The new Pizza Hut India app for Windows Phone is ugly, but functional

Pizza Hut, the American restaurant chain and one of the flagship brands of Yum! Brands, Inc., known for pizzas and side dishes is a leading affordable casual dining restaurant chain in India. After making a foray into India in 1996, the chain has now 138 dining restaurants across 38 cities in India.

Pizza Hut India has launched their official app for Windows Phone 8 devices. Unfortunately, the app is just a wrapper for Pizza Hut's mobile site, and I usually hate to report apps like that. However, the app's pretty useful and works well for what it's intended for and so, I thought of looking beyond the tacky design and lazy execution.

The Pizza Hut India app is a convenient way to choose and order from your favorite pizzas and side dishes in just a few taps. The app includes a pizza tracker that allows you to track the status of your order right till your doorstep. The app saves your past orders to make it pretty easy for you to order it again real quick. Also, it stores several addresses for an easy check out each time. You can also find the nearest Pizza Hut stores around you to pickup your order or if you plan to eat out.

Download the free Pizza Hut India app for Windows Phone 8 devices from the Windows Phone Store. The app should've been better designed with a better user experience. Still, if you order in or pick up from Pizza Hut often, it's a good app to have on your phone. There are some exclusive offers as well, so give it a whirl, and let us know how you like it.

Thanks, @iVishalPatel on Twitter for the tip!

  • Hahahha
  • Better than good UI but can't run
  • Well its just like their pizzas...missing the satisfaction heh
  • In a country with extensive delivery services where they deliver even peanuts, Pizza Hut is the worst. They even struggle to find a central address and their people are not capable of helping you with the menu. No wonder their app is garbage too.
  • True. I mostly order from Slice of Italy, which has excellent service in India.
  • Precisely. You keep calling endless numbers only yo discover that they don't deliver to your locality. At least dominoes is better in this regard.
  • They should have called these guys: Atleast this Pizza Hut app is coded for Windows Phone. But not sure for what country this is.
  • Haha.. Yeah.. That's the Australian one.. If you have their number, let me know, cause it no longer works. After you select a store, you can't do anything, just get errors! No pizza D:
  • You can say tacky and ugly again for that's exactly what it is! But to a hungry man, that would be the last thing in his mind LOL!
  • Reminds me of some old iOS app UI
  • That's an Insult to the app lol.
  • Lol!!.. Good one.
  • What!!!! Why does Indian get all the attention❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓
  • Maybe because its one of the biggest, if not the biggest markets of windows phone as compared to the saturated markets of the us and Uk.
  • No.. Arlington, Texas is the biggest market.. All attention should be directed here!
  • LOLz
  • In terms if our site traffic, India is a close 3rd right behind the UK.
  • Is the US number one?
    BTW, I was being sarcastic at first..
  • Country Percent of Visitors Rank in Country
    [India Flag]   India 26.9% 971
    [United States Flag]   United States 19.5% 3,562
    [United Kingdom Flag]   United Kingdom 5.2% 2,007
    [Germany Flag]   Germany 3.1% 5,247
    [Spain Flag]   Spain 2.1% 3,708
    [Indonesia Flag]   Indonesia 2.0% 2,335
    [Canada Flag]   Canada 1.9% 3,447
    [Pakistan Flag]   Pakistan 1.8% 2,218
    [Turkey Flag]   Turkey 1.7% 2,859
    [Brazil Flag]   Brazil 1.5% 10,786
      Here are the numbers :P Please dnt get offended and start war. I was just curious :P 
  • Can you post the source❓
  • its Alexa ranking similar to Google analytics. Anybody can do that. :P
  • And #1 is the US?
  • Yes, that's big thing. Still so many Indians don't know about this site. Some people here buy a phone for just calling and messages.. Yep its true.
  • It would be nice release the info...
  • I hope all those contributing to the site traffic will download this garbage and give it horrible reviews to help the platform.
  • Good idea...
  • ROFL, Arlington,TX.. God damn cowboys... No wonder no one pays any attention..
    4% is not due to MS messing up, people just don't like to buy WP phone even though everyday apps are present.
    But we do need more apps, Atleast banking apps and we also need some more attention from MS and Nokia. Apps from both companies don't even have transparent tiles n look like ugly ducklings...
  • Not having apps is not the core issue with WP....
    Marketing is❗ Marketing increases awareness, and awareness increases market share... Forget apps.. That's the least of WP's problems.. Root cause is what matters.. Fix the root cause of WP's biggest issues, and there you go....
    Sorry my friend, but yes this is MS's fault, and MS's problem to iron out... Lets be COMPLETELY honest with ourselves here..
  • For myself the app deficit is the core issue. It's why I no longer recommend Nokia to anyone. Just one app can make a world of difference.
  • I'm talking about the core issue of why there is no apps... Talking about not having apps doesn't solve anything... Not having apps is already a well defined consequence that WP has suffered from lack of awareness, and popularity, because of inadequate marketing.....
    Our biggest, and core, issue is MARKETING!
  • I'd like to agree with you but living in Sweden, all the apps are available first on iOS and then Android, leaving WP to third or not even there at all. And Swedes really love their phones, if you take their apps away, it will just become complicated and frustrating.
  • ????
  • Also because WP is second in market share here. You simply can't ignore the second largest OS in the country and do business, can you?
  • Your region isn't the only region.. I speak for WP as a whole... And to awnswer your question.. Yes, they can ignore WP, and they are... But, that's not the point.. What can be done about it is worth more discussing.
  • I agree with you. Even after knowing that iOS has less users than WP in India most of the Indian apps are first launched for iOS and Android and then comes WP. For example DishTv is the largest Dish network in India and it has only iOS and Android app and that too from 2013 (or maybe 2012).
  • So, what's the solution?
  • Hate it when developers make a Windows Phone app with the ios UI, its like they have no thinking power what so ever.
  • It's the mobile site... It was actually more of a conscious decision than it may seem...
  • C'mon its a multi million dollar food chain, i'm sure they can hire a developer to create a decent app. Its no excuse really.
  • They don't have money to throw away either!.. Blame MS for crappy marketing, and awareness, of WP.... Don't expect developers to put time and effort developing top notch apps for a platform that can't brake 5% market share in 4 years... Would you waist your time❓
    The sooner we start holding MS responsible for marketing, and awareness, the sooner it will improve.. Lets have more realistic expectations ❗❗
  • That 5% market share is only in the US. In other countries (many of them) WP is the second most used mobile platform and in some countries even first. This resturant chain not only serves people in the US but also OUTSIDE the US. So they should make a decent app for the rest of the world where there is support for the WP platform and not make decisions for global users based on one particular region (in thiis case the 5% market share of the US). Since this is a consumer driven company it has to be careful how consumers interact with their services which include the desktop website, mobile website, apps, in-store customer treatement etc. etc.  However i cannot comment the part of advertising and marketing of Microsoft cuz in my region they are advertising constantly and also running various promotions. Though this may differ from region to region.
  • where is your data?
    I'm not sure that Windows Phone have become the most used mobile OS in a country somewhere
  • I dont have the link but a while ago i had read that WP had "overtaken ios & android in Italy to pole position" i use the quotes cuz i remember this sentence from the article. (the "pole posotion" is a Formula 1 analogy for 1st place)
  • Well, forget the link because it's not really important.... WP's totally market share tells the entire story much faster..
  • It's second in many countries, overtaking iPhone too.
  • No, that's less than 5% market share WORLDWIDE❗ I was being generous by saying 5%... Lets be honest here, and look at the reality of the situation.. It's actually around 3% here in the US....
    The biggest markets, smartphone markets, are the US, and China, so for WP sake you'd better hope that MS greatly increases marketing in those areas... This is the reality of the situation, and the honest truth❗❗
  • And dont even expect it to go any higher than 3% cuz the market is already saturated and count in these factors 1. Carries are not helping (Pricing, removal of some features, contracts, exclusive to a single carrie etc etc.) 2. People just blindly follow the trend and pick up an iphone (you know people who dont follow site like WPC and the like) 3. There is no 1 distinct feature to drive people instantly to pick up a windows phone (dont get me wrong WP is filled with the little thing which r a delight to use) and i can go on and on but you get my point - there is a lot going against WP, that with it.
  • That's just the point!! People follow the trend.. Apple, and Samsung, have figured out how to be trend setters with their relentless marketing.. I disagree.. It can go as high as the sky in the US.. MS needs to figure out how to be a trend setter, times change, and nothing last forever... Consumers have a specific device in their pocket today, but tomorrow they are going to have to choose another one. They just don't last forever.. So it really doesn't matter what the market is saturated with today.. That's water under the bridge... What matters is if MS is going to be relentless, and aggressive, with marketing today to be part of that saturation tomorrow......
    Forget all that talk... Look the reality is that MS needs to greatly improve marketing for WP period, point blank.. And, that's the bottom line..
    Remember this.. It's not about what WP has to offer, or how good the iPhone is.. That's the naive way of thinking, and we should look further than that...... A good salesman can sell ANYTHING to ANYONE, at ANYTIME.. That's the problem... MS is not a good "salesman"..... You better start thinking like this, my friend...
  • 1. carrier issue is US specific - I can't think of any major market where carriers sell exclusive phones or remove features.
    2. the truth is that iPhone still has the aura around it - it is slowly fading but it's still here. On the other hand iPhone just works. There's almost nothing wrong with it except for price off contract. And if you buy a good one second hand you can get a 1/2 year old iPhone for $200 and that's a deal.
    3. common people don't even use their iPhones or Andorid phones fully. There are many smartphones that are only used as phones - calling and sending messages. Such people see no need for a different phone and they just pick whatever is offered to them (that's why Lumia 520 was a sleeper hit - people picked it because carrier offered it for 1 euro). Problem here is that many carriers consciously try to downplay WP and put Android forth. Some people say that Samsung pays big money to carriers to offer their phones first. Whatever is happening it's wrong.
  • Yes, I would waste my time. As was pointed out with India the same goes for OS'. Android and iOS are saturated platforms. Ground floor is risky but also has the most growth potential.
  • And, that's still not enough to convince hundreds of thousands of developers to make apps.... So, with all the benefits of WP we can sit here and list all day it still means nothing if the market share is low... The fact that you'd make an app doesn't prove anything except that you would be in the minority...
    So, we're always going to be back to square one... Marketing, and awareness... That's WP's biggest issue. It's MS's job to fix it, and that's it!... No need in making excuses, or ignoring the obvious.. We need to hold MS responsibly for having horrible marketing..
  • shows how lazy they are
  • No. Shows how smart they are❗ If MS wants better apps then they are going to have to do a better job with marketing... Nobody's ever going to put effort into a platform with only 4% market share... And you shouldn't expect them to ❗
  • may be you are right. MS should focus on doing some marketing manuvers right now. otherwise they will this market share too :P
  • Now is a better time than ever...
  • That means every other App publisher is stupid that put there polished App in Windows Phone store.
  • No, they either had the resources to do so, they made a tactful decision to do so, or they are fans of WP... We can't hold any guilty for not thinking like these developers...
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  • Bhai so ja raat ko 3:30 bje ? Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I'm loving the headline. Lol
  • i think Pizza Hut India will take that as a compliment
  • My fucking calculator has nicer apps
  • Your calculator probably has a higher market share... Blame MS❗
  • "My fucking calculator" is that a new app? I tried searching for it in the store but couldn't find it.
  • This is why I go Dominos. You can pin your pizza tracker and get live tile updates. Now that's using WP uniqueness.
  • So, you choose apps over deliciousness?.... Lol!
  • Dominos makes good pizzas...
  • I know, I know...
  • That's why I order my pizza over the phone, the way everyone used to do it. It never fails :)
  • So, you're saying that back in the 70's people used their smartphones to call in a pizza❓
  • I try to avoid human interaction as much as possible.
  • Same here.
  • Why? That's not very smart dude, the more you will try to avoid humans, the more social awkward you will be.
  • Maybe he likes to feel awkward... Does he have to be like everyone else❓
  • Who the f* likes to feel awkward??
  • I see how closed your mind is to ask something like that...
  • WPCentral author(s): As a serious messenger of all things related to Windows Phone, I find it quite folly of you to use the word 'ugly' to describe an app. I think you should be as unbiased and neutral as possible regarding your content. Unless you speak on behalf of all your readers (doubtfully), this wording comes across as a personal observation, and should there for be posted on your personal web sites.
  • You mean unbiased, don't you? :P.
  • Yes. Thanks!
  • Your welcome. :)
  • You mean you're, don't you? :p
  • This article carries my name, and is my opinion (BTW, do you really think it's a decent UI?). All reviews are personal, yet unbiased. It's an opinion based on the experience of watching the ecosystem. I'm not writing on behalf of readers, I'm writing for them, and the comments bring about agreements and disagreements about a particular piece.
  • Agree. Others editors also describes with their personal opinions. And I think great, makes the articles more "personal".
  • You will find many actually agree about the UI, it really looks like a poorly designed website used by local pizza / fast food joints. Fortunately (or you could say unfortunately in this case :P) the example I was going to link now directs to newly revamped webiste.
  • LOL, what else you call these kinds apps.. I even say apps from Nokia and MS are ugly.. None of them have transparent tiles, don't scale properly to higher resolution. Nokia's camera centric apps are too many and in my opinion they doing should combine them into one app..
  • you see the xbox music app on android and iOS are far better than that on WP they should focus on wp for sure. they both have a great UI. the UI of WP8 app sucks
  • Abhishek when do you go for sleep , i mean its 4:10AM. I was completing my college assignment and saw new notifications in my lumia 920.
  • Prefer to work through the nights. :-)
  • Ditto :) and you are doing an awesome job here with other writers.