The Necroids Species Pack for Stellaris is now available, adds a new undead species

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Stellaris Necroids Expansion Image 02.jpg (Image credit: Paradox Interactive)

What you need to know

  • Stellaris is a popular 4x sci-fi strategy game from Paradox Interactive, available on console and PC.
  • The game gets constant expansions adding new gameplay mechanics, strategies, and species.
  • The latest expansion is the Necroids Species Pack, which adds a new undead race to Stellaris.
  • The Necroids Species Pack is now available on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Stellaris is a fantastic 4x sci-fi strategy game at its core, but over time it has gotten a ton of post-launch support with expansions and DLC that add even more to the game. Now, the previously announced Necroids Species Pack is now available, according to Paradox Interactive, the developers of the critically acclaimed strategy title. If you're not quite sold on the name alone, there's also a new launch trailer for the DLC, and some details on what the Necroids Species Pack includes.

The Necroids Species Pack adds the Necroids species to the game, which was fairly obvious from the name. Necroids are aggressive, intelligent, and believe that their lives don't end after death... and they're right, too. Necroids introduce a whole new way to play, with different strategies, playstyles, and more.

From Paradox Interactive:

  • 1 New Origin - Necrophage
    • The brand new Necrophage Origin positions gamer-martyrs as a powerful primary species which consumes others within its grasp, blurring the line between cult and empire with three brand new civics:
    • Death Cult: Enables powerful edicts which require the sacrificing of pops
    • Reanimated Armies: Allows the deployment of morality-immune, undead armies
    • Memorialists: Erects monuments to the galaxy's past, improving planetary stability and honouring tomb worlds
  • 16 new portraits (15 organic, 1 robotic)
  • New ship set
  • New advisor voiceover
  • New city set & diplomacy room
  • New Name lists
  • New building cosmetics

If you're interested in the Necroids Species Pack, it's now available for Windows PC's, as well as macOS and Linux devices. There's no word on when or even if the Necroids Species Pack will also come to the Xbox version of Stellaris, but hopefully we won't have to wait long to find out. If you haven't tried Stellaris yet, it's included in Xbox Game Pass on both console and PC.

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