New Flappy Bird clone brings Facebook support, wide tile and no ads for Windows Phone

Flappy Bird. The game that won’t die. That actually did die. This morning, a new update came out for the ad-based clone for Windows Phone. Many of you are reporting that the game crashes. Indeed, we’ve noticed on our after a few game plays that it is now crashing too on our Lumia 1520. What to do?

Luckily, there’s a new clone on the Store and it’s actually much, much better. Read on to find out why you want to uninstall the old version and grab this one instead.

Flappy Bird (clone) by Zodo Studio 1.0

  • Wide Tile support
  • Posts scores to Facebook
  • No ads (full screen support)

We feel a bit better about a clone where the developer is not making money off of the rip. After all, it’s not exactly too hard to rip a game and upload it to the Windows Phone Store. It’s like paying for ROMs of old games versus just trading them. One feels a little dirtier. At least with this version, the developer is not making a nickel off of the port since it’s free and has no ads. Plus, with no ads, you also get that sweet full screen view (note, on some devices, the game won't reach the edges for full screen).

We also like the Facebook integration for sharing, as opposed to the Twitter version in the previous clone. It works well as you can see from our quick attempt above to share with our friends and family. That doublewide tile with an appropriately made icon also looks much better on our Start screen. A small detail that goes a long way.

Finally, the tap-response seems appropriate to us, meaning we like how this ‘feels’ to play.

For that reason, we’re suggesting grabbing this version from Zodo Studio instead. Of course, we haven’t tried it across all devices just yet, but we like what we see.

Pick up Flappy Bird 1.0 with Facebook support here in the Store. Windows Phone 8 onlyThanks, hieubuiduc and Calum SK, for the tips!

Daniel Rubino

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