New Crackdown 3 update brings co-op save fixes, performance bump

Microsoft has deployed a new content update for Crackdown 3, its newly-released action-adventure game for Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. With its initial launch offering featuring questionable limitations, the team has delivered a roadmap of planned improvements for coming weeks. As outlined via the Crackdown blog, the first of these updates has now hit both platforms.

The first Crackdown 3 content update primarily focuses on cooperative fixes, amending previously outlined save issues and improving performance for "particularly long co-op sessions." While support for multiplayer Xbox Live lobbies and an unlocked co-op PC frame rate remain absent, the next major content update is expected on March 8, 2019.

The full changelog reports a variety of further tweaks and fixes, as detailed below:

CU 1 Patch Notes

Co-op Performance improvements:

  • We also improved performance during particularly long co-op sessions.
  • We are still investigating other fixes, including the 30 fps lock.

Co-op save games fixes:

  • Backing out of the World Select menu no longer overwrites the original selection.
  • Co-op campaigns should now prompt for an empty save slot to avoid overwriting existing world data.

Players should no longer have incorrect prompts to be removed from co-op session.

  • When playing co-op, if one person leaves or drops a timer will start, notifying you before it takes you back to the main menu. This was popping up incorrectly for some people in active co-op sessions but should no longer be an issue.

Niemand's air lift open for business.

  • There was a small chance if you died during the Niemand fight, that the air lift to return to the boss arena would not be opened properly. This has been fixed.

Tanks bring more BOOM!

  • The Annihilator and Minotaur have had their projectile blast radius corrected to better match their explosive visuals.

Propaganda Towers only rotate one way.

  • The rotating platforms on propaganda towers will no longer hitch a few feet backwards during their rotation.

Gaming mice no longer impact menu FPS.

  • Fixed an issue where mice with high refresh rate/DPI were causing severe FPS loss in menu and occasionally in game.

Other Misc. Fixes:

  • Fixed a rare case where vehicles would be catapulted away during collisions.
  • Fixed issue with supply points not changing to blue in co-op.
  • Tons of audio and VO fixes.
  • Lots of other tiny fixes.

In the meantime, Crackdown 3 is now available on Xbox One and Windows 10 priced at $60. Alternatively, a $10 Xbox Game Pass subscription grants full access, alongside over 100 other titles.

Matt Brown is Windows Central's Senior Editor, Xbox & PC, at Future. Following over seven years of professional consumer technology and gaming coverage, he’s focused on the world of Microsoft's gaming efforts. You can follow him on Twitter @mattjbrown.

  • Like Icarus, Crackdown 3 aimed too high for too long and was ultimately burned, falling to us a mere shadow of what it set out to become
  • No idea what you are talking about. I am enjoying the game quite a bit. Anyone that has played Crackdown before knew what the game was about so not sure what people were expecting.
  • Thumbs up on that.. I'm enjoying this game same way lake the two last crackdown games...
  • I can also confirm the game is a ton of fun.
  • You don't know what he is talking about?
    Here: Unfortunately, you having fun has nothing to do with the MASSIVE downgrade and the broken promises.
    The fun factor is a subjective.
    The broken promises and massive downgrade isn't. We gamers should really not let companies lie to us.
    We gamers should have a bit more demanding. When a company serves us a sequel we should hope and expect A LOT more and not "more of the same". Even more when they first showed the game in 2014 and we are in 2019.
  • Relax dude that was a tech demo very early in development. They still brought in fully destructible environments in multiplayer just with different textures the promise was still there....If you can't have fun with a game like crackdown, you are playing games for the wrong reason
  • Except the environments aren't fully destructible in multiplayer, some buildings cannot be destroyed no matter what you throw at them.
  • @kingofgods
    See "dude", there is a limit to damage control and defending a company no matter what.
    Did you even watch the IGN of 2015?
    It was said that this was the "multiplayer version of crackdown 3", they even said it was a "pre-alpha".
    It's not "just a tech demo".
    I would suggest you to watch the video and try to note all the lies and bs that the guy said when we see the current version. This, for me is the most downgraded game in history. I'm struggling to find a game that showed so much in the pre alpha version and ended up so much worse. If people say there wasn't a massive downgrade then at this stage they are just being dishonest. I'm playing games for the wrong reason? What does that even mean? lol
    I remember when I first watch the video in 2015. I praised it and said that it looked so promising. I would have thought that since it was early they would still improve on the tech but now it looks like they were just talking bs back then. It looks like they were overselling that "power of the CLOUD" marketing line just to get gamers to invest in the console. I really hate it when companies lie and mislead gamers with bs. This is one such case.
    The game is fun to you? Great. Good for you but that has NOTHING to do with the fact that this game has flaws.
    It's not because some people (most of which happen to be MS/XB "fans") find the game fun that all the flaws doesn't exist.
  • You gotta remember that the cloud based destruction mode had to be able to run on the original Xbox one as well. If it was just running on PC or the x1x you would see more complex visuals and it would probably match that trailer but the original Xbox likely couldn't render those visuals even with the physics calculation workload taken off the plate. At the very least Microsoft has proven it's possible and it works and syncs perfectly in real time which means for their next generation of hardware you will probably see more 1st party games take advantage of cloud physics. Those systems will have the necessary power to actually render the visuals needed to bring it all together.
  • @D0x
    You gotta remember that the first videos showing the destruction was in 2015. And there was suppose to be a multiplayer beta in 2016. So at that time they knew very well what they had to work with.
  • I know what you mean with "fun is subjective". This game plays like its on the 360.
    So does Left 4 Dead 2 and I'm still playing it. But L4D2 isn't asking for $60
    I had fun with Crackdown 3 the few times I played it but nothing's making me come back. Especially with that lock-on aim bs.
    But I guess its a game aimed at console players. So subpar framerates and autoaim is $60 worth of "fun". I guess lol
  • The lock on aiming is absolutely atrocious in this game, it's the worst part of single player.
  • Yea same here. The game is just fun..I don't care if they haven't changed much and I'll admit the city isn't as good as the original in terms of layout but the game is still just pure pick up and play fun. It doesn't hurt that it's also absolutely gorgeous at 4k in HDR.
  • Yes, but you would think that over time a game would evolve at least a little, bring in new elements, or abilities or whatever. Crackdown 3 doesn't, it plays EXACTLY the same as Crackdown one on the Xbox 360 (which had rather cumbersome movement and aiming back then), now some people might be ok with that, but others might have expected a little more effort out of a five year development time
  • Crackdown 3 is exactly what it's supposed to be, it's Crackdown. Like every game ever produced it kept the game play loop people fell in love with and upped things a bit with new weapons and vehicles. The graphics also got a huge boost, especially on the X and PC. People all hating cause it cool to hate on Microsoft right now. Just like it's cool to hate on EA.
  • Riiight, because there wasn't a massive downgrade. There weren't any broken promises from 2015.
    It's really funny that most of the people who defend this game also defend SoT and some even SoT 2. And they mostly are MS/XB "fans". It's so funny when they act like victims, trying to imply that all the criticism is undeserved. Read the criticism and talk about the flaws instead of trying to ignore them...
    When will fans of corporations understand that sometimes criticism is good if you ever want a product to improve. Sometimes I feel like these people aren't really gamers. Their priority is MS/XB above everything else.