New Flappy Bird clone brings Facebook support, wide tile and no ads for Windows Phone

Flappy Bird. The game that won’t die. That actually did die. This morning, a new update came out for the ad-based clone for Windows Phone. Many of you are reporting that the game crashes. Indeed, we’ve noticed on our after a few game plays that it is now crashing too on our Lumia 1520. What to do?

Luckily, there’s a new clone on the Store and it’s actually much, much better. Read on to find out why you want to uninstall the old version and grab this one instead.

Flappy Bird (clone) by Zodo Studio 1.0

  • Wide Tile support
  • Posts scores to Facebook
  • No ads (full screen support)

We feel a bit better about a clone where the developer is not making money off of the rip. After all, it’s not exactly too hard to rip a game and upload it to the Windows Phone Store. It’s like paying for ROMs of old games versus just trading them. One feels a little dirtier. At least with this version, the developer is not making a nickel off of the port since it’s free and has no ads. Plus, with no ads, you also get that sweet full screen view (note, on some devices, the game won't reach the edges for full screen).

We also like the Facebook integration for sharing, as opposed to the Twitter version in the previous clone. It works well as you can see from our quick attempt above to share with our friends and family. That doublewide tile with an appropriately made icon also looks much better on our Start screen. A small detail that goes a long way.

Finally, the tap-response seems appropriate to us, meaning we like how this ‘feels’ to play.

For that reason, we’re suggesting grabbing this version from Zodo Studio instead. Of course, we haven’t tried it across all devices just yet, but we like what we see.

Pick up Flappy Bird 1.0 with Facebook support here in the Store. Windows Phone 8 onlyThanks, hieubuiduc and Calum SK, for the tips!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • This game it's stupid I don't understand why developers spend some time on these clones
  • Facebook is stupid. I don't get why people put their lives on it for the world to see. No one cares. See, it works both ways. The point is, it's super popular and people enjoy it. Saying you think it's stupid is really not a unique analysis or insightful. I find the whole phenomenon fascinating, personally. Regardless, it's a free game that's a pop-culture hit. Who really cares?
  • I care about other peoples lives. Then again, most would say I'm too sensitive. :(
  • Lol well said Daniel.
  • People doesn't understand that we make them rich.. only playing, "like", sharing locations...
  • Ah, classic Dan. Old Man on the Mountain. 
  • Really for the first tym i support your analysis,it like facebook to some ,and flappy bird to others
  • Isnt the whole point of a comment section to say how u feel? If its stupid to some let them express it and just be thankful theyre participating in the community. Others will say they love it. It's opinion and feeling. Not for editors to chastise a user for his/her comments. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Of course! Notice I didn't say 'don't post here' or delete their comment? But just like how people can post 'how they feel' I can post my reaction. It's called dialog. 
  • you should post how you feel too, about the topic, sure...not how you feel about another user's feelings. how will that encourage dialogue? if x says i hate flappy bird, you say oh kool but i love it. simple. not chastise the commenter. especially as Editor,leave that for other users if anyone
  • lol, I wasn't aware of the rules in my own comments section, thanks. And I wasn't chastising. I think that's a little dramatic. I was merely illustrating, via analogy, that what may seem stupid to one person, is fun for another. Also, I do find it odd that the first comment is someone going 'this is dumb'. It's not a very fun way to start off a topic. Luckily, when we get voting, comments like those will be downvoted and out of sight.
  • You mean when you (finally) implement Disqus, or is it a custom yet enhanced version of the current comment platform?
  • ahh yes your use of analogy and sarcasm speaks wonders and is legendary in these comment sections. Do keep it up! Think one guy below even wants to take you out for a drink sometime(y). No rules btw, just etiquette. but it is your domain. I stand corrected good sir.
  • I had a comment deleted regarding my hatred of a certain search engine company, i don't know if it either didn't suit the way the editor was feeling or went against the proposed flow, but some things need to be said for others to gather the consensus and post accordingly
  • ok, i'll bite. the comment section is a place (in theory) for informed discussion and reflection. the comment section, ideally, is not for people to write 'hur dur, this sucks', 'first!', 'i miss meego' or for people to type +1020 or +920 or any "+" with their favorite model number. it's the most annoying thing about these comments and it makes it harder to find informed opinion.
  • @papanoongaku Absolutely spot on. Sadly though the world is full of morons who really don't have anything useful to say but just want to make a noise so that we know they are there.
  • oh really? give us a reason why this game is so awesome for you and why on other OS's it's history, oh I know because it's ridiculous.
  • The difference is this for your "comment" to actually promote any kind of conversation it can't be. I think this is stupid.....thats how a child reasons and argues, if you at least say I think its dumb because of this and that then you might be more valid. But if people are complaining about people attacking your opinion you began the attack because you said its stupid for people to like such a silly thing, therefore you are already attacking those who thoroughly enjoy it. Personally I can only play addicting games for about a day or two. But I'm not gonna be like your stupid for like a simple game that has no story nor gets a deeper emotional response from the player. There's a difference buddy
  • Well you can express your opinion in a less condescending manner. And if its the point to express your feelings then aren't we in the right to express our feelings of dislike to his comment?!?
  • Wow, no need to bite at this guy like that
  • He said that our comments are useless, but why to talk all pink when it isn't like that, we are the users who download and test apps so we have the right to speak about reality!
  • Is someone preventing you from saying something? 
  • no, just these guys who talks about others comments instead of the content here
  • Lol the point of comments is to talk about others comments. Your not in your own little world where you get to say something and no one except those who agree with you will comment especially when you sound so harsh in it.....seriously bro its not that hard to get..
  • well saidddddddddd... Daniel Rubino
  • I guess flappy bird is just not addictive to play, but to write about too...right Dan?
  • I probably hate facebook as much as you do, yet I use it mainly to stay in touch with family.
    I bet you are happy seeing it removed in WP 8.1
  • Well, reading the above comments of yours, Daniel sir, i myself am not a fan of Facebook. But still, i use it, coz its helpful. And well, the comment regarding why should one share on fb and noone is interested, i think, people are interested. For eg. Flappy bird itself... I love it, i scored 227, and posted on fb. That made me happy, and proud. And my friends cared to read it. Now we compete in it. That's why we love the game and fb. It gives joy.
  • Yes man the game is stupid but is trending worldwide.Such things make us to stand against other OS whether the game is stupid or not.
  • Windows Phone #Winning!
  • Yay.....kinda
  • Why the hell does this app need access to my location? EDIT: Oh great, this app now needs access to my entire Facebook profile as well. Uninstalled. Seems phishy.
  • The developers plan to rob you at night. (honestly, it's often a default setting overlooked by developers when checking off the manifest).
  • Lmfao! I wish I could take you out for a drink sometime just to repay you for all the laughs you give me in the comments :) virtual hi5 will have to do /hi5
  • :P
  • Especially since Dan is the ...Windows Phone Centrals' Bureau Chief for Windows Phone news and Editor of the piece. And he hasn't gone all "corporate" where he's "too good" to "respond" to "comments".
    Thanks for Keeping it real Dan. Lol
  • For devs to know if you have $50,000 stored on your vault.
  • Is Candy Crush as bad as this?
  • Candy Crush? Oh you mean Bejewelled with Twitter and an IAP store.
  • ^^this! I don't get why people want to end up having to beg people on Facebook for extra moves and the likes /shrug
  • Even worse
  • ..well at least you dont spend a dime for buying "extra lives"  
  • App crashed and burnt immediately on the first tap....
  • That's the problem with rushed ports! Works fine here, though.
  • you are confusing this clone with yesterday's clone. this one does NOT crash, unlike the patched version of yesterday's app.
  • For me I had to mute the game to get it to not crash.
  • Thanks Daniel! Another great article! :-)
  • That one is way way too it closer to the real one?
  • It's got plenty of ads, here. Porn ads, too.
  • Lol is this sarcasm?
  • Lies.
  • This must mean I'm dreaming then.!2681&authkey=!AND...!2682&authkey=!ABz...
  • I see now that you had the wrong link in the article. I like WPCentral, but calling me a liar isn't very nice.
  • Did you download the wrong one? That's the OLD port from this morning, not this new one with no ads. Read again. Unistall that game and download THIS one.
  • Not my fault as you had the wrong link in the article. I tend to be very thorough in my reading. I even uninstalled the game and installed again from the link in the article before I commented.
  • Then apologies for the confusion. As someone else noted, it seemed like you were being sarcastic, since the article explicitly claimed no-ads. In that sense, you were originally calling me a liar hence the response ;) Regardless, enjoy the came and sorry for the mix up.
  • Apologies accepted. Note, though, that I never called you a liar or said the game had ads for you. I simply stated that it had ads for me. I even contemplated that maybe it only displayed ads in certain regions of the globe or in certain devices.
  • Only problem is doesn't fit my screen(521)
  • Yup, bit of an oddity, yet works in full on the 1520. Not sure why. 
  • Probably designed for 720p...
  • i think the QR code is wrong, I scanned it with my Lumia and it took me to the previous cloned app! please fix that!
  • it should be fixed now
  • thanks
  • LOL, this is by far the easiest flappy bird ever! 84 first shot. not as accurate as de IG Studios version. 
  • Sorry no more flappy birds. What about telegram and watsapp update and subway surfers
  • WAY easier than the original xD
  • I like this version better. Thanks for the heads up Daniel
  • Thats odd. I didn't know I downloaded Flappy Bird Central. :p
  • Daniel, the QR code leads to that first clone Flappy Bird. The direct link to the store is correct though. By the way Zodo's version is running slow on my 920, really weird. I'll try reinstalling.   Edit: After refreshing page I saw someone pointing the QR code issue. Thanks anyways!
  • Why couldn't they publish the app to Windows Phone 7.8 like the first clone? I know it'll be unsupported soon, but I'm going to have my Lumia 900 for two more months and Flappy bird will probably be completely dead by then. I can't even take screenshots to prove my high-score. :'(
  • This one is for wp8 only
    Other one works fine on L900
  • Windows Phone 7.x :(
  • Try in browser ""
  • The update made it crash after second tap
  • There are two Flappy Bird clones. Which one are you talking about? Because I have a feeling you're talking about the old one, since you said 'update'.
  • Why this is only for wp8?
  • Because WP7.x is old, dead and unsupported. Get with the program and join the rest of us on WP8.
  • Runs perfectly fine....but shitty game...cant get past the third pillar...uninstalled
  • I hate this game - worse collision detection ever (always blame collision detection if you suck at a game).
  • Yup, it really kills the gameplay
  • I think the gameplay could run a little smoother. It also needs support for medals. I got 53 on my first try with this version and was only able to get 25 on the other one. If it gets an update I think it could be better than the clone with ads.
  • Ceeps crashing after update :(
  • This last Flappy bird is waayyy easier than the first one. I, this one I got 117 in my first try and in the first one I could only manage 40 after many many tries
  • A lot more easier than the original. I think i prefer the difficulty of
  • There's no "original" (sigh)
  • It's to easy... i prefer the old one... but the graphics of this one
  • This Flappy Bird version to me is so much easier... Got to 324 in my first go around... The other one I topped at 77...
  • This one was A LOT easier. I got a score of 101 on my 2nd ....flap. However.. I didn't even get a medal at 101.
  • K, I'm actually better at this version and have made it through the first pipe :-)
  • Reporting from Lumia925, first clone runs a lot smoother, this one is laggy for me. Too bad, because ads on first clone renders game unplayable if no internet connection is present
  • They made this game easy. Just got 44 on my first run. But no medals :/
  • It seems this one the physics dynamics are definitely different than the ad-enabled Flappy Bird, yet somehow I'm better at with the other one. What I love about this one is that falling is faster! By the way, I'm not seeing medals working for me... I'm talking about this FB from THIS thread.
  • 1Flying Astronaut is much better, same principle, but... an astronaut!
  • its WAY to hard dont you think?
  • Yeah because of that glass helmet!
  • Lol
  • I downloaded this and got 200 on my second try. Seems a little easy as my previous score in the other clone was 37. Playing on a 920.
  • Looks like there are even More clones now.
  • This is awful. 109 on first go, takes away all the tension. The first clone is way better.
  • WP dosent even get a good flappy bird clone...
  • The first clone was much better.......same here I'm like did I just turn into a beast.....nope!
  • I like it but, actually it's kinda laggy.
  • Okay... it is kinda addicitve. Annoying... infuriating... but addicitve. 
  • Also this game is alot easier here than on iOS or Android. Could you ramp up the difficulty otherwise my score is meaningless and my skill meaningless since its sooooo much easier....(I know this isn't the ratings but I'm sure developers read these)
  • Definitely seems easier than the original. Wish they'd make it a more precise clone and fix it. But its better than the previously recommended clone.
    One annoying thing: on my Lumia 520, it doesn't fill the screen. There are little 1mm or so black spaces to the left and right. While not a deal breaker by any means, its a little annoying.
  • This one a bit easy. Scored 51 on my first try. Hmm. Quite far from original.
  • This is a quite lousy port.
  • There are like 7-8 Flappy Bird clones lol. Just do a search for it in store.
  • 268 points after downloading this, the result of playing 1flying astronaut.
  • This one is better than the last clone, the last one the bird was too hard to control!
  • That medal still doesn't light up.
  • More like, "You're winner!" (If you know what I'm talking about)
  • Is anyone having problems connecting to facebook... I keep getting this notification about it being closed... I wanna brag about my score to my friends who cant get no more than 20
  • Go to explorer and type
  • Not for Windows Phone 7 as the ad supported clone, so i wish this one to turn into a miserable fail. Oh, and Yeah, not to mention how damn easy it would be to Port it.
  • Downloaded it yesterday, played fine, now it's crashing. {>_
  • 1020. is it laggy or this zolo clone has lower framerates? and this requires identifiers & location services? 4MB vs IG's <1MB.
  • I find this one doesn't run as smoothe as the other clone on my L920. And does seem easier. Prefer the harder one.
  • where did all the " you should get the real app " go Daniel ?   
  • The physics is so much different from the original! I wouldn't recommend.
  • can't believe how you can waste your time playing this shitty game, the worst I've ever seen. If you like easy to interact and immediate games, why not Rayman Jungle Run? :)
  • I'm just happy we finally have a smooth version of the game. The other one was a tad slower compared to the original.
  • Pardon my French...Screw your flappy bird I have Techno Kitten adventure.
  • Works on 1020
  • I can't share my score on Facebook. Please tell me how!
  • This just got updated with ads. Uninstalling now.