New Microsoft Edge extensions site goes live for all

Edge Extensions Site
Edge Extensions Site (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft officially launched its new Edge extensions site today.
  • The site aims to improve upon the old with better accessibility features, a new first-time experience, and more.
  • You can check out the revamped extensions site (opens in new tab) now.

Microsoft formally launched its revamped Edge extensions site (opens in new tab) today, detailing its new features and improvements in a blog post (opens in new tab). Introduced earlier this year, the new site aims to increase accessibility while addressing some of the main concerns Microsoft had hear from user feedback.

The main focus for this revamp is on improved navigation. The homepage presents various categories for extensions on the left side while highlighting editor's picks, trending extensions, and more in the middle of the page. To improve searching, Microsoft says it has added the most relevant information and actions to each search result.

In addition to improvements to general browsing, Microsoft touts accessibility improvements as well. The website has been built specifically to take advantage of high contrast mode and narrator. First-time users should also have an easier time navigating with an increase to "hand holding" in the extensions manager page.

The improved extensions site should be available for everyone to check out now. Microsoft adds that it is working on bringing a simplified experience to extension developers with improvements to the Partner Center.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Yaaaaaay! There are more than 40 extensions, too!
  • But will anyone use the site? Those who use Edge, once they realise that they can change a setting and get chrome extensions they will straight there and those that don't realise it will think that Edge is a load of rubbish and go back to Chrome as they think they can't get the extension they want. i can kind of understand why Ms want their own extension site, but I think it may cost them users.
  • I just did a clean install and was pleasantly surprised how many of my extensions were available in the MS store. I check and use those first, just so to encourage the developers to keep supporting the store.
  • Yes people will use it because when you go to the extension settings one of the first things you see is "get extensions for Microsoft edge." They're going to look there first and if they can't find something they want they'll eventually figure out there's a setting to allow extensions from the chrome web store.
  • Probably only a small percentage that can't find the extension here and won't look after it in the chrome webstore I think. I would guess MS made the correct choice here, at the very least it makes them less dependent on google.
  • What is the point of extensions? Really waste of time and looks childish android too. I browse furniture and I see Dark Reader extension.. what must I do with this crap?
  • I have three extensions on my browser, Language tool, ublock origin and Lass pass, I find those three useful, sure there are a load of extensions that are rubbish, but some are useful.
  • Feeling a bit grumpy? How can you not see the usefulness of an addon that practically adds dark mode support for every site?
    Or something like ublock origin that blocks lots of trackers and also malware from ads? (not joking here)