New report claims to have info and an image of Microsoft's 'Spartan' browser for Windows 10

A new report claims that it has obtained an early image of Microsoft's rumored new web browser for Windows 10, code-named "Spartan", along with some new information on the browser itself.

The image leak and info comes from BGR, which claims it received the screenshot of the browser from an unnamed source. The screenshot itself is supposed to be of the second version of Spartan, with BGR stating that the browser's development team has since moved onto a newer versions of the application. The leaked image does jib with earlier reports that Spartan will have a flatter user interface, similar to Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox browsers.

BGR adds:

"More interestingly, Microsoft's new browser is said to come with some amazing new features that should further improve the Internet browsing experience. Apparently, Spartan will let you speak entire voice commands such as 'add to favorites', 'make that my home homepage,' or 'go to'""Additionally, we are told Spartan will also be able to run different browsers inside it, 'with the push of a button.' For example, users could split the browser into four windows that would be showing them four different ways to seeing a website or online application, as long as those browsers are also installed on the same device."

Rumor 7

Rumometer 7

Microsoft has yet to confirm this new or any of the previous online reports about "Spartan". One rumor claims that the desktop version of Windows 10 could ship with both Spartan and the current Internet Explorer 11 for better backwards compatibility with older websites. Microsoft will hold a major press event at its headquarters in Redmond, Washington on January 21 to reveal more about its plans for Windows 10, which is expected to be released in its final form in late 2015.

Source: BGR

John Callaham
  • RIP IE? :p
  • why would the most widely use desktop browser RIP?
  • Because it is potentially being supplanted by Spartan.
    It won't'll just live in a different form
  • It will reincarnate
  • much like MSN?
  • It will respawn...
  • No. IE will be used by the business mainstream model, Spartan will be used by the consumer model.
  • The company I work for has already moved on to Google Chrome. They don't even develop our Intranet to be compatible with IE anymore.
  • That's a stupid move. Eliminates over half of your potential customers. But, hey more power to you...
  • Do you know what an Intranet is?
  • If you develop for chrome it should run rather nicely in IE as well.
  • Cause the name has gone stale..So a little make-up..!!
  • That's it. No matter how much they improve IE. People (unlike you and me) always HAD a negative view on IE, HAVE a negative view and always WILL. Why?
    Ask Windows XP and 7.
  • Exactly..!!
  • I was trying to Bing the reason why people are so negative, but IE didn't response!
    Just joking. IE11 solved the problem. :p
  • If they cannot even add something as simple as a box to uncheck to disable the backspace "back" function for frustrated trackpad users after all these years, it deserves a bad reputation when the competition has allowed that option in one form or another for many years.
  • One reason is that it's still rubbish.
  • Spartan is only the project name.
  • I guess its just the code name. I probably will be called IE still.
  • Then it'll suck again.
  • You suck
  • Nevermind.
  • Like IE..??
  • Damn the Spartan symbol looks ugly asf.... Remove the "S" and just leave the Spartan picture alone. Or remove the "Spartan" and leave the S alone.
  • Ugh! I hate Internet Explorer (and safari).
    Chrome and Firefox are my goto browsers.
    Ie metro looks OK but chrome has metro mode so ie metro got disabled because chrome Is default browser. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • looks weird to me. But then again it is either a fake or an oudated internal version. I'm hoping for a sleek new clean look unlike the bloated firefox and chrome.
  • Yep
  • You're (hopefully) probably right.
  • It's the address bar that bugs me. Its way too long. And I think IE11 has the best UI of all 3 browsers.
  • It looks...ugly. No hard feelings.
  • Seeing that Spartan is a UI upgrade (yes not only that I know), I wouldn't even think about calling this even remotely real. PS: it should be noted that BGR exclusively "leaked" a marketing render of the htc m9 some days ago, which turned out to be just a fan-concept. Looks like BGR is desperately trying to grab some new readers as most of their readership is running off.
  • Yep, that is not real!
  • Tom Warren says its a fake.
  • Tom Warren has been converted by his companions over at the Verge! He's no longer the writer he was at his old site winrumors. I understand some of his frustrations concerning windows phone, but honestly, he's in a better position to provide constructive critizism which couls spark Microsoft to make positive changes, but to completely abandon wp is ridiculous because of a few of his favorite apps were missing. Why couldn't he talk tomthe developers and express the frustrations allmof us have about the app situation?? I use all devices because I'm an IT manager and have to, but  I still favor wp for functionality, interface, and ease of use for my client users as well as myself. furthermore, I expressed some of my frustrations with Kevin Tuner and guess what, he responded to a peon like me and put me in touch with many high ips in microsoft to work to alliviate the issue which I appreciate very much.
  • No.... The return of IE!!
  • Not gonna lie that looks kinda fugly lol hope the final product looks better...
  • I agree. I think it looks hideous. The look of IE 11 is perfect and much more spartan than the want-to-be Spartan in the screenshot above. Yuck.
  • No kidding, but it reminds me of ancient Netscape! :|
  • Looks like it was designed and coloured in by a kid, sort of thing.
  • Looks .... weird !!!
  • Looks ugly
  • We have the same thoughts for this. Haha! And no hard feelings MS.
  • It is ugly, end of!
  • Wow.....MS is killing it lately - hopefully all of this innovation doesnt fall to blind eyes, similar to Windows Phone 8.1.....I fear that no matter how good it gets, the iSheep, and Fandroid people out there are reluctant to come back to good ole Microsoft.
  • These things go in cycles. MS will be cool again someday. As for Spartan, all I want is for it to be stable and secure. IE on WP 8.1 has proven to be unstable, which is really annoying.
  • @lippidp Totally agreed!
  • I really hope they improve on that, it kinda sucks I feel like I might have to be the guy that was supporting WP and might actually have to switch to android because the browsers on WP are too slow :(
  • How is IE on WP too slow? I don't get it.. It's better than chrome in Android
  • Go to, open discussions and play around: Open a thread or sth. Then you'll see a nice crash and sluggish performance. Then pray there was a browser alternative on WP. Oh, UC Browser crashes too.
  • IE seems to be working alright for me on my Windows Phone. Haven't noticed too many issues, the only thing that annoys me sometimes is the feature where you can flick the page left and right to go to the next or previous web page, kind of like how you can in the modern version of IE for Windows 8.1. I'll be panning across the page and it'll flip between web pages when I didn't want them to.
  • Computer OS, Windows is awesome but on mobile. It's just there not dominating. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I hope it doesn't look that cheesy, the buttons look like something from one of my kids games.
  • Aren't they just the officials websites' tab icons?
  • He's obviously referring to the shape of the buttons
  • Doesn't look that good at all.
  • I hope this doesn't make it into the final version of Windows 10! I want IE!!
  • Think of it as an update to IE with a different name.
  • That's not what it is. Its a separate browser. It will get its own updates and so will IE.
  • you don't know that... for all we know this could just be a mode inside IE... maybe the event later this month will shed some light on what the plans are
  • I know that. If it was called IE, and had the same features as Spartan I don't think LTTG would complain because it would be IE. To me it might as well be IE updated with more features.
  • Spartan will be to IE what Windows Mail is to Outlook. I expect IE will move over to the Office subscription to fit with the new MS monetizing model. Perhaps IE11 will be included with W10, but I suspect IE12 will be for subscribers only.
  • OHHHHH now I get it! Thanks for making it clear :)
  • I still think this project is a waste of time. They should put their focus on improving IE. I don't think this will receive much appreciation because it's just another browser
  • IE will definitely be in windows 10 (for compatibilty reasons and stuff).
  • Good thing the whiners here don't work for MS otherwise  we'd still be using applications that looked like they were from Windows 95.
  • actually just because they aren't fanboys that praise everythign the way the iSheep do, doesn't mean they are not right. If real, it is clearly a work in progress so any negative comments are honest because it isn't finished. Worry the day it is all positive because that means the honest people moved on and it has become an echo chamber.
  • Microsoft usually employs people who have the ability to read. "...stating that the browser's development team has since moved onto a newer versions of the application." But you know, the best developers build the UI in its final form first, then worry about that pesky functionality as an afterthought.
  • What does that have to do with my comment?
  • because I'm tired of the whiners too. there is barely a comment on the interesting functionality of the actual browser here. You've taken my comment personally, yet i'm agreeing with you, adding that 1. folks here forget this is an article and only look at the photos 2. the assumption that a 'leak' is going to be anything even close to the final product. The UI team rarely integrates during early development. They stick with mock ups and older builds before merging with the main branch of code.
  • And I thought it was just the opposite.
  • You are slightly wrong. The UI is indeed developed in its final form first, but then comes the project's HQ and requests a major change. I work for a popular mobile gaming company and UI changes came even in the final gold candidate because the HQ said so. Assuming you know what a final gold candidate is.
  • Ironically, the browser pictured above looks like it's from 1995. Hideous.
  • >dat Chan tab
  • I can't believe I had to scroll this far down before I found someone that commented on the 4Chan tab. You get a cookie.
  • .... Me too
  • ayyy lmao
  • Whatever it is/will be, it sure as hell will hopefully be better than IE......
  • IE is the best browser around... Bite me.
  • That's ugly as fuck.
  • Finally
  • Why don't Microsoft rumors the Spartan when the win 10 really going to official release if not the disappointment will keep damn hitting peoples just like WP denim case
  • what did i just read? i know english might not be your primary language, but seriously i have no idea what you are even attempting to say
  • Omg that looks incredibly lame, im sorry... Its not even metro at all. Looks like a kid safe crap like Maxthon or something. Plehhh. Also I highly doubt its legit according to the iCloud on the fav bar...
  • My thoughts exactly
  • It is so ugly. Why -_-.
  • Like why???? Its not even metro at all
  • I'm 100% sure this is fake - look at the favourites button - someone just pulled out some clipart and made a terrible mockup.
  • Lol sounds right to me.
  • Clipart it is lol
  • Microsoft never get's it right the first time around. WTF seriously.
  • Ugly
  • Early UI Design, not finally version :)
  • Fake, more like!
  • Fortunately it's a 2 months old screenshot, because it looks crappy IMO.
  • Features are great but the UI, Design, they gotta be kidding us.
  • Seems to be the general opinion here.
  • I do love how most people are seemingly ignoring the fact that this screenshot is, as stated in the article, an outdated version of the browser and criticising it as if it's the final release...
  • Old or not, it's still open to criticism. It looks ugly. If that isn't the final version, great. But that doesnt' mean we can't judge the only screenshot presented to us so far.
  • Naturally, constructive criticism is completely fine (welcomed, even), however - in my experience - the majority of people have somewhat lax memories and are more keen to pile on the abuse than actually pause for a moment to remind themselves what it is they're criticising.
  • People are too caught up in how this looks. So far they are developing a technology, not some pretty UI for you to jack off to. I would think that making the UI pretty is the last step in software development when you're working with serious, complicated technology. Unless you're some trendy California startup with Steve Jobs shrines in your office(Starbucks).
  • If you only knew how many times IE has been open while someone was masturbating.
  • And yet Apple have, and still do, make billions from caring about the eye candy side. My Surface Pro looks amazing, so does Windows 8.1, so why not the browser?
  • I'm not saying that the UI shouldn't look great. It should and I hope that this comes out looking beautiful and absolutely modern. But they're still developing the meat behind it. Developing the UI alongside the more serious technical parts will just cause different teams, different people, to get on each others way. The two things should be kept separate until they're both advanced enough to start forming a complete package, ready for consumer eyes. Also, both Apple and Google make pretty boring looking browsers I think.
  • But since the UI is the only thing we can actually see on the screenshot, it is the only thing people comment about ;)
  • Looking like skinned IE
  • Guys who are saying this is ugly please please be quiet, this has nothing to do with the final design.
    its not even supposed to be shown like this
  • No one said "this final design is ugly"; they said "this design is ugly", which it is.
  • Yep, really ugly!
  • I dont think that this is legimate. You can see a page in that browser, If you clsely look ar the screenshot you can find that their is no Profile name, Notifiaction button, messages button andfriend request button As these elements have high loading prrivilege, they will surely load even before the main feed page is loaded. I SIMPLY WANTED TO SAY THAT ITS NOTHING BUT PHOTOSHOP :p :D
  • the link facebook, due to low res picture, you might see it wrong. do you want to display all your info on the internet?
  • What do you mean by "flatter"? Because IMO, IE is already meeting flat design, a way more than Firefox or Chrome...
  • I love the look of the touch first version of IE I hope this lives on in some form with windows 10
  • This site should be Windows Cry Central.  I, unlike some folks here, will not pass judgement on how it looks since obviously, assuming that this screenshot is real, this is a very early build.  What I will comment on are the features mentioned in the article.  Voice control for the browser sounds great.  Being able to talk to my computer and have it responed intelligently is something I've been long looking forward to.  With Windows 10 and Cortana intergration it going to be huge for the smart home.
  • Thanks for your good influence my friend. I am sorry for opinionating on the browser design...
  • "Opinionating" is fine, but don't complain about something that is not final. You don't walk up to someone who has made a quick sketch on a canvas and tell them it's an awful painting.
  • Well... My opinion is that it looks terrible in its early state. That's all
  • That looks absolutely dire. It looks like a kid drew it and coloured it in. It is a response to what looks awful. There are no official released functions so going by that picture alone, its tripe. That's not complaining, its an opinion!
  • Exactly, it is an opinion. Now people are complaining about our opinions... How dare they
  • They are the cry babies!
  • Just looks like its in the early stages from that image
  • Want a good UI? Enter IE last version, press F11... Here we go, you can start from there!
  • Hopefully this is all just an early 1. April joke :P
  • I think it's a good moment to get rid of IE, I know it has changed, but it's got a really terrible reputation, and I don't think that will ever change
  • ​Sure. Lets stop using a perfectly fine browser because some haters think its still 2001.
  • Why not rebrand if perception is the only thing that's holding it back?
  • Well even before reading the article, just seeing the image it was evident this was early work, as it is ugly as hell. Still, the absolutely minimal screen occlusion from the IE window is a good giveaway for the direction Spartan is taking and I like it. Hopefully we get to see it on the 21st!
  • Yet no news about windows 10 for smart phones.
  • I like the 'multiple browsers in one browser' idea
  • Only question is if it allows to bring ad-ons like AdBlock,etc? This is one thing making FireFox and Chrome more popular in recent years!!
  • Is this the new browser for windows phone 10?
  • Speaking as a web developer, the integrated split windows with multiple browsers sounds like a very nice feature for testing cross-browser compatibility. Anything that makes our jobs easier (even if only by a few seconds here and there, but multiplied by hundreds of times each day) is welcomed.
  • Did anyone else notice the RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Icon in the taskbar?! :D Oh childhood memories...
  • And why would that be someone's choice to pin to their development build PCs taskbar? They must really like that game.
  • You can see the Spartan browser right on... Its running on XBox One
  • It's fake.  The source website has posted many things before that are fake.  Also, they would never put tab thingies like that that would cover a website's branding.  AND if you look closely, a lot of the icons are just copy and pasted in Photoshop, it's not even real.
  • Doesn't look good
  • I really hope that is an old picture and not the final UI.
  • I'm going to keep my powder dry until this relentless rumor mill kills itself. When Microsoft makes an official announcement or its demo'd at Windows Central, then there will be time for discussion.
  • I like better the IE name
  • good,
  • This UI looks like it's from the WIndows XP days, I really hope this is just an internal test build.
  • XP was way better than this tripe!
  • I hope it's a mistake because it's very ugly. Rembembers me of IE6 when you pressed F11 to go full screen.
  • Fake. It doesn't even run on a Windows 10 system on the shot.
  • Wow, exactly.
  • Looks like programs from windows 98 ^_^
  • google chrome is the best browser ive ever used how about you guys?
  • Worst browser ever.
  • Please let this thing change looks dramatically its currently very ugly
  • I hope they remove the title bar on the top (the one with the minimize and close button) and move those buttons down more like in Firefox. The title bar is useless and it would give more space to view the content.
  • Ask this leaked info is awesome, but what I am waiting for I'd to hear how our media it's going to be handled? Back to a program like the awesome Zune it still heading down the train wreck known as Xbox Video and Music.
  • I believe that the problem that Microsoft faces is that in recent years most web developers have moved to create sites and apps that target the webkit browser and have abandoned IE. While this would not be a problem if all sites were HTML5 compliant many are not and use "features" that are specific to webkit thus making them incompatible with IE. While this benefited Microsoft back when IE 6 was the only game in town it has been hurting them now that they are the victim. It would seem that after many years of trying to get developers back into creating sites that are IE compatible they have given up and are instead going to give devs something that could be better than webkit. It remains to be seen if people support it.
  • It might have a hidden menu like the Ribbon on folders
  • BGR sucks. That's all I have to say.
  • neat they're bringing back America Online's 90's theme
  • Wow. This Is really ugly
  • Ugly
  • Looks ugly...
  • Looks faster.
  • Unlike your brain!
  • I dislike the taskbar icon though.
  • Did anyone notice the icon of Spartan?
  • BGR?! LOL!!!
  • Pure fake :v
  • Still prefer IE :'v
  • I think (and hope) it's a fake.
    There are a lot of web browsers created by noobs in .NET that looks better. XD
  • Very ugly
  • Very ugly!
  • Ugly
  • Thankfully it says they've since moved to another look, I really don't think the bar needs to be that long...I prefer the Back button where it was, by all means follow it with the search/browser bar and then forward, favorites, home and settings or something similar. Honestly? Why does no one use my suggestion of making it look like it does when on the desktop you set as Full Screen, unhide the bar at the top and allow the taskbar to show below, it's clean, concise and just fine! =[
  • the rum'o' meter still says WPC
  • I only use IE with my WP and for my PC Firefox is best choice. I'll try it probably but it can't be good enough as Firefox. Even it's renamed to Spartan or something else ;)
  • Welcome to Sparta!! Lol
  • Well that certainly looks like a pile a shit.
  • I mean no offence to the developers but it looks ugly compared to IE11 and does not match Windows 10 at all.
  • First impression: Simple (in a good way), but ugly :P
  • It looks hideous. I dont believe this is real.
    It should be with sharp edges all around, icons flat without contours to blend better windows 10, plus, the edges will be more accordingly to the aggresivnes of the Spartan name.  If the Spartan name is a codename, I think they should stick with it, it will make sense to have Cortana as your personal assistance as you wander through the web as Spartan.
      Really looking forward to this new browser.  
  • Uh.. Where's the Modern UI Design? This looks like its made for elementary school kids...
  • January 21st can't come fast enough!
  • I'm sorry but that's ugly.
  • Looks ugly.
  • it looks like a web browser you would find in linux it feels odd
  • Spartan sounds awesome. Now integrate Cortana and have a built in ad blocker.
  • Silverlight and backward compatibility is the key for seamless transition.
  • I hope the Home, Favorites, and Refresh button stay on the right side like Firefox and IE. We don't need that inconvenient left side Chrome crap.
  • Reminds me of one of those shitty browsers on Android.
  • UGLY
    I hope this isn't Spartan
    Spartan should give off a more robust and sophisticated feel to it.
    It's like sending John into the midst of battle without his armor. :p
  • Yuck! That's ugly!
  • Ugly as fuck!
  • It would be great to see a Spartan icon along these lines. Dont mind the colors.    
  • Looks faster..... Lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That can't be it. MS would have to try to make it that ugly. Seriously.
  • Would they change the icon for bookmarks from "Star" to "Heart"? Seems odd. Rounded corners have very little space in Modern UI, too.
  • So fake lol.
  • It looks promising, it could be what Microsoft needs to dominate the Browser Wars ! With Extension support with Spartan, it is what Microsoft needs ! I suppose IE will be history five years from now.
  • lol this looks lika 'spurtan' xd
  • Two words: Not beautiful. Modern, but not modernly beautiful.
  • Hey that's windows 8.1's file explorer. Fake one. BGR sucks
  • I hope not. That looks worse than IE does currently. 
  • Mary Jo Foley and Tom Warren both have said the screenshots are fake on Twitter.
  • Cool, wish this Spartan will come to windows phone with windows 10
  • Cool.
  • If it's true that this is going to be a new browser completely separate from IE, I believe they'll still keep IE around just for compatibility purposes, unless they make the new browser backwards compatible with older sites and whatnot, in that case IE will be no more. I like IE though, its always been good to me. Hopefully this picture is just an extremely early build because it looks too bubbly and shiny. If they want a unified OS experience it only makes sense to give it a more modern UI look. This browser has no ounce of that.
  • Remind me of Netscape
  • It looks fake.. Poorly photoshoped concept... I hope this isn't even close to the real thing!!