New Prey trailer takes us on a guided tour of the beauty and horrors aboard the Talos I

The upcoming Prey reboot promises to be a terrifying experience not only because of the alien threat, but also because of the seclusion of the game's setting, the Talos I space station. Prey's latest trailer drives that home by taking us on a guided tour of the beauty of the Talos I, as well as the horrors that await. Check it out below:

The alien threat posed by the Typhon species that have escaped containment on the Talos I are frightening enough, but the trailer teases the threat posed by the space station itself. As far as its role as a gameplay setting goes, the Talos I looks to offer a ton of space and variety for players to explore. Adding to a slight sense of unease are the ostentatious decorations and frills, which look out of place against the space backdrop and remind one of the eerie trappings of the Bioshock games.

Prey is due for release on May 5 and is up for pre-order on Xbox One, PC and PS4 now. If you want to jump in ahead of the game's full release, Bethesda has promised a demo of the game's first hour will be available to play on April 27.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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