Netflix updated with profile support on Windows 8, no love for Windows Phone yet

Earlier in August, Netflix added profile support to their popular video streaming platform. The move was met with praise left and right. No longer do you have different movie and television tastes clashing and distorting suggestions for multiple people in a family. The feature first showed up on the web version of Netflix and slowly went out to the iOS and Android versions of the mobile apps.

It’s also supported on the PS3 and Xbox 360. But Windows Phone still doesn’t support profiles and today the Windows 8 version just gained the ability.

We’ve been anxiously looking forward to the profile feature on Windows Phone, but today is not the day. Thankfully our Surface Pro and various Windows 8 machines can get in on the profile action. The update is out now in the Store and you should really update if you’ve got a few people sharing one Netflix account.

Why use profiles? You can give your kids their own profile and Netflix will build suggestions around the cartoons and kid friendly content they watch. Speaking of kids, you can specify if the profile is for a kid under the age of 12 and keep those more mature titles away from them.

We’re still anxiously waiting for the feature to make it to Windows Phone. We’ll let you guys and gals know when it does.

Want Netflix for Windows 8? Head to the Windows Store (opens in new tab) to grab it. 

  • Still looking for a ultraviolet movie app any suggestions?
  • +920
  • Still Patiently waiting for HBO GO, TWC APPS, CITI BANK, & WWE APP. Those for me would bring WP8 on pair with IOS and Android. At least for my specific usage.
  • +1020 on HBO GO. My surface rt plays fine from the website but seriously, we need the app already on WP and w8.
  • Yes❕ I agree that those are all needed on the platform.. Let's get to contacting those guys immediately❕
  • What's more is seeing commercials for new apps and seeing they're only available for IOS and Android. I have yet to see a commercial for a popular app and at the end it says WP available. That is the true hurdle for WP.
  • Flixster on windows 8 plays UV movies. I've never understood why people use UV anyway...just buy on Xbox video.
  • Most, if not all, of the "digital copies" bundled with disks are ultraviolet copies.
  • Why buy it twice if you get free UV copy when you buy the dvd
  • Because DVD/Bluray use is declining and UV does not have the platform support like Xbox video does. Xbox, PCs, Tables, (soon) Windows phone. And if you want to buy digital at some point anyway, it would be nice to have all your digital movies/TV series in one location.
  • SkyGO for UK
  • Dinkleburg!!!
  • I use more on windows 8 anyway and I'm the main profile on my phone. At least we know it's inbound at some point. Feel like that unloved child who proves every one wrong, lol!
  • Personally I can understand tablets and computer but I don't see a great deal of urgency for a phone since I'm the only one that's ever on it anyways. I'd be happier with an updated UI
  • I knew someone would make that point. Glad you did.  So the reason why you'd still want profile support on your phone is so you get your suggestions and not those of your kids, spouse, or roommate. While you're not going to be swtiching profiles as often as you would on the Xbox or Windows 8, it's still nice to at least select which profile is using it on the phone. But you're right, you're less likely to actively switch it often on the phone. 
  • My movie taste are completely different from my girlfriend. I don't care what she watches. I don't want her lifetime movie suggestions popping up on my list. LOL
  • That + I use Netflix on my phone alot. Since I don't have a tablet and refuse with everything I am to use a iPad...
  • Good point. Wasn't thinking of that perspective.
  • Good to see, hope for WP-support, but the win tablets and pc's are shared - more important there, but my phone is only used for my own netflixing. Even if Windows is not first in line, I am pleased about the solid support across MS-devices.
  • ❕❕Warning❕❕ off subject.... SDB❕
    Say I'm crazy, but MS just may have plans to develop, or are already in the process of developing, a very slimed down version of WP8 for their newly acquired Asha line of phones.. I seriously wouldn't be surprised if this was unveiled later this month in Dubai... Imagine what that would do for WP market share in the next two years... How exciting would that be❔
    Hey❗ It's just an idea folks... So don't be nasty..
  • Considering they haven't even obtain Nokia yet, there's no reason to unveil anything.
  • Actually, why not❔ Whose to say that Nokia, and MS, haven't been planning this for some time❔ After all, some Nokia devices already run MS software before MS has acquired Nokia's hardware division... Anything is possible, and a MS product running a MS OS isn't to far fetched of a idea... Besides, wouldn't MS want to put some of their services, like Bing, all over their hugely successful, newly acquired feature phones❔
  • I have been thinking about that myself and I know right that 'The Software Giant' will definitely not run a different OS on their devices. Like Rodney said, MS will not put full fledged WP8 OS on their Asha phones but will certainly tweak the software to fall in line with Windows architecture.
  • That's actually something that I didn't take into perspective.. Now that you put it that way I am extremely positive that MS will take over the software of the Asha lineup.. Like they are going to use someone elses software in their own products.. What was I thinking❔.. You're right,,, the Asha lineup is a bigger opportunity for WP than the Lumia lineup ever was if you really put things into perspective... I think I see what MS is doing here now, and that's why I never doubted them...
  • I care more about fast resume than profile support, but both would be nice.  It is extremely frustrating to pause a show to check email or another notification and have to start back at the title selection screen.
  • This.
  • I don't really watch movies on my phone, but I love the Netflix app because the way you can browse titles, search, and manage your instant queue is a LOT better than the interface in the Roku app.  So, anything that improves the experience, I'm all for it.
    (Obligatory AT&T slam)
    " love for Windows Phone yet."  Hm, I didn't know Netflix was a subsidary of AT&T.
  • Our Netflix app needs an update period compared to the Hulu app it doesn't take advantage of the Os at all no WP UI you can't pin anything if Microsoft push them to update this app just as much as the Xbox one we'd already have a better user experience then any other Os
  • Who are you people with the time to watch television? Between hot girls, work, and DOTA2 - I have no such luxury ;)
  • Same here, Dota is better than tv.
  • Tv doesn't require constant input from the user. Turn it on, pick the show then proceed to zone out. Gaming takes too much work. ;)
  • I haven't set up multiple profiles yet - does the current WP app just merge the profiles?
  • No. It just shows default profile.
  • I don't understand how big companies can ignore WP8... we are talking about billion $ corporations
    Not sure about the US market but in Europe Android 70% market, and iOS 16%, WP 9%. Do you really want to ignore 2/3rds of iOS or almost 10% of users? We are talking about millions of $$$ lost. 
  • IDC: Windows Phone Grows 77.6% YoY In Q2 2013, Nokia Dominates Total Device Shipments With 81.6%
    Yeah Netflix - please ignore this data! 
  • It's about time they updated the W8 app. I've been bugging them on Twitter about both the W8 and WP8 apps, and all they ever said was that they were working on getting everything updated (pretty vague response). So hopefully they update the WP8 app soon. iOS got the update almost instantly after they came out with the profiles. How can it take them so long to simply add profiles in the WP8 app?
  • I don't think that Android does have it yet. Last I read in August was that Android was not going to come for a while due to a limitation of development resources. I just looked and I don't see that feature in there yet. Looking very forward to it so that Netflix begins to realize that my favorite shows aren't Dora the Explorer and Phineas and Ferb.
  • I remember when WP8 and W8 was announced, and all the BS they talk about having the same Kernel and Sh!t, and how all the apps will be easly ported.  that was some BS they throw there and everybody got cought on it. now almost a year after still WP8 is has been lacking a lot of apps, the updates still at the mercy of the carriers (I remeber when they state that it was not going to be the case with WP8 yet still)....
  • Alas, I'm still waiting for the implementation in Samsung Smart TV. One would think that it's an important platform, but well...
  • Its ok. The key word in the title is yet.
  • Now that we are the 3rd ecosystem you would think there would be more support. But not quite..
  • Are they still using Silverlight for the video player?