The new Microsoft Edge is available today on Windows and macOS

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Microsoft's new version of its Edge web browser is now generally available, meaning anybody can go and download it (opens in new tab) starting today. The new Microsoft Edge has been in the works since late 2018 and is built upon the open-source Chromium project, just like Google Chrome and Opera. The new browser is available today on Windows and macOS, with a Linux version coming soon.

The new browser will be rolling out in waves as an update that will replace the legacy version of Microsoft Edge over the next few months. If you don't want to wait, you can manually download the browser yourself today, and Windows will automatically replace the old Edge for you. All your data, including history, passwords, and more, will transfer over to the new browser with ease.

Now that Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium, it's more or less just like Google Chrome. If you're a Chrome user who didn't like the old Edge, you might want to give this new version of Edge a try, as it looks and feels like Chrome, but without all the Google-y bits. It also features the same excellent web performance and compatibility, meaning you shouldn't find the new Edge slowing down when browsing the web.

The new Microsoft Edge is also enterprise-ready, with features like integration with Azure Active Directory, Internet Explorer mode for rendering legacy webpages, privacy features, and more. It also supports the same extensions as Google Chrome, 4K video streaming on Netflix, and Dolby audio. More features are in the works, including a new Collections feature that will be available in the coming weeks.

Unlike the old Microsoft Edge, this new version will be updated on a six-week cadence with new features and enhancements. This means Edge is no longer tied to Windows 10 updates, which should mean faster innovation in the browser space. If you're a user of old Edge, I highly advise you give the new Edge a try as it really is an improvement in almost every regard.

Download Microsoft Edge (opens in new tab)

If you use Google Chrome or another browser, I also recommend you give the new Edge a try. Unless you are fully invested in Google's ecosystem, the new Microsoft Edge is a real treat to use. It is privacy-focused, clean, and overall a great browser to use.

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  • Any idea when sync of History and Extensions is coming?
    It's pretty much the only reason I haven't fully switched from Chrome yet.
  • installed and it came up russian on my PC.... figured out how to manually switch it to english. I blame the AD setup at work as it's not the 1st time russian has popped up....
  • Does this one have set tabs aside? If not I will.
  • No, but the developers version has "collections"
  • No but you can go to the google chrome store and download Tabs Aside as an alternate it works great
  • How do I get a "View Image Info" in the right click menu when right clicking on an image?
  • Or even the old "Properties" option from IE? View Page Source and Inspect give way too much info if all I need is image size, type and location data.
  • I love it.
  • Requires Mac OSX 10.12+. I wonder why it won't work on previous builds? Wanted to try it at work but sadly we're on 10.11 lol
  • Upgrade?? It's free after all, unless you have an outdated machine that apple won't support updates.
  • Yup our workstations are too old (2007 12 core Mac pro). The IT dude had to do workarounds supposedly just to make 10.11 work lol. Pathetic. I actually throughout apple would keep supporting your computer's.
  • Dude, it's a 13 year old computer. I mean, eventually things are just going to be too old, even if it is top of the line, or close to, for the time a lot has changed in thirteen years.
  • Agreed, tell that to my firm lol
  • I've been happily the new Edge Beta for a month - it's way easier on my machine's RAM than Google Chrome!
  • Uninstalled. Didn't work well with side scrolling mouse function.