Netflix updated with profile support on Windows 8, no love for Windows Phone yet

Earlier in August, Netflix added profile support to their popular video streaming platform. The move was met with praise left and right. No longer do you have different movie and television tastes clashing and distorting suggestions for multiple people in a family. The feature first showed up on the web version of Netflix and slowly went out to the iOS and Android versions of the mobile apps.

It’s also supported on the PS3 and Xbox 360. But Windows Phone still doesn’t support profiles and today the Windows 8 version just gained the ability.

We’ve been anxiously looking forward to the profile feature on Windows Phone, but today is not the day. Thankfully our Surface Pro and various Windows 8 machines can get in on the profile action. The update is out now in the Store and you should really update if you’ve got a few people sharing one Netflix account.

Why use profiles? You can give your kids their own profile and Netflix will build suggestions around the cartoons and kid friendly content they watch. Speaking of kids, you can specify if the profile is for a kid under the age of 12 and keep those more mature titles away from them.

We’re still anxiously waiting for the feature to make it to Windows Phone. We’ll let you guys and gals know when it does.

Want Netflix for Windows 8? Head to the Windows Store to grab it. 

Sam Sabri