A new report from ZDNet, citing unnamed sources, claims that Microsoft won't release its previously revealed new desktop Start menu for Windows 8 until sometime in 2015. The report claims that the the desktop Start menu was supposed to be released as part of Windows 8.1 Update 2, which is still due to be made available sometime in August.

However, it now appears Microsoft has decided to hold off on that much requested feature and will add it as part of Windows 9, code name Threshold, which is currently rumored for launch in April 2015. The article did not give a specific reason for Microsoft's change in plans.

Microsoft showed off a mock up of the Start menu as part of their BUILD 2014 keynote in April, which combined the familiar menu UI with Modern app icons. The news was greeted with mostly positive comments from Windows 8 users, who have cited the lack of a desktop Start menu as the single biggest issue with the OS since it first launched in October 2012. There are a number of popular third party programs that have been released that add a version of the Start menu to the Windows 8 desktop.

If this report is in fact true, what do you think of Microsoft deciding to wait until Windows 9 to finally add the Start menu back to the desktop?

Source: ZDNet