National Geographic used a Lumia 950 to capture the aurora

Nat Geo photographer Stephen Alvarez used the Lumia 950 to capture the stunning beauty of the aurora. It's known that the Lumia 950 has a great camera, but it's always fun to see what happens when you put a phone like this in the hands of a professional photographer. This is not the first time Alvarez has taken a Lumia phone out for a photo adventure, in fact he has already taken the 950 underwater as well as a few other locations. Alvarez describes it as:

This wasn't just procrastination. As Microsoft's Devices Ambassador, I knew Microsoft's camera phone technology was advancing at a fantastic pace. Once I got the Lumia 950 in my hands, I was pretty sure it was capable of capturing a natural phenomenon that happens only at night.On this assignment, I chose to work above the Arctic Circle, in Northern Finland and Northern Norway. The idea was to see different landscapes and people in the land of the aurora while waiting for the right combination of weather and light display.

Lumia 950 Aurora shot

Have you been able to capture any stunning images on your Lumia 950? Let us know what you love about the camera in the comments!

Source: Microsoft

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