New photo of the Nokia Lumia 1520 from China shows off massive display

Although the Lumia 1520 is still weeks away from being announced by Nokia, that hasn’t stopped a new photo from coming out of China today. In fact, we bet we’ll see this device numerous times before it is officially revealed, not leaving too much to the imagination.

In the new photo, no new hardware or specifications are revealed but we do get a nice quality look at the massive 1080P display.  Along with it, you can see just how many Tiles can be stacked on each other, giving users plenty of flexibility in configuring their devices.

The Lumia 1520 is expected to go sale in the US on AT&T on November 8th. The device will come in four colors, including red, yellow, white and black. Featuring a 1080P display, the first of its kind Windows Phone will be the largest yet, all powered by a 3400 mAh battery.

Source: Weibo; via Sim Only Radar, New Cell Phones Blog; Thanks, Josh and et, for tips

Daniel Rubino

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  • I'm not a fan of the big screen. But I would like a 4.3 inch FULL HD display :D
  • Yeah, 4.3" is the best for whom likes using phones with one hand. 
  • Look how the bottom left tiles seem to have an image behind them that transfers from tile to tile. That would be awesome!!
  • You don't need 1080p on 4.3".
  • It could be said that you don't need 1080p on 6".
  • 1080 would give you more rows/columns, so yes I would "need" it.
  • 1080p doesn't give you more rows/colums, the screen being 6" does.
    You could still have as many on a 720p 6" screen, just with a little less clarity.
  • I was under the impression the increased resolution (from 720p to 1080p) is what allowed more tiles because the tiles are the same size in terms of pixels, but the screen resolution is higher so you can fit more.
  • NEED MOAR P!!!!!!!!!
  • Technically/programatically Microsoft can still fit more tiles on 720p or even less, although it will not look sharp because of the dpi
  • That's what I was thinking. From my understand, on the windows 8 PCs and laptops higher resolutions bring more tiles. So will need a 1080p screen resolution to get the extra space. Screen size does not decide what the resolution will be nor does it decide what will show up. Dell proved that with the Dell Streak.
  • That means everything, including text will be a lot smaller, do you really want smaller objects on a 4.3" device?
  • I think you are right❗
  • You are wrong. The increased screen size is what allows for more tiles to be shown, seeing as they ARE of the same size as before.
  • Developer here, 1080p does allow more rows/columns because it is 50% more than 1080p. Current assets we give to the store are made for 720p so they would remain the same
  • why can't you change resolutions on a phone?
    like you can do on a pc? that way, if the phone at 1080p
    was too small, you could set the resolution to 720p or
    lower if you wanted?
    is there a technical problem with this?
    have never seen an option on a phone for this.
    do it on pc's all the time.
  • That sort of thing existed with Windows Mobile (idk about actually changing resolutions on the same device, maybe with some registry hacks), but you could get a device with pretty much any resolution and it didn't require OS support that way Windows Phone does. The problem is usuability. On the desktop it's fine because typically a higher resolution means bigger displays so you can just show more content, but on a phone it tends to mean just higher DPI so you have to scale everything accordingly. And with scaling comes problems with assets looking ugly. They already suffered some of that when getting converting WP7 apps to support 720P displays and the new tile sizes in WP8, it's not something you want to keep doing.
  • On Windows 8 rows/columns are linked to screen size, not resolution. 4" screen would make the extra tiles too small regardless of the resolution. You could put a 4K display on a 4" phone and you're still going to be limited in the number of tiles. Tiles have to be big enough to read easily and to touch reliably.
  • FHD should be around 4.7 or something or 5. aspect ratio will be ruined. hmm
  • I would like a 4.7" 4k screen.
  • Me too wish the would have been great if Nokia released same specs with 4:3" screen or max 4:5".
  • Obviously there is a market for these 6"+ phones.... I'm just not in that market..
  • Yea. It is pretty big. I like the 920 screen size.
  • I'm an open market ;)
  • Unfortunately all that screen space comes with higher hardware specifications. While I do not like like the size and I have mocked it in the past, but if nothing else in the size of the 920 comes out with the specs that are in the 1520 I will have to bite the bullet and get one. >_>
  • I've been thinking of picking up the Samsung Mega but I'll hold out for this.
  • The dpi of the Sammy Mega is poor compared to this.
  • The 1520 has a lot more going for it. But the one thing the mega has is I can get one now. But with this just around the corner I'm waiting for the 1520. If this was 6-8 out I don't think I would wait.
  • As far as specs are concerned the 1520 is way more powerful than the Mega...
  • Go home rodney
  • I would buy this phone if it had a hump like my 1020 to house the 41 MP.
  • Nice❗.. That hump is iconic❗
  • Time for me to change to 1520 from 920. Much more of a difference as compared to 925,928 or even the 1020.
  • Same here, very tempted after seeing this pic. Will probably need to use att next program for this.
  • Agreed. Initial upgrade after 12 months on new contract right?
  • AT&T Next is the biggest rip off. I suggest, if you can, try to pay full price. Selling your current phone will help, especially if it's in good condition.
  • Absolute rip off and an Att rep even agreed with me. No way would I add another $20-30 month to my bill for 20 months. Their ads are so deceptive because they don't mention that extra $20-$30 month. Instead of $36 upgrade fee (which most times you can get removed) every 18 months they resort to this crap.
  • Want a new version of Lumia 920, 1080p display and at least GDR3, and yes, no Amoled, but IPS
  • But only if QI is built-in.
  • With more pixels, pureview and 64gb storage
  • I would rather like an SD card slot
  • It comes with a SD slot. WPC did an article, or an article containing, some specs, and a SD slot was one item mentioned.
  • But I am afraid that the 920 replacement has no SD card slot, and its very likely for Nokia....
  • It was leaked that it has an SD card slot....
  • Yes it has a microsd slot. If it didn't this would be DOA for me. This device may actually replace my Surface RT, kindle keyboard and 920 in one fell swoop. Far more mature app situation in WP8 than Windows RT; 6 inch 1080p screen makes it a viable e-reader replacement; microsd makes this a media and games hoss vs. Windows 8/RT. And it's sure to be a conversation starter on the train.
  • Beautiful. Can't wait.
  • Me either!
  • I'm debating if I should purchase this, the larger battery is a huge plus IMO.
  • The larger battery would be nice in a 920, but as the screen is also massively bigger I don't think you'll notice it
  • Standby and talking on the phone won't be affected by the screen, so you will definitely notice a difference.
  • Good point.
  • Bringing sexy back!
  • Justin?
  • No! Nokia. Everyday I'm falling more and more in love with the Phablet. My must have devices this Christmas is the XBox One & this 6inch Nokia Lumia.
  • I second that opinion, and emotion.
  • +1
  • +1337 this phone owns me
  • trying to get approval for 1520 and surface pro 2.... best phone and best tablet... dream come true
  • The Me Tile is scratched out. Wonder what the other one scratched out is. It appears to be a tiled picture of Greece with phone tools on the tiles.
  • Lol, was just looking at that scribbled out part. This will be worth waiting for!!
  • I think , thats to hide the leakers personal pic,info ect..,, but who knows...
  • Aside from cutting edge specs, I want all future Windows Phone from Microsoft to be called as 'Nokia-something' not as 'Microsoft-heaven-knows-what' or 'Windows-Phone-I-don't-freaking-care'!
  • I agree. Please keep the Nokia brand. I trust Nokia more than O do MS. An os is nothing without solid hardware.
  • Microsoft doesn't have the charm that Nokia delivered for the past century. Nokia is very well known here in the Philippines. A lot of people knows about iPhone and Samsung (not Android) and even BlackBerry but no one knows what Windows Phone is. Some, maybe. By ditching 'Nokia' it's like they're ditching Nokia's legion of fans. Nokia did not die instantly unlike BlackBerry and that is because of brand loyalty. Microsoft should think about this first.
  • Nokia *does* have a stronger brand recall here in the Philippines, and I don't think Microsoft's just gonna up and ditch the brand altogether. I think the main problem here is that not a lot of people know what 'Windows Phone' is. Heck, I honestly don't remember ever seeing a store that has an working WP demo unit. Microsoft PH/Nokia/HTC should realize this, and maybe cooperate with Telcos so that they can better push WP awareness to the masses.
  • The hardware is being developed by the same people. So, unless Microsoft orders them to cut corners, it should be just as solid. The name doesn't matter.
  • Solid hardware is nothing without an OS.
  • How about simply Lumia?
  • If the Nokia-Microsoft deal goes through, forget about seeing the Nokia name on your devices unless you buy an Asha device.
  • I was joyful when I heard MS will buy Nokia but after the news that the Nokia I know will perish after the acquisition, I'm filled with disgust. MS is stupid for thinking that by removing 'Nokia', Windows Phone will grow. Not a single soul knows a Microsoft branded phone. People only bought Lumias because it's Nokia. I did. In addition to that, there are reports that MS will ditch Asha. What the heck were they thinking?
  • "Not a single soul knows a Microsoft branded phone" because their hasn't been one. Not a single soul knew an Apple branded phone in 2006.
  • The Kin...
  • Kin was made by Sharp.
    What else you got?
  • A rose is a rose by any other name
  • +1
  • Actually it's, "A rose by any other name would smell as sweeet" - Romeo & Juliet 
  • Xbox Phone
  • can we like file a petition to make them 'Nokia' stay? haha..
  • You can vote on the WP uservoice page, but it's unlikely that would have any affect. There is a lot more involved than just a decision to use it or not.
  • Most likely. But MSFT should look at the bigger scale of things. 'Nokia' says it all and they should never omit that name. 
  • Should be Microsoft Windows Nokia Division !!!!
  • A Petition to increase pageviews????
    its better to understand Nokia is still Nokia with Microsoft...
    Nokia or Surface it doesnt matter... which ever offers the outstanding quality with groundbreaking innovations... we shall adapt...
  • xbone fone
  • I Like
    Xbox One
    Windows One
    XPhone One
    all running one OS Windows9
  • I personally prefer windows branding. I associate Nokia with well built handsets with disappointing software. I associate Windows with pc software. So if I didn't understand about phones and i saw a windows branded phone I'd make the assumption that it was very powerful like a pc in my pocket. Seeing the live tiles would confirm this further. If i saw a Nokia branded phone i would think that it will have snake on it.
  • Snake was awesome in 1996.
  • China once again show how they are able to change this world for new generation communist doctrines in NWO. Of course not only China.
  • Uh... say what?
  • Quick, put your hat back on, "they" are watching...
  • Off your meds again Martinio32? Are those voices coming back again?
  • Not a fan of the huge display but if this is easy to use with one hand, i would definitely get this ASAP. Especially if it's Snapdragon 800 quad-core.
  • Easy to use with one hand?! This is a 6" phablet! It'll be anything but easy to use with one hand.
  • Good thing for me, as I have some pretty big hands ;P I just want to try this out when its released. I don't think I'd want to buy it. Just see what it's like for a while. Lol.
  • I'm trying to hope here. If the rumors about the 825 are real then i have no idea what to get. I want a WP8 phone with Snapdragon 800 (which the 825 is rumored to only have a Snapdragon 400) but i also want a not-too-big a phone. See my dilemma? :))
  • Hmm my suggestion... wait for the next gen Lumia 920, or 925. I expect them both to continue the 4.5 inch screen (maybe jump to 4.7?) and of course updated CPU's maybe not the Snapdragon 800, perhaps the 600 series? which is still a 55% increase over what the current gen has now :)
  • Nokia-gasm. I'm happy. I love my 920 and what it offers but a 1080p display and 3400mAh battery sound great.
  • Why are the capacitive buttons below too close to each other :O
  • Microsofts strict hardware requirements?
  • They not too close, it's the same distance as on any Lumia, just the phone is bigger and if they were to strech them to keep with 920 look it would also be unconfortable to use with one hand.