New official MySpace app coming this summer

Ahead of CTIA this week, MySpace has announced it'll have an official Windows Mobile application ready this summer. But wait! That's not all, folks! MySpace also is hopping on board the Silverlight train. PCMagazine's got the lowdown:

"Our relationship enables app developers to use Silverlight to create engaging MySpace apps and allows Windows Mobile users to have a more personal MySpace experience on their phone," Aber Whitcomb, chief technology officer of MySpace, said in a statement.

If the above picture of the MySpace app looks familiar, you're right. The icons are right along with what we've seen in the Facebook app that was ported over from a Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM. That could well be an indicator that the MySpace app will be just as useable.

Stay tuned for more coming out of CTIA later this week.

Phil Nickinson

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