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New images of Sony-Ericsson Windows Phone prototype emerge

We've seen an image or two of the old Sony Ericsson prototype Windows Phone that was canceled before. The device, code-named 'Julie',  was a qwerty-slider and looked quite tantalizing at the time. Since then, SE has jumped on the Android bandwagon while leaving the door open for Windows Phone. We thought for a moment that SE was teasing us with a new Windows Phone for CES, but alas it was more Android.

Now, two new images have leaked of a Sony Ericsson Windows Phone device. Clearly a prototype not much is known about this phone but we're taking a guess that it is just the same qwerty-slider that we've seen previously. If you look closely at the top photo, the thickness of the device and "break" midway suggests that this is a slider.

What does this all mean? Unfortunately, we don't have any evidence that SE (or just Sony going forward very soon) has any plans for a Windows Phone. But Mobile World Congress is coming up at the end of February, so who knows maybe Sony will have something to present.

The site NokiaWP, who received the photos, claim that this is running Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango" which would definitely indicate active development. However, we cannot verify either claim at the moment.

Stay tuned..

Source: NokiaWP; Thanks, Juddy, for the tip!

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  • It just looks like new pictures of the old one.... Plus it does say Ericsson, and Sony is already releasing phones without the Ericsson moniker. So you'd think that their prototypes wouldn't be labeled with the extinct name.
  • Still want a Xpera play with WP7 on it... the ultimate gaming phone...
  • Sony will never sell a Windows Phone for one obvious reason. Xbox Live Integeration. 
    they have to advertise Xbox live!
  • Except that fails to explain why a SE prototype exists in the first place. Or how the CEO of Sony said that their Playstation Suite for Mobile was OS-agnostic and they were considering bringing to iOS and Windows Phone. Just saying, don't rule it out. Sony's phone division needs to make money and so far, Android is not doing it for them.
  • that prototype was for ages ago, that was when there was no "playstation certified" phones and Ericsson had 50% shares in Sony phone division. 
    Maybe, maybe if WP suceeds, obviously everyone would want a piece of it, but for now, it's extremely unlikely, impossible imo. 
  • I have a proposition...what if Microsoft somehow allows to convert xbox (mobile) games to PS3 (mobile) games (Instead of achievements, you got trophies..etc.) and the Xbox LIVE hub turned into the 'PSN Suite' or something..that would be sweet (it's propably not possible but still.)
  • Why would they do that? Anyway, PS Suite is based on Mono/Microsoft C# (Windows Phone Games is based on XNA/Microsoft C#). So they could easily port PS Suite to Windows Phone. This seams so be the goal since Sony choose to use Microsoft technologies for PS Suite (instead of Java or any other Android technology).
    Keep in mind, Sony Vaio is Windows PCs. PS Suite is also available on Windows 7 (in fact, you need a Windows PC to build games for PS Suite).
  • You do realize that Sony will still make Vaio laptops when Windows 8 comes out right?  Xbox Live will be running on Sony products eventually...
  • I hope this is possible.  My son has the SE Experia Play and I lie to you not:  it has the best call quality I have heard in a long time, it is a solid built, and for its age it is a real decent performer.  I would love to see what they offer WP.  And if they get a hit, why would they care that much XBOX integration?
  • I wouldn't say that Xbox Live will be integration in Windows 8 and Windows 8 will be running on Sony Vaio laptops. If SE releases a Windows Phone I might consider switching from Nokia just because.
  • The more the merrier but I have to say, why bother? Now that Nokia is getting ready to ship product that looks a gazillion times better than that phone it's already DOA. Plus that and the whole Sony PS vs XBox thing. No thanks.
  • Bring it to verizon!!
  • I would love it if they released this, especially if it is a keyboard slider. I've owned three Sony Ericsson's in the past and they've always been excellent. I've come to rely on the keyboard on my Quantum though and it would be difficult to go without one now, and there aren't any other new sliders upcoming that have been revealed.