I'd still be stuck on 8.0........
  • Verizon appears to have committed to updating the Icon to 8.1.1 and Denim. I would guess it is no longer hopeless just infuriatingly slow.
  • Proud owner of an orange one!!
  • i have that phone :D yey
  • Me too... but I'm from Latin America...
  • not if he lives in the US because he can't buy that phone on ATT and Verizon will probably tell him to get an iphone :p
  • The biggest disappointment ever is that it's locked to Verizon. They never show any love to Microsoft gadgets. Sometimes it feels like they get exclusivity on things just to tank any competition for their Android devices.
  • This, I would have rather purchased this, but had to settle for the M8. Love the M8, but it's not a Lumia.
  • And he wouldn't have Denim on it lol.
  • @neonspark, precisely!  Not just Verizon, but AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.  MS has tough battle among the US(and other International) carriers.   I'm glad Microsoft Store(and online) available for us to buy from, instead of helping the loosers (workers at the carriers Kiosk- Yes, they ARE losers) with their commission.
  • 930 is easily the best Windows Phone. Makes me wonder way so many people complain about lack of flagship device. Let me shout ....
  • The 'if you can' part is the sticking point.  In the U.S., not only was it locked to one carrier, Verizon, but that same carrier has discontinued support for the device and pulled it from store shelves. The unlocked international version doesn't work on the same 4G LTE bands that we have in the U.S.
  • Poor Muricans. Always stuck with strange systems that are different than the entire rest of the world. Pounds, feet, LTE... ;-)
  • Nah the 1520 is the best windows phone. It has glance and expandable storage and a bigger battery. All of which more than compensate for the awkwardness of using it with one hand.
  • How do you know he can shoot better than me?
  • Damn right.
  • Did you eva post a nice video like that..?
  • I've posted nice photos. Got a load of decent Canon gear upstairs I don't have time to use anymore.
  • It's a presumption based on the fact that your name is down here and his is up there :P
  • So? That makes him better than anybody else?
    I got amazing gear and pictures but I'm not sharing anywhere, also I work for a bigger company than National Geographic's and? Your argument is invalid bro.
  • Of course it is invalid. I was just trying to further offend the offended.
  • Can't offend someone who isn't offended.
  • Hahaha, offend the offended hahah!
  • Perfect name.
  • Promotion of these type of videos should be made top priority by Microsoft Marketing Team..!!
    *can see Rod noding*
  • That's right.(the fist part)
  • Kind of pointless promoting something your users either don't or can't have.
  • Are the Surface Pro 3 or even the Xbox One (for some) easily accessible..?
    A product is a product..It needs to be promoted no matter what..Why are they making one then..?
    And your saying not to promote Microsoft's flagship device but still ask why is the OS not growing..!!
    I completely disagree with you..!!
  • Come on Verizon update the Icon already I so want this!
  • Le sigh.... Verizon promised that update for Icon........ Lol... Why am I not surprised I won't be getting Denim anytime soon?
  • 4K OK!
  • This is awesome stuff!
  • "A National Geographic photographer "  Key words...
  • He's a great photographer, sure, but it shows off what the equipment is capable of in the right hands. Alvarez spoke at a UK event last year and he's really knowledgeable and a great fan of Lumia cameras.
  • I agree, i was just poking fun at the title. He should take better shots than any of us by nature of his expertise and job.
  • I should get one better hardware and feature pack phone as soon as possible.
  • That guy walking up to the edge of the falls if effing nuts.
  • Yeah, my belly would've pulled me over the edge.
  • Off course he shoot better 4K video than us, we don't have Denim, anybody could.
  • This^^
  • Better yet, most of us only get to see this video at 1080p at best. Maybe I'll plug my phone into a 4k tv at the store. Lol.
  • LOL yup, just tried clicking on the youtube settings to watch in 4K and my PC crashed lol Cant believe this Core i3 only plays up to 1080P -__- 1440P still crashed the browser lol
  • Looked beautiful at 1440p on my computer. I think this update must have made some significant changes to the way the L930 handles images, thinking back to the iPhone/930 video head-to-head published here after launch.
  • "better than you" Is that a challenge, Derek?
  • Is this video ENTIRELY shot with lumias? All the footage, enven the ones wich shows him?
  • I doubt it.
  • I'd say not.  When you watch the 4k stream on Youtube there appear to be two distinct cameras.  If the shots wobble and look like 1080p, I'm guessing they are the Lumia.  The others shots are just stunning and clearly a 4k native camera with superb image stabilization. If you watch the 1080p stream you don't notice this as much. Of course perhaps one of the cameras was just in 1080p mode, but I doubt due to stabilization difference being night and day.
  • Okay, I don't believe the statement but the camera is beautiful and basically anyone can shoot like that. You don't have to be a natural geographic person. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • WOW just WOW! Absolutely amazing! But watching that guy looking down the edge of the ravine made my stomach flip over violently LOL!
  • This, that was surely very risky, just one slip on a wet surface and...
  • Funny, considering your username is tipsy
  • To be honest , im very disappointed in the Lumia 930 camera even after the update
  • Then you're a horrible photographer.
  • Lol
  • Wipe the lens, it's likely filthy, and it causes soft images
  • I now know what Lumia i should by next month  
  • Next time he will be using Lumia 1030 .... ^_*
  • When are we getting 4k recording, only ads. Wet have been waiting for a looong time
  • Just saw a picture possibly made by the same photographer of some famous water falls. The page is named "Microsoft Lumia".
  • I'm amazed at quality, but equally amazed his battery lasted out, and his camera app opened so quickly to get them shots.
  • Sounds like a big head to me
  • Damn, Microsoft give us a Lumia 1020 successor already
  • Like the film said at the end: #makeithappen.... Some shit like that
  • Why didn't he use rich capture?
  • My dad got the 930. I am still on a Galaxy S4. Really want this device, amazing :)
  • I have L930. Superb phone. Loving the Denim update.
  • Really? Better than me?
  • I have a 930 but just send it back to glue the screen...stuck with my 925 :\
  • It's a pity i have to shoot 4k video on my Note 4 while i wait for O2 uk to roll out the denim update to the 930.  My Tv is crying out for some new footage.
  • I have a Lumia 920 so I assume I won't be getting all the camera updates in Denim. Most of all I want MANUAL exposure control in video. Does anyone know of any app or hack I can use to get manual exposure control on my 920?
  • I'd do it if I had denim in my L1520
  • I'd go over the Niagara Falls in a god damned leaky barrel of I could get ATT to shit out denim for my 1520's. That be some footage right there.
  • lol
  • Is that a cheetah?
  • Kind of wonder which is riskier, standing at the edge of a waterfall, or sneaking up behind a big cat.
  • I got the 930 in orange upgraded from a Lumia 920 I love the phone the camera is brilliant windows phones are so underrated im still on cyan so cant wait for the denim update great video !
  • Wait for denim fixes sir, if any will be, who knows. After denim, my 930 had problems and lost everything. Now back to Cyan with recovery software. I'm not saying Cyan is perfect but it runs butter smooth on my 930. 
  • looks good, just waiting for upgrade to Lumia 1020, then I can join in on the fun
  • I suspect this guy need not worry about the future of social security. Nice video though.
  • Anyone with denim can shoot 4k better then me cause my 1520 is still on cyan. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I has 635. No problem. ^_^
  • Off topic just got the denim update in Ireland on 1520 :)
  • I have an unlocked 930 and there is still no Denim update available no matter how often I check. Is it because I'm on the dev preview?
  • Mine was unlocked as well. Just had to wait for the HK variant to update. Worth the wait.
  • Just disable Dev Preview and check got my Demin unlocked 930
  • I have it. But I refuse to stand on the edge of that waterfall! Will just have to settle for my 8 year old's birthday party Sunday shot in low light with no flash or video light.
  • Too bad most of the footage were obviously taken with proper 4k camera.
  • All nice and stuff. But why is there no "real" National Geographic-app in the store?
  • He was in Zimbabwe woooo
  • He's shooting with an orange 830 (0.21) and green 830 (2.06). Pause the video and see it for yourself. If so, since when 830 is capable of shooting 4K videos? Is he trying to hide the phone? Sure it seems like. Sorry sir, I have 930. This video is not from 930.
  • Here is the link..  http://news.siamphone.com/news-19876.html