id Software revealed today that the upcoming reboot of the DOOM first-person shooter franchise for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has a secret hidden in every level of its campaign. The secrets should please fans of the classic DOOM games.

SPOILER ALERT: Don't watch the video or read any further if you want to keep the secret intact.

As posted today on IGN's YouTube channel, every map in the campaign for DOOM will have a lever to find. Pulling the level will cause a secret door to open somewhere in that level that will lead the player to enter a portion of a classic map from either the original DOOM game or DOOM II, complete with its textures. The demons in the level are also in the same spots as the ones in the original games as well.

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While the secret levels are only small sections of the full maps, the good news is that when they are unlocked, players can go back to DOOM's menu and play the full versions of the classic maps, as they are unlocked in the campaign. The DOOM reboot is due for release on May 13 for $59.99.

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