New DirectX 12 demos show off increased game frame rates and realistic details

Microsoft showed off a new DirectX 12 graphics demos today during Build 2015 that showed how the new graphics API that's included in Windows 10 could be used to increase frame rates in games. Another demo showed how it can be used by a graphics engine to make a human look like she is crying realistically.

The demo showed a boost in game frame rates used Epic Games' Unreal Engine 4 with a new and experimental feature called heterogeneous multiadapter, which allows a PC running the engine with DirectX 12 to split the rendering workload between an NVIDIA graphics card and Intel's integrated graphics chip.

Microsoft says:

"We recognized that most mixed GPU systems in the world were not making the most out of the hardware they had. So in our quest to maximize performance, we set out to enable separable and contiguous workloads to be executed in parallel on separate GPUs. One such example of separable workloads is postprocessing.""Virtually every game out there makes use of postprocessing to make your favorite games visually impressive; but that postprocessing work doesn't come free. By offloading some of the postprocessing work to a second GPU, the first GPU is freed up to start on the next frame before it would have otherwise been able to improving your overall framerate."

You can check out the brief video demo on the Channel 9 website (note: our app does not allow for the embedded video to be shown).

Additionally, NVIDIA and game publisher Square Enix teamed up during today's Build 2015 keynote address to see how DirectX 12 is used in a game graphics engine demo called "WITCH CHAPTER 0 [cry]". The in-engine visuals show a woman crying with some amazing detail. NVIDIA stated:

"Bringing more reality and depth to character expressions will better immerse players in stories during game-play, and deepen their connection to characters.""GeForce GTX graphics were among the next-generation technologies Square Enix put to use with help from our NVIDIA GameWorks Effects Studio. Square Enix also conducted extensive research on real-time CG technology using DirectX 12. The results will be incorporated into Square Enix's Luminous Studio engine."

Source: Channel 9, NVIDIA (opens in new tab)

John Callaham
  • Creaaaaaaaaaaam!
  • the fine grained-control over ALL of the hardware in the system offered by DirectX 12 gives game developers the power to use techniques that were simply not possible in DirectX 11. Our Multiadapter demos only scratch the surface of what creative game developers can do now that they have the ability to directly use ALL of the graphics hardware in the system, even if such hardware has different capabilities and is from different manufacturers.
    Info from the directx blog........mixing amd and nvidia cards confirmed??? I'm not sure yet.
  • Nvidia would find a way to make sure their cards could never run consecutively with an AMD card. I've been and Nvidia fan for a long time, but they can be brutal towards competitors.
  • Well there was news that direct x 12 will be for Lumia phones tooo.!!! Any news on that any1 ???
  • Take that PS4
  • Benefits PC a lot more than Xbox
  • Totally benefits PC. Xbox will never have DX12
  • Lol? Xbox will totally benefit from dx12...its been said everywhere
  • More like mantle
  • ? It's hardware supports dx12 100%
  • Xbox was built with dx12 support
  • Xbox is getting DX12. Your facts suck.
  • Xbox is getting DX12
  • Xbox will have Dx12 and get a significant boost from it. I wish clueless people would stop commenting.
  • How can you call people clueless, next you will be saying Xbox One is the Best thing since sliced cheese.
  • This isn't a fan issue. I have not and will probably never own an XBox, but it's true: DX12 is for the benefit of XBox One and PC. If people say this doesn't work for XBO, they are incorrect.
  • Then again.. Just like previous direct X versions, there are going to be many interations of it. Update over update.. And new updates provide new functions. You buy a new graphics card, chances are it has newer DirectX version support. Which isn't a problem when u can replace videocards to keep up. With the Xbone it's easy - you just can't. Which means that in a couple or years/months, you'll see PC games getting features Xbone owners will not get. Might not be mind-blowing, but subtle things light lightning effects etc, stuff like that. Also, I have been running BF4 on the pc. On older hardware. (socket 775, older gen Intel Quadcore if you are a techie) Ran kinda smooth at full hd at medium settings. Then the Frostbite engine got patched to support Mantle. And newer drivers were released by AMD providing proper Mantle support for BF4. Then, the game ran smooth at high settings at fullhd. Being able to code close to metal has a lot of advantages so it seems.. The XBONE already had this advantage, since it was designed to have code run close to metal. It's easy for MS to achieve too, cause the hardware in every Xbone is (almost?) similar. Therefore, since it is already benefitting from this, I'm not really expecting spectecular boosts in performance for the Xbone. For PC however, besides Mantle, this concept is completely new.. So there will be a significant boost in game performance to be found there. Since most Windows games run DirectX, it will automatically benefit. Which is good, since this is what MS actually needs to boost sales for their latest OS'ses. 
  • Quicker than that - you'll see features on the PC immediately that XBO won't get. The main thing the XBO needs is a performance increase to bring it into line with PS4, and that's what DX12 should be able to do. OTOH if there's any new DX12 feature that a PC can do but the XBO can't, then it's quite likely that most PC owners won't experience that effect either unless they buy the latest made-for-DX12 cards. MS is pretty clear than DX12 is going to be significant for XBO, so it's more than just a matter of simplifying the work of Windows PCs. We'll see what happens at the end of July, I hope!
  • i think the xbox is better than cheese, sliced or otherwise. of course, i'm not all that into cheese.
  • Hopefully we get to stream PC games to the Xbox at least.
  • If Xbox benefits from Mantle-like features in DX12, PS4 will benefit for the Mantle-like features in Vulkan.
  • Take that Linux.
  • Well now maby xboxone only are 10% under PS4 in performance :) Thats great that they finally catching up :)
  • This gives me an xboner.
  • Points!
  • I love how DirectX 12 wants to use both my GPUs and all the cores in my CPU but it all makes me wonder if my laptop will heat up like crazy.
  • Of course it will.
  • No, from what i understand, laptops won't be concerned due they only have and admit 1 integrated graphic card
  • The biggest factor in DX12 is that it makes calls to the hardware in a more direct way than ever before. In the past, you couldn't compare a console and a PC of the same component specs because the console architecture was simply better for gaming, since it was a one-task machine streamlined for the purpose whereas the PC was both 'better' and 'worse' for having a broad OS. The use of IGPs by DX12 is a minor part of all of this. Many great PCs won't have a powerful IGP, or indeed any IGP at all, and yet they'll see immense improvements in the performance of their GPUs. If your CPU has an IGP, great: you'll get extra kick. Better still, if you have multiple cards, those are going to work better than they ever did before.  I'm not sure if you've understood what "integrated graphics" means here. An IGP is a processor in the CPU, which would allow a motherboard to handle display work even if no additional GPU was present. It's not the graphics card.
  • If it isn't already, it's not a gaming laptop
  • your laptop has multiple gpus?
  • Is just for new DX12 systems?
  • AMD: Radeon 7000 series and newer, NVIDIA: GTX400 and newer. It will additionally make use of your integrated graphics cores if your CPU has them. The extra push from the CPU's graphics capability is only a small part of this, really. You won't lose out too much if you don't have that. The biggest thing is the efficiency gain, which will be apparent most of all in the performance of a discrete card (or cards).  Some features of DX12 will need a card that's advertised as a DX12 card, but older cards are still going to enjoy improvements.
  • Hopefully, I can just stay with the GTX 970 for a long time.
  • You will. The only thing in the near future that would force you to upgrade would be trying to push an ultra high resolution monitor. 
  • My FX-6300 is going to shine with the Mantle-like improvements to DX12.
  • Does this mean I have to get a new PC to take advantage of it? Since the one I have is 3yr old and I prefer to game on PC that buying a gaming console
  • Not.
  • Meaning as long as one has W10 DX12 comes preinstalled?
  • Yes, DirectX is built into Windows.
  • I just had to upvote you to remove a -1. Stupid people are wandering through...
  • You need new hardware. Your graphics card will not support dx12.
  • Exactly what I thought!
    Cos the graphics card of 2012 should be outdated.
    I use AMD Radeon tho.
  • Is it newer than the 7000 series? If so, it'll work with DX12.
  • AMD Radeon HD 8750
    That's relatively higher methinks!
  • I'm not familiar with that GPU - is it a notebook one, the HD 8750M, or a desktop card? I can only find mentions of the M model, which appears to be about the same level as the Nvidia GTX740M. You'll see gains above your usual experience, but they might not be spectacular. The kinds of things you're seeing in the Square Enix demo are obviously not going to happen, since that video involves texture levels and effects for pretty hefty desktop GPUs only. I'm checking out benchmarks for a few games here, and it seems to be getting 30fps in GTA V and Battlefield 4 (albeit with a lot of setting turned down), so that's playable. Hopefully it'll give you a bit of a lift beyond that.  
  • The HD 8750M
    Yeah minute gains is better than nothing :)
  • I'm about to ditch the console and go back to PC. A console is easier to keep all to myself. A beast PC not so much. Everyone wants to use it for any little thing, but with all the smartphones, tablets, laptops and gaming consoles here I can buy a gaming PC and pretty much have it to myself. I miss gaming on PC.
  • Same here!
    I use my PC to watch movies and game.
    I use my company's for serious work.
    Also one can take the PC anywhere(short business trips) with console inside the bag not so much for console.
  • Dx12 is truly amazing.
  • That picture is kinda old already though...
  • ladies and gentlemen... "next gen" pc version
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  • The hair in the Final Fantasy demo looks absolutely astonishing... 
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  • Yes xbox was built with dx12
  • But the blind can't see beyond One and 12. They only see 4. A good example is the game KI. PaulB has even mentioned, 99% want to play the game but they don't have an Xbox One. Well go fucking buy it!
  • Help! Windows Insider Preview don't let me sign in. It's saying that my password is incorrect, but is not! Aaaarrrgh!
  • Go to the forums.
  • Why would anyone think this article is a good place to ask for help with something random like that?
  • Lack of moderation on the comments. People do it all the time and get away with that crap... sigh...
  • Guess I need to upgrade my GTX 560 2GB and Phenom II X2 550 3.1 GHz....meh I'm so behind the times :(
  • Or just wait and see what happens. Your 560 is going to run a lot better under DX12. By the time you get to find out, existing cards will be much cheaper and you'll have a better idea of which cards are coming next. 
  • I bet its gonna be a big ass update for DX12 on xbox
  • .
  • Amazingggggggg
  • Yeah I'm going back to PC lol gonna leave the One in the living room.
  • And I'm about to build a new PC. :D
    Btw... WHO IS ALSO HYPE FOR E3 NOW THAT SQUARE ENIX, PC Gamer together with AMD and Bethesda are making their own conference. WUB WUB XD
  • Your first sentence and your avatar photo are in perfect harmony here :)
  • I see some big improvements for FFXV and some more info on XIV Heavensward. Should be awesome.
  • Awesome
  • Would direct x 12 increase the performance of a nvidea (geforce gtx 850m) videocard made for direct x 11 found in the Asus N series notebook from 2014?? Just wondering because I bought the Asus N751jk-t7129h this week haha :-) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And I have to say, honestly, comming from Windows 7 desktop (and used it with joy for over 6 years) Windows 8.1 feels like a welcome breath of fresh air. I've never been someone who had difficulty with adapting to a new version of Windows, so maybe I'm not a typical case. But Windows 8.1 was intuitive and easy to use from the start. So I don't understand what all the Fuzz is about. (it's a high end notebook, with no touch) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes it will, but we don't know how much of a performance boost you're going to see.
  • Thnx! I just checked Google and found out that my video card was the first nvidea card to be based on the new maxwell architecture. Direct X 12 does support older architecture (like Kepler for example) but the maxwell architecture is the first to have full Direct X 12 support. So I'm very excited right now :-D Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • :) I think the best way to look at it is like you're getting a little hardware upgrade for free. Whenever you've bought a new card and fired up your favourite game to check it out, you'll have enjoyed a higher, smoother frame rate, and because of that you see the textures more clearly in motion, and everything's just nicer. Maybe you'll get to add some higher settings that would have hurt performance in the past. There are DX12-specific effects that will probably still be beyond your hardware (after all, if they're demonstrating scenes with 63m polygons, only a card with a maximum output of at least 63m polys can display that!). It's likely that a screenshot in DX12 will look much like a screenshot in DX11, but your games will be much better in motion: more responsive, and therefore more fun to play.
  • Dual 970m Maxwell here... This is gonna get fun!
  • from being new What u mean .... is it based on Maxwell 1st or Maxwell 2 architecture .. Maxwell 2 only supports full feature level 12.1 and hence all Directx12 features      
  • Wow, so will an sli system have 3 gpus to leverage? Also, I wonder if dx12 can natively use all gpus vram, like GTA V.
  • Watch the Sony fanboys flood the internet. I guess PC owners will get a lot out of this. Nice.
  • Looks good
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