New Halo toy reveal possibly suggests the Banished will be in Halo Infinite

Atriox (Image credit: 343 Industries)

What you need to know

  • Mega Construx has revealed a special Hunter minifigure planned to come with a Pelican set later this year.
  • This Hunter is painted in red and black paint, possibly suggesting that its a member of the Banished faction.
  • The fact the set is described to include Master Chief and the Pilot as well implies the set is Halo Infinite-themed.
  • This has led to speculation that the Banished will be in Halo Infinite.

One of Halo's toy partner companies, Mega Construx, has revealed a brand new Covenant Hunter minifigure as part of a sneak peek of a Pelican set that's slated to come later this year. The Hunter has a black and red color scheme, and its Fuel Rod Cannon also features a blood-red coloration instead of the typical green. You can take a look at the figure below:

The black and red color has led fans to speculate that the Hunter is a soldier of the Banished faction, which were the main antagonists of Halo Wars 2. In addition to this, the description that Mega Construx provided with this sneak peek reveals that the set will also include figures of Master Chief and the Pilot, who both were prominently featured in Halo Infinite's E3 2019 trailer. Many have put two and two together and speculated that this set may be Halo Infinite-themed as a result of that, and as such, the possible inclusion of a Banished Hunter might mean that the Banished will be in Halo Infinite.

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If the Banished do appear in Halo Infinite, it's unclear whether they would be the primary enemies of the game or if they would be more of a side faction. Regardless, the possibility of the Banished entering the spotlight once again is very likely considering one of the Guardians from Halo 5 made an appearance in the final moments of the Halo Wars 2 campaign, suggesting that the spinoff RTS title would be linked to the mainline games in some way. Ultimately, only time will tell if the Banished will be a part of Halo Infinite, but so far it looks like they're likely to be.

If the Banished were in Halo Infinite, would you be happy or disappointed? Do you hope to see more of the faction leader, Atriox? Let us know.

Halo Wars 2 is available now for $40 on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs.



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