Nokia to hold event on October 22nd to "reinvent innovation"; expect the Lumia 1520

Nokia never ceases to innovate. That's the mind-set for the majority of it customers and also the company, who has taken to Twitter to unveil an event happening on October 22nd.

What makes this date so special? Nokia cancelled a New York event for this month, which was to announce the Lumia 1520, a 6-inch Windows Phone and also a Windows 8 RT Tablet. There's not much to go on regarding location, but there are some subtle hints in the image, we're sure.

Nokia October Event

Earlier, the Twitter account Evleaks reported an October 22nd date for Nokia's next "launch" and that appears to be accurate. So what do we expect to see at this event? We believe this announcement will be what was to be held in September - expect to see the Lumia 1520 (as noted above), as well as a potential Windows tablet codenamed 'Sirius' from Nokia and other accessories that are surely to follow.

Yesterday Windows Phone Central reported that the Lumia 1520 will be launching on AT&T on November 8th for an expected $699 off-contract price tag. The device will also come in four colors, including red, yellow, white and black. With the October 22nd date on hand, that will give Nokia and AT&T a two week launch window for the device, falling in line with their recent Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925 launches.

Check out our recent coverage of the upcoming device. We'll reach out to Nokia and see what more we can dig up.

Source: Nokia (Twitter)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Here we go.....1520 please
  • Lumia 3310 please.
  • Yes plz
  • Lumia 3395 with Snake game please
  • Lumia 7610 plz
  • I have a cell phone that has an app that makes phone calls
  • Haha. YES.
  • Matrix phone please...
  • Yes! I still have the 'Matrix phone', its dead and has no battery but damn it feels good to flick down the cover :P
  • Wasn't there an even planned for it thus month? Was it moved up?
  • Did you even read? "Nokia cancelled a New York event for this month, which was to announce the Lumia 1520, a 6-inch Windows Phone."
  • Is it a "fact" that the event was to launch the 1520? Or was that just a rumor?
    We expected 1520, then tablet, then both, but I never read a confirmation.....
  • It's a rumor, but there isn't much else they could announce. There hasn't been a company that could keep a secret for a while.
  • Except for Microsoft Surface.
  • A little thing got in the way. MS buying NOK
  • Or maybe just wanted a launch closer to release like they have done with Lumia 1020 and 925
  • Or GDR3 not ready.
  • ^^
    This! Having an announcement later, and the phone being released right then within two weeks is better than being announced early, then released 2 months later.
  • I agree to Steve Jobs there.. The release dates and launch date should be enough to those hungry craving WP users. including me..haha
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  • Edmonds, any chance you think they would announce the 1520, tablet, and in addition... Any '1520 variants'? In the past, the only variant to get a big announcement wad the 925 if I remember correctly. But it would be nice if they gave some attention to t mobile and verizon's offerings because often they look just as attractive as the originals
  • They could at least finish rolling out the 1020 first.
  • I'll tell them to postpone this. It's true, they should not launch another phone until the other one has launched everywhere they intend. Makes total sense from a business perspective to have less devices available and fewer media outlets covering big announcements. 
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  • He is using perfectly normal etiquette for a tech blog. Sarcasm is part of the experience.
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  • I bet you Rubino wishes that some readers would not make comments that, upon reflection for 15 seconds or less, are incredibly naive. 
  • Innovation ➡ 6in Photovoltaic screen.
  • Dont get me all super excited now. I was hyped enough about the phone as is
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  • It might be easier for you to say, Daniel, because you're in the US, and you get access to all of the devices first. I mean, up here in Canada, we don't have the 1020 yet, and seeing a new awesome device like the 1520 might really make people hold off on picking up a 1020. I know that's the boat I'm in right now... Then again, we might not see a GDR3 device up in the great white north until Q3 or Q4, judging by the really slow rate we have been getting WP devices across all carriers. I guess it is more of a speculative demand issue on the part of Canadian carriers than a production capacity issue of Nokia.
  • Here in the Philippines 925 launched just last August if I'm not mistaken. Maybe 1020 is ready for Christmas, 1520 for Q2, and perhaps windows phone blue next Christmas. How awesome.
  • If the typical person only keeps one device, what difference does it make if their purchase is his week or the next? As long as they buy Nokia, I don't think they care about a week or even a month.
  • Maybe they won't buy Nokia because the device will already be "old" when released and they don't want to pay full price for old tech.
  • Or maybe they'll hold of on buying a device within a certain period of time (in this case it might be between now/whenever the 1020 is available in Canada vs. when the GDR3 devices start becoming available). People might be less apt to get a great device like the 1020 if the "new standard" of WP devices is on the near horizon.
    Basically if the 1020 was available in Canada 3 months ago, I would have one right now and wouldn' event be considering the 5.8/6" beast known as the 1520.
  • Sarcasm unnecessary. Its not unreasonable to expect their current flagship device to be widely available before launching another one. Isn't that what the "Osbourne effect" is all about? And is Nokia capable of rolling out two flagship devices at the same time when in the past they have struggled to distribute just one? Pointless having big announcements but the device announced can't actually be bought.
  • If you're insinuating the 1020 or the 1520 are flagships, they are not. They are BOTH niche devices. Just awesome niche devices ;)
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  • that was absolutely unnecessary, tell me, wouldnt launch of new phone eat up production capacity? it was a very valid point but then with only US mindset u may be right but then again tht will not help the platform.
  • But these are two completely completely different phones for different users. One is a camera king on a modest 4.5 inch screen. The other is a supremely large 6" phablet with top of the line internals. I dont see either phone as the flagship. I think the elusive flagship is yet to be revealed...
  • You're assuming that production capacity is what's limiting the world-wide roll-out. I don't think that it's a good bet to make that assumption.
  • Can't wait to start skiing again...and the real ease of the 1520
  • I saw what you did there :)
  • *release.
    Nokia read my mind
  • Can't wait to see the tablet!
  • Which one, the 1520, or Sirius❓
  • Sirius, I would've referred to the 1520 as a phablet. But I understand some people prefer to call it a tablet.
  • I was just joking because the 1520 is so big...
  • Oh, ha ha! In that case...
  • The invite might hint at a Lumia with a solar-charging screen like the one in CES 2013!
  • I wondered about the theme of the invite but had not ever heard of this tech. Thanks, going to go look it up.
  • Yes, some of that would be awesome, and maybe water resistant and/or dust resistant ... sweet.
  • Would love to see water resistant too!
  • I'd like to see sand resistant. I'd like to see an experia Z that someone took to the beach, only to get it scratched from all the sand. :P
  • That would be innovation. It really would be. I remember seeing Nokia working on that over a year ago so maybe its ready for consumer release
  • I've been waiting for Nokia to be the first with photovoltaic screens.. Lumias are the most advanced hardware, and solar charging screens would make that a fact.
  • Would be bad ass.
  • I doubt it. Solar charging might work for a tablet, but not a phone. Phones are kept in people's pockets or purses most of the time. I doubt you would get much of a charge from normal use.
  • The article I read said it could provide up to 20% more battery life. Remember, its supposed to help, not replace regular charging. Also, think about how much actual time your phone is out during the day whether it be texting or using an app
  • WTH!! One more month..oh no att controlling this announcement dates again.. They have to release this phones ASAP, the galaxy mega,note 3 are coming out sooner!!
  • Ummm... The Mega has been out. And considering the VZW variant went thru FCC I don't understand your concept that ATT is controlling anything.
  • Lmao
  • That Verizon phone is not a variant of the 1520. It seems like its more closer in size to the 625.
  • Possible Nokia desktop computer running windows 8, shaped like a Lumia 920? Hmmm.. Lol
  • Like the famous words of Macklemore ---> this is f***** awesome!!
  • You must be redefining "famous".
  • Ohk maybe not so famous :D
  • Disappointed the event is pushed back as I'm excited to get my hands on a 1520 and a tablet by Nokia. I would love to see some smaller devices announced, maybe a 5-5.5" with the high end specs rumored to be included with the 1520. I suspect these will come later though with Blue.
  • The event was pushed back but the release might have always stayed the same.
  • Good point!
  • I would love a 4.5"-5.0" with great GDR3 or 8.1 highest end specs. Maybe if Nokia has the tech, to introduce it with the Pelican camera and solar charging? That would be sick!
  • Looking forward to the Lumitab (just my name for it). I will spend my money on this. Been wanting a window tablet and Nokia is the reason I'm holding out on one.
  • +1 for Lumitab ;)
  • Sweeeeet
  • I wonder what #blazing is supposed to mean
  • The screen's so big you can roll blunts on it.
  • November is gonna be a tough month for many wallets everywhere.
  • This damn thing better have 2 GB ram and the new line of processors...u can only 'innovate' with the exact same internals and a couple camera tweaks so many times
  • Oh great... :(
    Now I have to wait until october to decide between Surface 2 and the "Sirius" from Nokia...
  • The only thing I am confused about is why the 1520 does not have the same, or slightly improved version of the 41mp camera in the 1020.
  • Maybe because they want to avoid the extra hump behind the device.
  • Holy Hell! I used to have that avatar! Thief!!! (Hail to the . . .)
  • Size and cost would be my guess
  • Or maybe there introducing pureview version 4.
  • My guess is they don't want to take sales away from the 1020, but add sales from people who want a larger device.
  • I'm more excited about this than the wedding invitation I got!
  • Depends on who's getting married..
  • Shouldn't It depend on the bridesmaids?
  • +1
  • On this very day, few years ago, Windows 7 was announced. Truely "innovation, reinvented"
  • No chance they'll also announce a smaller version? The 925's heir?! I don't want a screen bigger than 4.5' and I need something sexier than my 920.. :'(
  • I hope Microsoft makes a few good changes with the 1520 small surface keyboard case with stylus any small change is welcome
  • 'Burnt Orange'! Methinks we will have whatever it is in a new color. The only real color is his 'orange' boots and the other's 'orange' jacket... Or am I just grasping to be relevant?
  • a new color is "innovationreinvented"? please, leave that to Cupertino folks.
    I don't get the whole sand-skiing thing at all...
  • New app and gdr3.
  • Actually that may be a good catch. Totally missed it myself. It kind of looks like the orange on the Lenovo Yoga
  • The innovation reinvented they are talking about is the same as skiing on the sand and under the sun. Skiing is normally do when there is a snow. However, looks like Nokia has done things differently on their phone. I'm excited about this
  • I can finally stop crying!!! +1520
  • L1520 is priced at $299.  So you may want to wait couple months before Nokia drops it to $199 as they did to L1020.  :)
    No word on RT.  May be they decide to cancel it after they saw the early responses.
  • I bet it's the tablet they're talking about... phones are phones, but having both a Surface and Nokia tablet.. one to work through.
  • #blazing = snapdragon 800
    #stories = the mysterious "storyteller" app that was leaked in one screenshot
    #innovationreinvented = oversampling 20Mpix camera
  • Oooo... That is some good guessing. I think you might be on to something!
  • Hopefully they will announce a replacement for the 920.
  • October 22 = 1022 --> Lumia 1022 ;-)!
  • Once again @evleaks had right.
  • These companies are always swinging that carrot just out of reach with that stick always making promises..the next and the next always reaching.. Hahaha
  • That's cool, but I plan on innovating on reinvention. So we'll see who wins the Redundancy Wars, Nokia.
  • Yes! I'm excited. I wonder what sort of innovation Nokia has in store for us. I have a feeling that it has to do with the 20 MP camera that takes a 16 MP picture and a 5 MP picture. They might also talk about how thin the phone is, allowing for a monstrous battery, microSD, and probably wireless charging. But of course, that's all at the cost of a huge phone.
    I'm hoping they announce some cool software to compliment the massive phone, but I think we know what to expect!
  • Whenever this event is, I better not hear them saying AT&T exclusive.
    If WP wants to grab market in US actually release it to all carriers.
  • My guess:
    Event location: Dubai?
    Innovation: solar charging?
    Gadgets: Bandit & Sirius? And new accessories? (There could be an Asha in the mix as well?)
    WP update: GDR3, of course.
    Important and exclusive apps: Big names from Arabian companies, such as airlines, banks, shopping paradises and so on...
  • I'm just waiting to see the all aluminum body we saw in some leaks
  • Can't wait to see the full details.
  • october 22 = 10/22 = Nokia Lumia 1022
  • Smart move nokia.
  • What about that 5.2 inch, though?.