The new Netflix app for Windows 10 is fantastic

Netflix has updated their Windows 10 app on Wednesday, and I totally love it. Even though the initial release of this application supports desktops, laptops, and tablets running Windows 10, Netflix says they will be adding support for phones running Windows 10 in the near future. It looks great and performs fast. Check out our hands-on video to see the new Netflix experience on Windows 10.

The main page provides large thumbnails for shows or movies. They're broken up by categories. You scroll horizontally to view the items in a category and scroll down to view other categories. If you're using a mouse, there are arrows on the left and right side of the category to scroll. The touchscreen experience, however, is where it shines. It is very snappy.


When clicking or tapping a movie or show, the details view pop up to give you a brief description, ratings, and a list of episodes or other suggestions. You can start playing the movie or show from here too.


The video player looks familiar. There's the play/pause button with a 10-second rewind option. On top of the player, there are options to enable subtitles and change the audio if available. I like the cards button, which lets you quickly jump into another episode or movie even when you have something playing already.


The updated Netflix app continues to support two features unique to Windows. You can still ask Cortana search for movies or show. The Live Tile still has carried over as well; when you pin the app to your Start menu, the tile shows images representing the items in your Continue Watching list.

The new Netflix experience on Windows 10 for PC looks great, and I can't wait to see the mobile version. You can get an idea of how it's going to look on Windows 10 Mobile by narrowing the app window. Netflix uses a responsive layout to optimize the size and placement of items based on the window size and scaling factor.

Have you tried the new Netflix app on Windows 10? Let us know what you think of it in the comments!

Download Netflix from the Windows Store (Free) (opens in new tab)

Mark Guim

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • I think it's safe to say W10/W10M is on the path to victory!! :-)
    More apps like this will accelerate the process!
  • waiting for windows central updated universal app to launch ;-)
  • Yeah no kidding. Hopefully a version that supports QHD screens so the text is not so teeny on my XPS 13
  • Awesome great! Wake me up when there is snapchat and instagram...
  • Instagram? What are you missing from instagram?
  • Must be those really annoying ads popping up in the middle of the photo stream. Seriously, how can someone live without the "Nearby" feature?
  • Be half-awake. Instagram is in the Store. Contact Snapchat to voice your complaint on their refusal to provide/allow a Windows app.
  • ...or you could kidnap and ransom that soggy noodle of a CEO lol =p
  • Meh...I'll hold judgement for at least a year to see if smaller companies follow suit with releasing apps for W10. And more importantly if all these companies will update and maintain their apps.
  • How is Netflix working in Continuum? Can you watch movies on your tv from your phone?
  • You can do that with a $20 dongle. No need to use your phone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Does it still support profiles
  • This is great news! UWA is Microsoft's last hope. Now if Microsoft would follow suit and update their own apps to be on par with iOS and Android.
  • I don't understand what are they waiting for!
  • Theres still alot of work to be done on mw10 before it on par
  • UWP
  • Agreed, like the app UI alot! Go Universal, go
  • Unfortunately, the app doesn't work on my desktop. I keep getting the error code U7361-1255-C00D7185
  • Uninstall. Reinstall
  • Thanks :)
  • Same here.  Works in browser tho.  Tried uninstall/reinstall to no avail
  • Same. I gave up the app lol. The browser works well.
  • Yeah, I got that error too, same as before the update, but I'm fine with the browser site too, you don't need an app for everything.
  • Chrome streams 720p so the app is better. The cause is because the app is not installed on the same drive Windows 10 is installed on. Just go into settings and move it back to C and it will work.
  • I have the same error message.  :(
  • Hi, I know that this is a week later and you already have this fixed, but for people that don't, the issue is that the app is installed to external storage and refuses to work properly there. The fix is to go to Settings, System, Apps and Features, scroll to Netflix and move the app to the C: drive. With that the issue will be fixed. 
  • Great news, coming from blackberry apps were scarce, at least native that is.
  • Just checked it out and this new app is fantastic. Well done Netflix!
  • Haven't seen the video yet, does it keep the a video open in background when alt-tabbing or changing desktop? Currently it goes back to the main screen, annoying (same in phone, you can't even semi open the action center)
  • Is there the Dolby Surround 5.1 sound available?
  • That depends upon your device. Surface devices have it. High end lumias have 5.1 too.
  • I hope they fixed the issue were it came back with "video player errors". That is a pain on Windows Phone 8. But Netflix support is great. Thanks.
  • Are they supporting 4k yet?? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Netflix, yes, through the app, idk.
  • It's terrible. I can't watch movies at less than full screen in tablet mode anymore.
  • Interesting. Open a browser and you can, but give feedback if you can't in app.
  • There's a fullscreen button, it just does nothing in Tablet mode, so that may be unintended. There are a number of other issues, like randomly throwing error dialogs as you scroll through listings and it's poorly optimized, so hopefully it improves with some updates. It's a pretty solid first pass at new UX though, just needs more polish.
  • Are people seriously watching movies on their phones? Waw
  • Yes. And tv shows. Many of us spend so much time away from home, its a nice get away when you have time to kill.
  • Ok thanks. Wasn't complaining or judging, was just really curious because there is no way I could personally do that. Would rather read a book, audiobook or listen to music on a commit than watch on a small screen, screws the experience for me. But I have a good friend who watches tv shows in bed before sleeping
  • Yes, daily on commuter buses.
  • I watch on the phone nearly every night when I go to bed.
  • Have you ever heard of continuum? Think about someone who travels, gets at the hotel and connects the phone to the tv via an HDMI cable (or directly with miracast if supported by the tv)
  • Or one could also just bring a small miracast dongle. :)
  • Cool cool cool. Looks and feels great. So pumped by the UWP apps and Netflix has shown us exactly how powerful, great, speedy, fluid and intuitive UWP apps can be. Great work by Netflix. Thumbs up!
  • This
  • Its raining Apps!!!
  • In here raining water so cool i'm lovin it
  • Does anyone know if "My List" is available for the new app? I can't seem to find it, but that seems like a rather big omission.
  • It's there, just a few rows down.
  • could be in the hamburger menu, though
  • I can see it. It's the first row of tiles in my screen.
  • Mine was all the way at the bottom - after everything else. Seems an odd place to drop my list of shows I want to watch with no way to configure.
  • Oh yeah, mine is too. It seemed the sections were scrolling endlessly, so I stopped looking before I got to the bottom. I don't know why it's not kept at the top.
  • Yeah i like the Netflix app, and Hulu too.
  • 4k support???
  • Windows 10 store is, again, gaining momentum. Don't screw up softies. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Because of app that was already available? The website still looks better. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • More people are using the app on W10 than the website. And they invested the resources to rebuild it because it's been doing so well. That is a sign of momentum; they could've just left it as the minorly updated W8 version they pushed out a little while ago, and they didn't.  
  • Would love if it supported all the different cast technologies like Chromecast and airplay etc...
  • Fantastic app. It seems faster (no really, it does) and I really dig the new layout.
  • Yeah I can run it on my netbook with no problem, unlike old one
  • It loads tiles more slowly; if you flip down really fast on slower hardware you can force it to relaod all the tiles one at a time. Most other things seem to be better though, so obviously some more optimizations need to get done.  
  • Two questions. Does it support casting (like Edge or Movies app)? Can you use the app while projecting to miricast?
  • Will download this as soon as I finish updating my devices.
  • Definitely first day I haven't used edge for Netflix
  • It's really great, I was pleasantly surprised! I don't like that it shows episode captures, it could lead to spoilers. But well.
  • Now this is what I like.
  • How is this better? There are no categories like in the old app. How do you find all Sci-Fi movies or all action movies or all comedies?
  • Netflix is one of the few apps I prefer to use on my laptop instead of the website. It's just pleasant to use.
  • Hmmm. Worked great before and now on the same PC that it ran fine on, since the update it constantly crashes with a "F2 Something Went Wrong" error. Anyone else experiencing this?
  • Yes - constantly.  It's driving me nuts.  
  • how hard is it to leverage this with a MCE remote or other remote and use to replace MCE with netflix of the old?  This, plus the ablity to drop to start menu and launch plex, hulu, etc, and MCE is no longer needed (other than OTA recording)
  • you can control this new Netflix windows 10 app using 'Netflix Remote Controller'
  • New update of Netflix seems more professionally designed and ticks the boxes for the new windows design recommendations. I think the UI would feel better if the hamburger menu and "..." menu was at the bottom. ​
  • Random question: Has anybody tried navigating this app with an Xbox controller? Wondering if it is THAT universal :)
  • ^ THIS! In general I would love to be able to navigate windows 10 with my Controller/Joystick/Wheel. That would be freaking awesome! Sometimes I just want to game sitting on my couch with the keyboard and mouse in my other room where the PC sits and just do easy things with the Controller in windows, like quick answer a mail or Skype message etc., but I can't! which makes me sad
  • This is great! I do hope they are going for a great continuum experience and utilizing both screens; watch a movie on the big screen, but on the phone screen change settings, choose different episode, read the synopsis etc.. Such great potential. Much Wow.
  • Tried it - biggest issue so far is "My List" being buried. For me, it's all the way at the bottom after every other possible category. I don't understand why that wouldn't be the first or second thing after the most recently watched items. Maybe someone got a sort order wrong?
  • Netflix are always at the forefront of app development. That's one of the reasons they have been so successful. A good UI experience can make up for not always having the catalogue you expect. Customers know they don't have to worry about the device, Netflix will be there with a decent app.
  • I disagree. I preferred being able to scan more items more quickly in the drill downs on the previous version. It takes longer to review the titles on offer now and feels more cumbersome. Looking good is good, but form must be driven by function, not the other way around.
  • No.  I watch Netflix via my Roku or PS4, not on a 15.6" Laptop. What a horrible experience that would be... I don't even have it installed on my Tablet or iPhone.  Those are for short quips are YouTube, not watching a 1-2 hour full movie on Netflix, or binge watching a 200+ episode series.
  • Doesn't have "Next Episode" button in the new update. I hope they include it in the next update.
  • Give them feedback
  • Netflix app looks and plays great - but one issue: no way to get to the Disc Queue (movies to the home)
  • The app is only for streaming, not for managing your DVD queue or account.
  • Just realized I can explore new great content on Netflix on all my streaming devices by changing my Netflix region using these steps
  • too bad the Netflix app on Xbox One sucks completely for voice commands...
    the whole kinect thing was droped (again) by Microsoft itself, not even Skype is usable without the controller now. I feel like I spent money on the Kinect with a promise that was not fulfilled.