Netflix bringing its streaming goodness to more Europeans later this year

Netflix is about to spread its wings and fly to several new European countries as part of a sizeable expansion plan later this year. Without being too specific on when, the streaming video service announced that Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Luxembourg are the lucky six.

And that's about all there is to say about that right now. The new locations will be subject to the new, higher subscription pricing model – though Netflix hasn't confirmed how much yet – and there's of course a ridiculous number of devices upon which you can watch your content. Something you folks in those countries have been waiting on?

Source: Netflix (opens in new tab)

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  • Hmmm, no uk
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Netflix already in UK?
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  • It's been in the UK for years num nuts.
  • What the other guys said ;-)
  • Good morning pal.
  • But the library sucks. Unblock-us, US Netflix, win. :)
  • The UK library is pretty stale, the US library has an insane amount of content. Since I've got amazon instant video bundled with my prime sub don't really need Netflix UK but Amazon's service has still alot of way to go before its even comparable with Netflix.
  • I hope they start out with a good selection of content! Also, I hope everything will be available in English with Dutch subtitles as well and not only dubbed in French like a lot of content on Xbox Video...
  • Yeah I hope too. French dubbing is atrocious. Posted via WPCentral App.
  • +920, any form of dubbing when poorly done is atrocious lol.. Especially Hong Kong Cinema movies, best example is island of fire - the scene where Sammo hung is on the gatling gun his mouth is sealed shut yet the guy dubbing is screaming like he just crapped out his innards lol.
  • They need to bring the WP version up-to-date. The the rest of the platforms are more advance and its Kinda sad when you make a side by side comparison
  • Australia please.. I currently use vpn to use netflix
  • Australia will suck. Foxtel have exclusive rights to everything man. Library will be terrible. Just keep using the US one
  • How do you pay for it? They don't take Aussie cards...
  • What about Italy?!?
  • No love for Baltics :/
  • Indeed :(
  • I wonder if they get it done correctly for Belgium, which is English voices, Dutch subtitles (or dubbed Dutch voice overs for children movies) AND French dubbed voice overs, all in 1 region, and preferable selectable on a per view basis.
    Yeah I know, we're a small but complicated country.
  • Don't even get me started on Switzerland. We have 3 official languages and even speak Swiss German, which isn't one of the 3...
  • Do you even swiss? We have 4 official languages. Makes 5 with Swiss German!
  • Austia YAAAAY
  • Need to start introducing more content to the UK to bring it upto terms with the US
  • ^This. I'm tired of changing my DNS settings now =)
  • +1
  • New Zealand!
  • I've waiting for it for long time in Germany. Hoping for a lot of new contents like in the US.
  • Thank god we have in Russia:P
  • Does it include porn?
  • Finally coming to Germany! Can't wait to finally watch Orange is the new Black - in English, please
  • YES finally!! I'm from Austria and I've been waiting for this :)
  • I cecked prices for a us-ip just yesterday... Now: waiting for details
  • Spain wtf
  • Hey Spain has Costa del Sol, wouldn't be fair to the rest of the world if you could have Netflix at the same time.
  • No Portugal :(
  • When will the old Soviet Russia get their?
  • No Russia!!!
  • Well, Croatia just got Rdio, which is currently the second streaming service (next to Deezer) here, so I suppose getting Netflix on the same year would be an overkill. But we do need a good video on demand service. Currently only Oyo is available. That's our local provider which is extremely limited in content (Turkish, Spanish, and Indian soap operas and some domestic production).
  • Yeah...croatian video streaming support sucks hard...
  • Switzerland yay!
  • No Spain? F*ck Off...
  • Germany, yes!! Thank goodness, finally. I hope they offer films and shows in original language. We've got other services, but mostly they only show the German dubbed versions which I loathe...
  • Don't expect to watch any new blockbusters or great classics. You'll get to choose between Sharknado and Alf the TV Series.
  • lol
    So true...
  • Always good to see up to date Windows Phone news on WPC.
  • Be nice if it had more updates doesn't keep up with newer movies tv shows etc.
  • So what about Hungary? Were don't have anything like this... Seriously, no streaming programs... That's sad :|
  • What about Australia you bunch of wankers!!!
  • Lol
  • Ohio Belgium :)
  • Dang, I red Netflix and the "bringing" and I though ohh poop a new update. Then I finish reading the title. :/
  • and of course, they'll just pretend 1 euro is equal to 1 USD.
  • Well that they come to belgium is fun though dunno if our library will be huge. Why doesnt Xbox video doesnt start with a subscription? Make it in bundle with music i dont mind paying 20 euro for it.