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Report: AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520 set for early November at $699 off contract, comes in four colors

AT&T is on board with picking up the 6-inch Nokia Lumia 1520, which is expected to launch in early November according to one of our reliable sources. Windows Phone Central now has some further confirmation from a second person familiar with the matter.

The new info points to a planned Friday, November 8th launch date on AT&T for the colossal Windows Phone.

We can also confirm that the device will come in four colors, including red, black, yellow and white—most of which have already been revealed in either leaked photos or renders. Evidently, cyan for AT&T is a thing of the past as the Lumia 920 was the last phone to feature that hue.

Pricing for the 6-inch tablet with a 1080P display is purportedly set for $699 off-contract, making it easily one of the most expensive Windows Phones to date and equating what the Lumia 1020 originally launched at for Microsoft Stores (AT&T themselves may aim for a lower $650 range for the 1520).

An on-contract price has not yet been discerned, though it is safe to speculate that it could launch at the $299 price point like the Lumia 1020. Considering the high end technology found in the Lumia 1520 and the general price range for large-screen devices, this should not be a surprise.

The Lumia 1520 has yet to be announced by Nokia, but the device is all but confirmed at this point due to the numerous leaks over the last few months. Originally planned to be declared at the end of September that event has reportedly been postponed according to various sources.

Evleaks has recently suggested Tuesday, October 22nd as a launch date, but we’re confident that is simply the big press announcement with availability occurring two weeks later on November 8th. That process will reflect AT&T’s recent Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925 ‘announcement versus availability’ schedule.

Photo via the Verge

The Lumia 1520, codenamed ‘Beastie’ for AT&T according to our source, will feature a massive 6-inch 1080P display, 32 GB of internal storage (with microSD expansion), Snapdragon 800 CPU and a 20 MP rear camera. The polycarbonate design will make it literally feel like a “giant Windows Phone” and the alleged 3400 mAh battery should keep the device powered throughout the day.

Recently, Nokia has been caught testing alternatives to the word “phablet” for marketing purposes. The term phablet brings some controversy as a lot of people have a knee jerk negative reaction to the designation. Unfortunately, a substitute is not as easy to come by.

Since schedules and approvals can shift, the November 8th date should be understood as tentative until an official announcement is made by AT&T and Nokia.

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • 700$ :(
    also why give up on the cyan :(
  • You don't believe a truly stacked phone like this is worthy of that price? I'm seriously asking because I wonder how much Samsung would be able to get away with charging for the galaxy note 3 off contract. I sometimes think we want the best but we don't want to pay for the best, it may not be for everyone but look at it this way, when this phone arrives it should be one less thing people have to complain windows phone doesn't have.
  • If it has a stylus, maybe. If it has the RT versions of Office and IE, it would definitely be worth that price. If it's just a big Windows Phone, it's not worth that much.
  • Why should we be happy about the $700 price point? That's a lot of money. And we all have different incomes and living situations, so don't judge someone just because $700 seems like a lot to him.
  • I think phablets should run Windows RT. Not windows phone.
  • With that price might as well pick up a surface.
  • Already have the Surface! Deciding on whether to get the phone or not. I'm pleased they added microSD for a high-end device, finally! But if they made it with 64GB and keep the microSD still...Nokia, shut up and take my money! I wonder what the iPhone 5 (64GB version) was priced off contract? Hmm...
  • I think 899 for 5s
  • I thought the iPhone 5s 64GB was $1199.
  • That's just stupidly insane.
  • And yet, I bet there would be some who would open their wallets even at that price. And more. Say, $1399, for example:
  • Unlocked 5S is $649, $749, $849 for 16. 32. 64 gig  
  • Well its not different to any other similary specced phablet and this features 20MP (possibly OIS) and larger screen, so even higher price could have been possible. 
  • I know right? I know Nokia is now the one everyone veiws as having "invented" colour bodied smartphones, Cyan was the one that people thought of as a Nokia colour bodied smart phone... Now they are still pushing yellow and red (depending on model)... Will 8.1 bring a new colour? or at least a new primary... make it easy to pick out new models
  • Hope they make a rich sapphire/cobalt/azure blue color. Like how HTC did with California Blue. I miss San Diego... :'(
  • ^This!
  • Daniel, wasn't the code name "bandit" ?
  • I could be wrong, but I thought that was for the metallic variant
  • Woah. It's almost as there will be another Nokia phone... *fades off into the dark* *I didn't say anything*
  • Only off-contract. Still much, much cheaper than an iPhone.
  • Fortunately, they have AT&T Next where you can get the phone for probably about $22/mo.  If I'm not mistaken, I believe that usually means you don't have to put anything down.  I have a Windows 8 tablet (x86) and I don't need a phablet at 6" but I could imagine that watching Podcasts on this thing might be quite nice.....  hopefully, they'll let us attach a bluetooth keyboard to it this time.
  • This is great news! I don't want this device, but hopefully the price for 920 and 1020 continue to drop as a result of its release.
  • I like your thinking
  • Contract wise, the 920 is basically free and the 1020 just went down in price as well, my guess was for this phone to take that $299 spot.
  • Exactly! 1020 here I come!
  • Please let it come out on Verizon at the same time or have a 30 day exclusive so it comes out in early December!
  • Verizon can have my money now. I hope we don't only get the smaller one from yesterday FCC post on WPC
  • I was thinking hard about getting this phone because it looks awesome.
    However, the more I think about it the more I lean towards staying with my 920 for a while and using those $700 towards a Surface Pro 2.
  • This. +1
  • I'm fine with my 920 as long as it get's updated
  • +920. Vodafone, get your thumb out!
  • +1 I love my L920 & am looking forward to the Surface Pro 2.
  • Yep as long as it's updated the 920 is fine for me.
  • Same here with my 920..
  • That's cool. Finally something that can challenge Samy in Big Screen phones.
  • Does it, however, come with a stylus? IMO you need that to compete in that category
  • No stylus, I hope in the future though.
  • Just use a normal pencil. Works on 920.
  • Can't we still use a fork, like in the commercial for what, the 820?
  • I don't want a dumb stylus. I want a Wacom active stylus, like Windows has supported for over a decade and like my Note 2 has. 
  • Welp. Guess I'll be waiting for the Nexus 5 then. Wont pay that price for any phone.
  • The comparable AT&T Note 3 costs $299 ($724 off contract), so it's the par for this class of phone. I'm not sure what your expectations were for a 1080P 6-inch device with every bell and whistle, but if it was less than $299 on contract, it sure wasn't realistic. 
  • He's just trying to troll
  • You're an idiot if you think I'm trolling
  • Definitely a troll.
  • Dreaming maybe, but not trolling.
  • And I wouldn't pay that price for that either. $699 I'm getting a surface pro and utilize my money. Than a phone. $599 is even a stretch.
  • Doesn't the note 3 have a stylus and hand wave gimmick? It has more whistles than this phone.
  • The hand wave gimmick is simple software. I hate Touch Wiz. But that's why Android will have an advantage with customization.
  • It cost $30 more. That covers the stylus. I wonder how many note users actually use the stylus.
  • I know no one I seen personally. I think it's old technology considering. But that's just me.
  • Also lets not forget about design note 3 gets a 4 out of 10 while Lumia 1520 looks quite good so please stop trolling shamesung fanboy
  • right now I am thinking that there are not any programs that would utilize a stylus like the apps and programs on the note  note 2 and note 3.  .
  • I know it as a fact that some people prefer to write in with a stylus than to type in with your fingers. Natural input does have its users.
  • You should see the prices in my country, for example the iPhone 5 costs like 930 dollars, the Lumia 920 almost 700 dollars, of course off contract.
  • Somewhere in the middle east, right?
  • I is a 6-inch phone - what did you think it was going to cost? All the extra stuff in there adds on and increases the price. Simple math, really. I'm having a hard time deciding if it is worth dropping the extra dough to pay out my 920 and get this one. Will end up costing around $400...
  • I bet the BOM went up a whole $30 over a 925.
  • I bet Flipboard will look great on that.
  • Yes it will. I can't wait for Flipboard on that massive 6inch screen.
  • Big titties as well
  • I'm sure your spell check changed tiles to titties right? :P
  • Right :-P
  • Did someone say the Lumia 1520 is coming with a pair of large female breasts?!! Is there going to be a hot, sexy female attached to them? Where do I sign up, Nokia?!! Now, THERE'S a way to increase your phone sales! :-)
  • I'm definitely in.
  • It's always hilarious to me when Americans complain about their cheap prices. This thing will most likey cost 699€ (933$) in Europe, which is a reasonable price in my opinion.
    EDIT: What happend here? Where is the comment i actually replied to?
  • Well, in my country people who run the official Nokia shop are insane, new Lumia 820 was for 449e and new Lumia 920 was for 599e ! I just bought new 820 from Poland for 300e and later 920 for 350e. This little beauty will cost probably around 749€ in my country... o.O
  • The issue is not the price itself but paying that price for a device depending on AT&T, or any other carrier, for updates. I would rather buy, as I always did, an branded device and cut off the middleman.
  • Censorship everywhere :)
  • I don't buy it.
  • I hate the sound of the 'word' phablet, why not go with:
    Under 5" - Smartphone
    Over 5" - Superphone
  • You think Superphone sounds good? Hmmm...
  • How about BigBadAssPhone
  • "BUFFone". (Look up B52 for the original meaning of "BUFF") :D
  • Take a page from Ninendo.  Superphone XL
  • I like the XL, maybe Lumia XL  or BAP (Big Ass Phone)?
  • How about simply "JUICED" or "LumiaOnTheCream"....This thing might end up facing charges in front of a government judiciary panel : )
  • For marketing purposes - Yes. It would create the division needed between the two and it wouldn't be tied to any one brand or OS. It also sounds much better than phablet (IMO).
  • Superphone could be a great marketing scheme to get both the new size phones and windows branding
  • How about megaphone, hmmm nope that's taken. How about phonebook, ok that's not going to work. OK this is my last suggestion... Tabphone?
  • How about MegaPhone with really loud speakers!
  • Over 5" - Smarterphone
  • If it's under 4" - Mildly retarded phone? or the PC way, Mildly mentally challenged phone
  • It's good is a Mildly retarded phone, never go full retard.
  • subphone
    subsonic/supersonic, etc
  • When I filled out the Nokia survey I wrote in Lumia Magnus, its not very good but its all I could come up with.
  • How about FoneTab.. Phone + size of a Tablet..
  • Too close to ASUS FonePad
  • Tablone
  • How about facephone!
  • It's a man phone. (kidding)
  • Whats wrong with Cyan? If AT&T doesn't want it, make that color available for other carriers!
  • I'm going to take a wild guess here: it didn't sell well.
  • I dunno, is it THAT hard to just produce back covers of a different dye? Regardless of whether it sells well or not, always better to have more colour choices to appeal to a wider audience.
  • That's now how it works or what is the concern. Different colors equal different SKUs. The more variants you offer, the more you have to stock and the more complicated inventory becomes for AT&T with little for a return. If cyan simply does not sell well, it does not make financial sense to order it and try to stock it for a small minority of people. If devices don't sell, AT&T is stuck with the inventory.
  • I prefer the Nokia cases like for my 920 anyways.
  • Hard to say that Daniel, especially when you had to special order it from the website, my local store did not have cyan or yellow in stock when I went to purchase.
  • They usually only carried one or two per store at any given time. Large metro areas would sometimes have up to 6 in store, but at&t has never had the faith (or sales) in WP to stock many more than that.
  • Exactly, so not producing cyan phones brcause AT&T said so sounds foolhardy, Nokia should check in a market where they have more volume and see if cyan or blue would be popular, I bet they would be.
  • Jeez I thought you'd said $699 ON CONTRACT for a second. *takes heart pills
  • Lol :P
  • SmilingSlightly
  • I wish that T-Mobike got some of the same Windows Phone love. In fact, id love to buy the phone directly from Nokia or Microsoft if it meant no ugly carrier branding.
  • D@mn these carrier exclusives...
  • Hoping Rogers gets this before 2025. Judging at the pace they're picking up Nokia phones, it'll probably be a lot later.
  • It could be worse.. I'm with Telus and their current top-of-the-line WP is the ATIV S... I bought an ATIV S for my dad, and the screen shattered the first time he dropped it. His new 620 is built like a brick though.
  • Did you call it a tablet? It's probably just a typo.
  • I hope it comes to India soon after US release.
  • Well they may have dropped cyan but why elimanate blue all together...isn't that like 90% of people favorate color?
    EDIT: They must be waiting for WP Blue to release...then they will flood the market with all sorts of blue phones
  • Hmm interesting
  • Very good point. Cyan doesn't work for me, but blue sure does. I was just saying the other day if it came out in blue I'd wait overnight for it lol
  • +1
  • They are probably reserving it for the 8.1 launch device lol
  • Come on, T Mobile!!!!!
  • T-Mobile is on "Time Out". They always get the low-level entry phones first then may be one top-of-the-line phone for the year.l on T-Mobile and hope to Jesus I'm wrong.
  • This will be mine❗ But after seeing how big the Samsung Galaxy Mega was yesterday, and realizing that there is no way in hell the 1520 is going to fit in my pocket, I've decided that I'm going to have to keep my 920 for my main device, and get the 1520 for my toy... Kinda makes me want to just go tablet... The fact is that I don't need my laptop, a pro tablet, a huge phablet, and my 920.... I love these kind of dilemmas... Isn't this AWESOME❓... LOL❗❗❗❗❗❗
  • Its kinda exciting to have toys like these. A Smart Phones 4", 6" and a 7" tablet, and Laptop or a Surface Pro..
  • I love it❗❗
  • #firstworldproblems ha!
  • Lol.❗❗ "Oh the humanity❕... Where in the world am I going to put this phone""" Lol❗
  • I'm getting bigger!
    Actually my suit jacket will let me slip in a 7" tablet so a 6" phone is too small !!
  • I like the black with black icons.  How come we don't have that on the current 9XX generation?  and no "ease of access - high contract" isn't the same.
  • That too is high contrast buddy
  • It's not on this phone either, look closely, it's clearly in high contrast mode.
  • Hey guys just wait 45 days and this baby will probably drop a hundred or two. How do i know? experience from my 1020. =(  They should just start at a reasonable price, such as 550 to 600.
  • True, that's why I will wait til the beginning of the year to pick one up. And by that time I hope their is a unbranded/unlocked version that will work on AT&T. I have not been happy with the way AT&T has handled updates for the 820.
  • Yeah but then by that time there will again be another new must have phone
  • Yes...the 1130 and the 1830 with the Pelican Images 4x4 camera array - just 399 on-contract
    pick your screen size 4.7" & 6.3"
  • If AT&T is actually good with updates, that is an exception. They are terrible updating most phones. Highly annoying as they seem to get awesome phones. I buy whatever phone I want regardless of AT&T or VZE, and I'm always drawn to AT&T phones and they never update them.
  • I SHOULD wait consdering that I'll be getting a $500 console 2 weeks after,  but it's not in my genes to wait. So I'll be getting it day 1 like the enthusiast I am
  • $6500 is expensive for a console. Does it come with a 4k tv?
  • Lol smart ass
  • I will upgrade my Fiance's 920, to my current 1020, and pick up a 1520 to support Windows phone and have a 1080p screen.
    Windows phone needs a much needed status symbol phone- all metal, 4.7-5 inch 1080p display, 41mp camera, microSD, a 64gb option... nfc and the rest of the Nokia best on breed options found on the rest of the Nokia models. Price is no object as it is not for everyone.
    Current Lumia line up Windows phone progression- purchased- Lumia 900, 4 Lumia 920's(4 lines), 1 Lumia 1020, Future owner of a 1520, and hopefully the status Symbol mentioned above. :-)
  • Awesome. Out of curiosity, what color are your 920's?
  • My first and main line was a Yellow 920, I have a Black 920 on my second line, a White 920 for my business line, and my Fiance has the Red 920.
    All of them are beautiful!
    I upgraded my main line to the Black 1020 and picked up 2 Wireless charging covers- one Yellow (for the stand out days) and a black one for when I want a change. (I always use the yellow though :-))
  • That's sweet. I never thought I'd be into the yellow 920/1020 but as soon as I saw them in person I fell in love, they looks great!
  • Agreed, the yellow really makes a statement! People really notice it. I was at dinner a couple weeks ago and sat at a table right next to John Cena of the WWE and his girlfriend Nikki, I was taking some pictures with the 1020 and John asked if that was the new Nokia 1020, and asked about the picture quality, I took a picture with them and my fiance and showed them the Lumia 1020 awesomeness! :-)
  • Pics or it didn't happen
  • Here is a highres link to the John Cena, Nikki of the WWE and my fiance Beth, taken with the Lumia 1020.
    Make sure to click the 3 dots on the bottom right, view sizes, and click- view original, to see the full high res picture. It was dark in the restaurant, of course the Lumia1020 came through! :-)
  • Wow, that's unbelievable! That's a pretty good looking picture as well. Awesome you got to talk to him a bit about your Lumia!
  • Very cool. :)
  • Wow totally awesome man
  • Sorry if this has been asked but do we know if it will have wireless charging? If so, this may be my next phone.
  • As long as they don't call it a phucking phablet . . .
  • I want this phone, but if there's no cyan, I'll stick with my 920. I have a cyan charging plate, headset and headphones... And I like having these matching accessories. Why would they drop the color but keep red and yellow?
  • I hope it goes to other carriers just as the 925 went to att after T-Mobile had it exclusive for a bit. I really want T-Mobile to carry this monster, my wife is feed up with her Note 2.
  • Daniel, can you extend a bit more on the "suggested Tuesday, October 22nd as a launch date, but we’re confident that is simply the big press announcement" So are you agreeing with evleaks here or have your sources told you an earlier date for the announcement event? and if so, what date is it? :P
  • Sounds the confusion is because some people use 'launch' to mean announcement whereas other use it to mean release. Seems like eveyone is on the same page to me
  • Oct, 22,  launch(whatever word they use) it, not avaiable. Nov.8 available. You can order before Nov. 8 I guess.  
  • My dream phone!!!
  • I'm definitely going to wait to see what they fix or enhance with GDR3 because to have all those live tiles on the screen only to be restricted by MS Push Server then what's the point. You'll be paying more for a gimped larger Lumia.
    Plus, a full feature phone like this also needs HDMI out and OTG capabilities especially since it will have a MicroSD slot.
  • Needs cyan, needs wireless charging.
  • I may stick with 920 and simply wait until hype wears off, not sure that price point hits the Goldie locks zone, I'll just wait it out..
  • Not happy with this news. We now know its avaiable at at&t aroudn nov 8th. at 699. And we haven't even seen the phone. This could mean a lot more compromises to this phone than what is currently know in the rumours. I'm worried its going to be a half baked product. I'm expecting disappointments in 3 categories. 1 battery life 2. camera issues and 3. OS updates.
  • What??
    So because we know the price and date, that means the phone sucks?
    Don't understand your logic
  • I do not think the phone will be bad, but I'm worried that, knowing the fantastic rumours so far of the 1520, that the fact these things are known (date, price, location) without seeing an official release or show of the product, that many features promised in the rumours could turn out differently. Because the price is known (or fixed now) you can only fit so many features into that phone. I'm only preparing for disappointment that not all the presented features will actually be on the 1520 phone. My biggest concerns will be 1. battery life compromises (much lower than 3400), 2. camera issues (inaccurate montage of camera hardware and software (as experienced in previous lumias; 20 mpix is a new realm within the  lumia line!), and OS (will GDR 3 be stable?) I'm still in debate with myself between the 1520 and 1020 at this moment. With the latest news, I feel that the 1520 is being designed and built relatively quickly campared to the other lumia devices. I just hope that this phone won't be a rush job, purely to satisfy our (and my) lust for the device.
  • Its not a rush job. Rumors about the general distribution release updates have been known since November of last year. Companies have roadmaps and plan ahead. Nokia knew around this time gdr3 will be ready
    I'm sure they've been testing the 1520 for months now. You sound like you wear an aluminum hat friend. Everything will be fine and this phone will come out with promised specs. What we don't know, is what else it will come with (new/exclusive apps, unrevealed gdr3 features, etc)
  • Perhaps, Jf.  Doesn't hurt though to be on the cautionary side. When I look at my htc Titan running 7.8 as a daily driver, I satisfied with the available apps. Of the top 50 most wanted apps, from memory, I perhaps use only two. Others are third party apps. Exclusive/new is nice but what is most interesting to me of the 1520 is the hardware. The 920 e.a. with windows phone 8 have already established the app ecosystem. I hope you're right my friend and that I can take comfort in your words that all is well on the hardware front.
  • My birthday is Nov 11...  YES..  now just waiting for some troll to say "No one cares about your stupid birthday"
  • Happy birthday. Someone must care because I dont!! :)
  • Happy birthday!
  • I care!
    I pray God to give us all the possibility to get that phone a day before your birthday
    (also cyan, and Qi option, and miracast)
  • I guess I am going to get one of these.. Its a bit of a shame though that they don't have a device in the 5" realm because I have always talked crap about the size of the galaxy note and now I will be toting something as ridiculously large lol.
  • I currently own a Galaxy Note 2 (will DEFINITELY be coming back to Windows Phone 8 with the release of the 1520!) and the screen now seems SMALL to me!
  • I think its a fair price for this phone, I want this phone but if I can't work something out with my local ATT store then I guess I wait. People that are saying "its not worth the price" nobody is forcing you to buy it!!! Of course its not worth the price, but it should come as no surprise. Its very comparable in that class of phone.
  • Will the AT&T version work with T-Mobile's LTE bands?
  • I'm pretty sure it should, the 920 and 1020 do!
  • That's interesting because the 520 only supports T-Mobile's 4G not their LTE. I only know this because I got the 520 as a hold over device until 1520 is released. I've been waiting to buy the 1520 ever since I heard the first Nokia phablet rumors. I think $699 off contract is a steal considering non-phablet flagships are usually $700+ on Expansys and that's not including shipping!
  • Well the way I always understood it is that you'd have to live in a refarmed area (major cities) to be able to use their LTE if you use an At&t phone, or it might just be the 520 I don't know.
    But wow you've been waiting quite a while for 1520, I applaud your patience! Haha. What color do you plan on purchasing?
  • On the assumption that the 1520 will use the same matte black and white as the 1020, I think I'm gonna have to see the device in person to decide, however I'm definetly leaning towards matte white. I'm also really excited to see if the red is in matte which could also be VERY tempting!
  • I want this black theme on my Lumia :(
  • You already have it
  • Just go to high contrast mode in settings
  • I hope VZW gets it first, because AT&T got the 1020, Tmobile got the 925, VZW is inline for the new first phone.
  • I want that thing.
  • I have one hope and one doubt, the hope is that it gets released factory unlocked before the 24th of November, and the doubt is, in case it does get released before that date, which color to pick, I already have a red Lumia 920, wondering if keeping with that color, or pick up a yellow one, or maybe black.
  • Damn.. $299?? If that will be the case I will settle with the 1020 with updated OS..I knew when the 1020 was priced 299 at launch it was a trial.. They sold,but I could have been 149 they will sell like pancakes
  • Is that 299$ every month?? >_< I,dont understand how you people work if i work out the price for each month it would be 45 $ each month on 24 month contract so wat am i missing here :/
  • Am I the only one, who would love to see this thing come in lime green, just like the 620? Not mint, not forest, but lime?
  • I would buy it in lime.
  • As much as I want this phone I can't see myself using this for the next 2 years its too big for my taste. Hopefully the devices revealed next year will fit the bill
  • I want a Verizon variant of the 1020.
  • Come on Amazon, bring the $0.01 Black Friday goodness! Haha. I won't hold my breath.
  • This may be the phone I have been waiting for. I really hope it has wireless charging. I also hope Barnes and Noble, who has a great app for Windows 8, finally makes an app for WP because I could definitely read on this phone.
  • Agreed. I'm actually surprised given how much Microsoft invested in Nook that we don't have an app yet...
  • Its great that we've finally caught up in the specs battle with Android. No excuses now.
  • How about calling it AIO-All in One. It's a phone and tablet all in one device.
  • I like what's in the phone, just not sold on its size. Hopefully Nokia is working on something in the 5in size as well.
  • Can't wait
  • How about instead of Phablet, they call it a Tabone. :-)
  • *tablone
  • does nokia or ms figured out a competitor for airplay??? (not playto please, need to play any video in any app to stream to TV )
  • ^
    This!! Honestly, playto is a joke compared to airplay. You can use airplay only on the apple tv, but what it can do is amazing. AirPlay type functionality with the Xbox One please! And no, smartglass is not the same!
  • Not only appletv...airplay works very well with XBMC on windows (its free software) and for some reason not many people know
    i wish xboxone have hdmi passthrough support for windows 8 pc (running xbmc) and yes i agree...miracast reciever support which windows 8.1 already have it....
  • Poor cyan. Glad I have a 920 in that color, but my matching headphones might not match any future model.
  • No. For that price and size it needs RT at minimum.
  • How could they get rid of cyan? I mean a cyan L900 was the best back in the day.
  • November? I am already going to shell out $500 for the xbox one in November. Maybe they will do a bundle package!
  • check ebay its getting sold for 700+
  • I agree, “phablet” is horrible; I completely dislike the word.  What about just “large phone”, that’s what it is. 
    On my part, I’ll be getting a yellow 1520 to replace my "old" Lumia 920.  I need two phones and currently have a 1020 and an old 920, all yellow  LOL !!!
  • I was hoping for cyan :(. How am I supposed to match my wireless charger, Nokia play up and surface w/ touch cover now?!?!
  • I prefer the 900 series love the 920 its been the perfect balanced phone
  • I want it unlocked
    Thank you nokia
  • Might just sell my iPad Mini AND my 820 to get this baby. iOS7 has irked me beyond words. If that thing comes on my device, be rest assured guys, I am going to sell it to the first buyer who contacts me...
  • Would be nice if it had a xenon and led flash would consider to drop some $ if it did if it don't then I'll just wait till the 1920 comes out with 8.1 its like the 920 but wayyyy better
  • Gdr2
  • I noticed many people this phone is to expensive. I just looked at Galaxy Note 3 on Sprint. they want $199.00 down and $21.00 per month for 24 months, that $703.00! 
    I am sure if it goes on contract it will be much less! I saw the Galaxy Note 3 on pre-order in Radio Shack for $149.00 with a 2 year contract on a Note 3.
    If the price for the Nokia is competitive with the Samsung phone. i will be buying the Nokia!
  • Aww, I'll miss cyan.
  • i doubt we will see this in Thailand till January next year, The news there is a red one makes me even more disappointed that there is no red 1020,  not to mention the missing 64GB 1020.
  • I'm generally not a colored phone kind of guy. Basic black, or white if I'm feeling particularly fancy. A classy metalic gray is also a nice option. Cyan was the first colorful hue for a mobile that really caught my eye. Bring Cyan Back!! Bring Cyan Back!! Bring Cyan Back!!
  • No cyan? :(
    Oh well, yellow or red are still great choices. I might even decide to go for white, we'll see. But I really really really hope this phone is not $300 on contract.
  • as long as they update my 920 ?????  my friends htc 8x got the update today from t-mobile i think.
    what is taking at&ripoff so long
  • Phoblet
  • I'm looking forward to seeing how this one does in the marketplace. I'm not sure if I would pick one up because I'm happy with my 928 and anything bigger than that, seems a little awkward but the final determination will be made once I have an opportunity to hold one in my hand and play with it. As far as the loss of Cyan as a color choice, I'm really hoping that once Microsoft fully acquires Nokia's hardware division, they'll go the route of Moto X with their devices and allow people to design their own devices online or in a Microsoft store.
  • Can't wait to get one. Hopefully in cyan someday....but for now will settle for black.
  • $700 is reasonable if you can buy it unlocked - and no waiting period.  If AT&T forces you to use their service for a period like 120 day before you can apply to do unlocking - skip it!  Too much trouble and becomes very expensive!
  • So this will come to verizon in December?
  • I wonder if this phone will get updates in a timely manner or if AT&T will keep updates in a "Waiting for Approval" status forever like the Lumia 920. 
  • Actually, Microsoft has an app in the Windows Store that lets you get ROM updates as long as you agree that it voids warranty, etc. and that you cant roll back once applied..... I have the pre-GDR3 ROM with driving mode and rotation lock on my 520 now. They mentioned it on Tech News Today a few weeks ago I haven't had any major issues with it.  There was one issue with transparency and the pop-up menu, but that was a temporary set back.
  • WTF who wants yellow and red? Cyan is where it's at!
    I guess I'll just get black then. 
  • i wish they had the nokia lumia 1520 in verizon wireless too, that would be awesome