Nokia Lumia 1020

Now that we supposedly have the full specifications for the Nokia Lumia 1020, the flagship photography device destined to be revealed tomorrow morning, we just need to fill in some details, like price and availability.

We’re going to reveal two prices here tonight, both of which are not 100% confirmed but look to be accurate. You might want to grab a chair before you read on…

We reported earlier that the price listed at the Microsoft Store was for $602. Of course many of you noted how “odd” of a price that was with a few of you astute readers suggesting that is what Microsoft pays for the phone to Nokia, not what is charged to the customer. The actual price would be higher, since retailers obviously get a batch device discount.

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Nokia Lumia 1020 price

That price is evidently $699 off contract as revealed by the above screenshot, which we can confirm as legitimate.

The other price is the on-contract, two-year price that AT&T users will have to pay. Here we have heard that price will be $299 with a two-year contract.

You read that right, do not adjust your screen.

Now, the source of that info comes from our same treasure trove of leaks lately, which so far have proven to be accurate, lending us to believe that this will indeed be the price. Having said that, even we’re having a bit of a difficult time believing it, so we’re feeling odd about reporting it.

Why so expensive?

Nokia Lumia 1020

There’s little doubt that tomorrow that Nokia will unveil what is the most advanced smartphone camera in the world. Between the 41MP sensor, oversampling and built in optical-image stabilization, the tech that is that device is akin to buying a quality point and shoot camera. Now throw in a high smartphone into that mix.

It doesn’t take much imagination to see how expensive such a device can be: quality point and shoot camera ($350) plus quality smartphone ($350) can get you to $700 quite easily.

Also, while the Lumia 1020 will get a lot of press and bring a lot of needed attention to Nokia and Windows Phone, let’s be clear: only a certain segment of buyers will want to buy the Lumia 1020. It’s not the everyday phone for every man, it’s geared for the hobbyist to pro-photographer who wants a quality all-in-one device.

Regardless, we still hope that $299 is not correct and we’ll be more than glad to eat crow tomorrow if we’re wrong. But just in case…

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